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Astroscoped is a free resource for online forecasts. We welcome and encourage links back to our site since this helps to bring more people into the hub and ultimately brings more people back to your site.

Please consider the following before submitting your link.

  • 1) Can the forecasts be found easily from your front page?
    If a person must click thru more than one layer after arriving at your website to get to the forecasts, please send us the direct link to the forecasts. Otherwise, we may not add you to the directory.
  • 2) Does the visitor need to become a member to get the forecasts?
    If the free forecasts involve any type of sign up or joining a mailing list before receiving the free forecast, we probably won't add your link to our directory.
  • 3) Are your forecasts current?
    If we discover that your forecasts are outdated over an extended period of time, we will remove your link from our directory. The exception to this would be the annual reports. People like to be able to refer back to previous years when possible.
  • 4) Is your site a psychic format?
    On occasion, we receive requests for links to psychic sites that give out a few free minutes for a reading. This format does not cover the general public. The one-to-one free forecast will not be added to our directory.
  • 5) Do you plan on changing your urls/page address soon?
    We make every effort up update and clean out dead links once a month. If you change the url to your forecast pages without letting us know what the new address is, your site might be removed from our directory for lack of a current address. We use an automated link checking process looking for dead links. It cannot search out the new links unless you have a redirect on your site for the old address. We try not to lose anyone, but we do want to stay current with our directory.
  • 6) Please include your link back page.
    Until now, we have allowed new websites to add their URLs to our directory without a reciprocal link. In an effort to remain competitive in the expanding horoscope directory field, we are now requiring an indexable SEA (Search Engine Accessible) link back to our directory. Please include your page with the link to Astroscoped Directory https://astroscoped.com
    i.e. <a href="https://www.astroscoped.com">Astroscoped Directory</a>
    <br>Hundreds of prognostication, divination and astrology websites in one location.
  • 7) Security Access
    We are starting to get more bots/fake registrations. We have added an extra step to the site addition/modification/removal process as well as access to our contact information. We think the additional step is fairly self-explanatory. If the bots by-pass this step, then a more complex security process may need to be incorporated. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you.

Your consideration and support is truly appreciated.

Thank you!

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