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Transits by Jupiter

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JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR SUN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel an expanded sense of self-confidence and optimism. You may receive appreciation for the goals you have attained and you may broaden your contacts with successful professional people. It's a good time to improve your education or broaden your experience through travel. As you tend to feel lucky and your expectations are high, it is better to avoid over optimism in your investments and purchases.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR MOON (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You tend to be optimistic and self-assured about your domestic situation and prepared to expand in this area. Your finances tend to improve as you attract the goodwill and credit of others. Favorable for change in residence, religious, educational, and cultural activities in the home, and family trips or foreign visitors in the home. Tendency to gain weight.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your interest in education increases and you are optimistic about your long-term plans. You may start a course of study. Your volume of communication increases and you may correspond with foreigners. You may have dealings with professionals. Favorable for writing, publishing, advertising, and legal agreements.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You are feeling competitive and are optimistic about expansion of your work. You may make work agreements and deals with professionals. New people you meet tend to give you their trust and good will.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You are generous towards others and may see your own income increase through your competitive efforts. Favorable for fund- raising, travel for pleasure, business with foreigners, and for making sound practical investments. Avoid overspending and impulsive business investments.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You are happy and emotionally optimistic. Your social life expands and you enjoy philosophical discussions with friends about love, culture, religion, education, and aesthetics. Favorable for travel, romantic or social involvement with foreigners, attending formal functions, and weddings.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR MARS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel adventurous and optimistic with a urgent desire for freedom and a more affluent lifestyle. You may make expensive purchases on impulse which you could later regret. Sports activities, outings, or travel can be expeditious. You can pursue any legal, religious, educational, or cultural matters with enthusiasm. If business initiatives are due, you can take a leading role.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR JUPITER (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You have a confident, optimistic outlook marking a turning point in your life. Your interest increases in philosophical, ethical, professional, or religious views. You may reassess your values and search for a new identity. Sales and legal matters are favored. Purchases tend to be expensive, but sound in the long term.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR SATURN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can handle bigger responsibilities now. With a new resolve, you become generally tolerant and optimistic about your career and professional prospects. You may travel for business or deal with governmental agencies. Public relations and educational matters may require your attention.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR URANUS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You are enterprising in your outlook and can anticipate beneficial change. You may begin a new stage in your education, or use some new information that will increase your sense of independence. You may be involved in humanitarian activities with your professional colleagues. Generally, your thoughts are progressive as you tend to blend unorthodox and conventional views together.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may have increased intuitive or spiritual awareness. You may want to retreat from your usual routines in order to seek inspiration. Your ideals and imagination can be overly sensitive to escapism through alcohol and drug use. Your interest turns to music, drama, dance, and healing as you develop your powers of visualization.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR PLUTO (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You begin constructive efforts for moral self-improvement. You seek the trust and confidence of others and must be prepared to compete in business transactions. Favorable for study of life's mysteries and deeper meanings.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR ASCENDANT (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your self-confidence improves. You can experience a spiritual renewal and leadership in educational, philosophical, or cultural affairs. You may tend to gain weight.

