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Jupiter in the Houses

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - The house position of Jupiter shows the area of life where we find faith and optimism in life. With Jupiter in the house of personal self-expression, you have a natural faith in life and in yourself, you can take on anything with great initial enthusiasm, but this enthusiasm may begin to wane when you meet with obstacles, and you will look around for something less demanding to which you can direct your energy and enthusiasm. You are a natural gambler, willing to take a chance if you think that there is a remote possibility of it paying off, but this can lead to problems since your impatient desire to jump into things may cause you to overlook potential pitfalls and problems. You have a need to find some kind of meaning in life and in your own experiences, so that you can relate your own existence to some higher purpose, a search that could lead you away from safe and familiar surroundings.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 2nd house of your chart you may place too much emphasis on the possession of material wealth as an indication of your worth. You can usually get the resources you need, you can speculate successfully and you are able to sell your ideas to others. Although the acquisition of money and possessions will not be too much of a problem through your life, it could be a matter of easy come easy go. You are generous and what you earn could be spent just as quickly, you will need to be careful not to waste valuable resources.

We tend to feel that things will work out for us and life will take care of us in the house that Jupiter is placed, and in this case it is the house connected with possessions and values. Such optimism is usually well-founded unless other factors exert a negative influence on Jupiter. Your value system may be linked to your religious and philosophical beliefs, and through the manifestations of the material world you see the working out of a higher plan.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 3rd house you will have the need to expand your horizons through intellectual study and discussion. You seek an understanding of life that enables you to fit apparently disconnected pieces together and see it as a whole. You will enjoy talking and discussing the broader meaning of life with others, but you may have to control a tendency to waffle on endlessly. Short journeys for the purpose of expanding your mind will be beneficial. On the other hand, these journeys can take place solely within your mind. You will never be satisfied with what you have learned, recognising that no matter how far you have gone, there is so much more to learn and understand. This can lead you to become a perpetual student, which is fine as long as you realise that at some point you have got to start applying what you have learned.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - Jupiter is in the 4th house of your chart which indicates that your home and domestic life can be a source of inspiration and faith in life, provided that it is not experienced as too restricting. You may have inherited a religious, philosophical or travelling nature through your family background or early home conditions. You may benefit from living outside the crowded and restricted conditions of town or city, or travel from country to country looking for a spiritual home. This placing shows a powerful and expansive spirit wanting to be freed. In this house, Jupiter grants an underlying optimism and faith in life that will come to the fore as you grow older, and promises that the second half of life will be fulfilling and rewarding.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - The 5th house of the chart represents the area of experience in which we exercise our creative powers, or seek to extend ourselves through pleasures of various kinds, or gambling, love affairs or sport.

With Jupiter, the principle of expansion and faith, in the 5th, it is through any or all of these pursuits that you will seek to expand your limitations and find faith in yourself and in life in general. In short, you love to play, but there can be a tendency to over-indulge and over-extend yourself in this area. Rapport with children should be good, and they may grow up with a desire to expand their horizons, either physically through travel, or mentally through study, as a result of your influence. However, you may project your own wanderlust onto your children, forcing them to eventually break away to establish their own identity. Even if this happens, your relationship with them will probably remain intact.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 6th house of your chart, even the most mundane aspects of everyday life will have to have some significance for you. You will not be satisfied with a life of routine and duty, and if you find yourself in such a situation you will eventually break away to seek new pastures. Working with others will benefit you and expand your range of experience, particularly if your work involves some kind of Jupiterian activity such as travel, higher education, law or religion.

This position has a beneficial effect on your general health. Even if you do fall ill you have good powers of recovery, and in the process may even learn something about the workings of your own body, and how it is influenced by your psychological states.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 7th house of your chart, greater opportunities will come to you by working as part of a team or in a partnership, than if you go it alone. A close relationship, or marriage, in which you are both partners in some mutual endeavour, will benefit you greatly. Such a relationship will provide mutual optimism and material wealth, and if you are in tune on a religious or philosophical level so much the better. Even so, you may at times feel that things are getting a bit claustrophobic. A such times one or the other of you (problems with planets in the 7th are often acted out by the partner) will feel the need to break away and “do their own thing” for a while; which will probably act as a safety valve and prevent the pressure from building up too much.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 8th house, you will seek a philosophical understanding of the deep emotional attachments and desires that bind people together. You believe that the expression of these emotions and attachments, through sex and the sharing of mutual resources, to be symbolic of a deeper need to transcend the limitations of individual existence by uniting on a deeper level with another. You may regard sex as primarily a spiritual rather than a physical urge, an expression of a deeper force that unites us all. On the other hand you may have difficulty in reconciling your own sexual desires with your religious or philosophical beliefs, as a result of centuries of conditioning by European Christianity which has always placed sexual and spiritual at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. You may regard death as the doorway to a wider and more inclusive level of being, rather than the end of existence. Even if your intellectual conditioning prevents you from accepting this proposition, you will at least have the desire to examine such concepts and beliefs more closely.

This is a good position for business partnerships, or any endeavour which requires the sharing of resources, even if this simply means sharing your understanding and insight. At some time in your life, someone else’s money may provide you with the opportunity you need to further, or bring to fruition, some important project you are working on.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - Jupiter is in the 9th house of your chart, the area of experience connected with travel and higher education, religion and philosophy. It is through these activities that you can expand beyond your present mental and physical limitations and find faith and meaning in life. This is a good placing for long distance travel, but travelling will be most beneficial if undertaken as a learning experience, for the purpose of gaining greater understanding and knowledge. In these matters foreign people should be of great benefit to you. There is a danger, however, of over-inflation in these areas, and of believing that you “know it all”, or that your particular religion or philosophy has a monopoly on truth. You will need to balance this tendency with the awareness that God (or whatever you choose to call it) can never be completely understood by the limited human intellect and that different people and different cultures perceive him from different angles.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - With Jupiter in the 10th house of your chart you will find a sense of meaning in life by establishing yourself in some kind of career. There are many forms of career that you may choose, such as education, law, acting or business management, but when you know what it is you want to do, you will work toward your goal with energy and enthusiasm. You are capable of holding some degree of authority over others, but you will do best in a situation where you have some degree of autonomy and self determination. As your position improves, and your sense of personal power grows, so will your confidence and faith in yourself.

Wherever Jupiter is found, that is where we are always seeking further growth and new horizons to aim for. You will never be satisfied with where you are or what you have achieved, always feeling that you could do better or go further, this need will drive you on throughout your life until you reach the top of your chosen field and gain some form of public recognition. In fact you may secretly desire fame as an end in itself.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - Jupiter in the 11th house of your chart indicates that your sense of faith and meaning in life comes from your friends and group associations. You are attracted to groups or organisations that seek to raise the general level of consciousness in some way. Belonging to such a group gives your life a sense of meaning or purpose, and you have the ability to become a spokesperson or representative for the group as a whole. You need a wide circle of friends, and can get on easily with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, this placing of Jupiter indicates the need for a varied social life, and the personality to make it possible.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - The house position of Jupiter shows where we seek meaning and faith in life, and the 12th house is the area of life where we feel the dissolution of individual boundaries and the vague sense of being part of a greater whole. With Jupiter here, you have a deep sense that individual effort and ambition are not the only things necessary for a meaningful life. Your actions and attempts to expand beyond your present limitations must be in harmony with wider social and spiritual needs for you to succeed, or for you to be happy with your success if you do. No matter how dire your circumstances may become, you have a deep-seated conviction that life itself will provide for your needs, and you will often be saved in the nick of time from impossibly difficult circumstances by what appears to be “good luck”.

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