JUPITER CONJUNCT YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can advance your business and professional affairs. You are aware of your ethical responsibilities in your public duties and you tend to gain recognition from those in positions of authority. Favorable for law, religion, philosophy, travel, education, publishing, lecturing, and advertising.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR SUN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may feel pressures to expand into a more affluent lifestyle, but may suffer due to your own inflated sense of self-importance and opinionated religious, cultural, and educational viewpoints. Your expectations can be too high and your optimism can be misplaced. Legal matters can be a strain, new purchases can be expensive, and travel can be disappointing and costly.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR MOON (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You need diplomacy and cooperation to deal with this period of expanding domestic and family matters. Exercise restraint in financial expenditures and emotional confrontations over domestic responsibilities. Curb a tendency to over-indulge in food.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
There can be a lack of good communication, at this time due to excessive talk about inconsequential matters and failure to listen. Your restlessness and frustration can make concentration and study difficult. There could be obstacles to travel. It's not a good time to sign papers or make important business and financial decisions. Concentrate on clearing up disagreements first.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can get caught up in disagreements regarding work habits and routine. Your health and diet may suffer because of boredom, frustration, and improper eating. Seek better coordination with others in your work life; listen carefully, communicate and pay attention to how details fit the larger view.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your feelings and desires may be exaggerated as you strive for a greater sense of luxury, affluence, and social approval. You may be in conflict with a partner over money. Avoid extravagant purchases and unnecessary expenditures.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may require some added self-restraint in your romantic relationships. Your strong affections may become overbearing and may not be shared by your mate. Seek cooperation and harmony rather than a self-centered indulgence.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR MARS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may feel restless and want to roam, but you may tend to be overconfident and waste your money on a selfish extravagance. Smug or intolerant attitudes can result in angry religious, ethical, or philosophical confrontations. Business contracts require self- restraint and there is danger of lawsuits due to lack of honesty.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR JUPITER (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your tendency is to expect too much or take on more growth than you can handle. You may feel so optimistic and sure of yourself that you overestimate your abilities. You may come across as being gullible, insincere, and dishonest, and you may take too much for granted in your personal relationships. With self-restraint you can make moderate progress in learning and professional growth. Travel tends to be expensive at this time.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR SATURN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may feel additional obligations and restraints that seem to deny you freedom and the chance to learn and grow. Progress is slow and your financial budget is strained. Persevere with tolerance, honesty, patience, and caution. Seek cooperation in your relationships with others and redirect your efforts to comply with new goals and responsibilities.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR URANUS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may make strange friends and alliances which could prove to be unreliable, impractical, or unethical. In your effort to grow, learn, and gain greater independence, you may undertake unrealistic tasks or find yourself at the wrong end of the bargain. Changes can be sudden and unexpected. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and promising more than you can deliver.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may be vulnerable to misplaced trust and unrealistic optimism. As your imagination leads you to dream big dreams, your sympathies can become vulnerable to delusion, distortions, fanaticism, and escapist tendencies. Your efforts can find practical application in the arts or therapeutic work.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR PLUTO (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You could become involved in fanatical religious promotions or power struggles over philosophical, educational, cultural, or moral issues. In your effort to learn and maintain your security, you may be forced to deal with grandiose or unrealistic schemes or unethical practices. You may be in conflict over corporate funds, joint finances, taxes, insurance, inheritance, or alimony. Seek cooperation and exercise self-restraint in your dealings.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR ASCENDANT (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your social sphere broadens as there is opportunity for making important personal contacts through travel, and professional, religious, or cultural institutions. Favorable for cooperation in legal affairs and for marriage.

JUPITER OPPOSED YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your family and domestic affairs undergo expansion. Religious or educational activities become an important part of family life. Favorable for real estate and dealings with domestic products and services.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR SUN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel energetic and self-assured. You have good ideas for personal growth and learning. You may mix with a more affluent class of people who are supportive and helpful. Favorable for travel.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR MOON (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can relax a little and improve your home conditions. Family relations are generally harmonious and supportive of your efforts. It's a favorable time for investments in business or consumer goods and services.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can gain useful knowledge. You may study, teach, write, or advertise with favorable results. Contact with professional people can be beneficial. Favorable for travel.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your work goes smoothly and your ideas are generally accepted by others. Favorable for job training, with possible bonus, advertising, and job agreements.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You have a happy, optimistic attitude and may cultivate an interest in art, fashion, decorating, music, and entertainment. Favorable for business investments.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel relaxed and easygoing. It's a good time to expand your social life and contacts at this time are generally favorable. A party, formal occasion, or wedding can be enjoyable.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR MARS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can more easily pursue growth in financial, professional, or educational areas at this time. If you face legal issues, try a slightly different approach. You can take an adventurous trip and mix socially with others for lively, philosophical discussions.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR JUPITER (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel tolerant and self-assured, with opportunities to expand your position and experience. Others are generous towards you and supportive of your ideas. Favorable for religious, educational or cultural activities as well as travel or correspondence with foreigners.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR SATURN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can relax at this time and begin gradual expansion for future growth in your career. You may find an opportunity for travel or extra training in your job. You receive support for your long- term plans and your mature judgment.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR URANUS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your intuitive awareness increases and you seek a humanitarian, broad-minded outlook in your personal contacts. You enjoy the company of friends and groups or associations. Business enterprises make progress.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
This can be a relaxed time of improved health, reflection and optimism. You may take a vacation or make an outing to some unusual place. You feel comfortable and relaxed. Arts or philosophical matters can inspire you.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR PLUTO (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
With Jupiter sextile your Pluto, you feel comfortable and secure. Others give you goodwill and trust. Your tolerance encourages generosity and harmful conditions are healed. Favorable for discussions of philosophical or scientific matters, travel. Interest in reforming cultural institutions.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR ASCENDANT (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can incorporate educational, religious, professional, or cultural values into your self-expression and personal relationships.

JUPITER SEXTILE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can more easily advance your professional and domestic goals. Favorable for politics and professions related to teaching, publishing, advertising, religion, education, law, and expansion of business.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR SUN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may want more recognition and freedom, but unrealistic expectations or overconfidence can work against you. Frustrated by other's lack of understanding, you may become hypocritical and reckless. Don't promise more than you can deliver. Keep your ethical standards, and learn moderation, humility, and responsible commitment to pragmatic goals.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR MOON (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may have unrealistic expectations or problems concerning family, money, education, or religion. You may tend to waste resources, spend too much, and take too much for granted. Business and financial matters can be expensive. Emotional insecurity can result in overeating.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your new responsibilities may require more mental discipline. You may have trouble keeping appointments and obtaining practical information. Educational and financial matters may be delayed through lack of communication. Travel is unfavorable and prone to be expensive at this time.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may encounter delays and obstacles at work due to mental laziness, failure to communicate, and lack of attention to duties and details. Attend to repairs that are due. Analyze your work environment for better efficiency.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may face obstacles to financial or educational growth due to extravagance or procrastination. Travel for pleasure can be expensive. Business dealings with professionals can be difficult without evidence that you are capable of added responsibilities.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may feel lazy, self-indulgent, and extravagant in your pursuit of pleasure and luxurious living. Obstacles to your social and romantic satisfaction can stem from insincere gestures of affection, misplaced sympathy, and lack of social grace.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR MARS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can tend to be careless, overindulgent, or take unnecessary risks which could result in financial loss or theft. Avoid buying on impulse. Use moderation in business, legal, cultural, or religious activities, or you could come across as intolerant and overbearing.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR JUPITER (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may experience conflict over educational, religious, moral, and cultural beliefs. You can tend to be over-optimistic in your expectations for immediate growth or professional development. Promises may not stand up and financial deals, legal affairs, and travel can be nonproductive. Avoid hypocrisy, laziness, intolerance and over-indulgence in food and drink. Do not neglect family and career obligations.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR SATURN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Career moves at this time require a great deal of planning, preparation, and effort, but do advance your goals. You may have to deal with poor timing in professional matters, incompetence, moral crises, conflict of interests, governmental delays, unemployment, or job retraining. Business expansion is difficult and can be expensive. Avoid taking major business or financial risks, and plan to work within limits.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR URANUS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may desire more freedom, adventure and affluence, but you may not be ready to accept added discipline. You may overrate your expectations for a lucky break or the success of an unusual new venture. Exercise caution with business and financial dealings or travel. Friends and colleagues can be erratic and unreliable. Unexpected information and rescheduling can challenge your confidence.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Events around you can be confusing and infirm. You may dream of more freedom and adventure, but your ideals and expectations may not be realistic. You may be drawn towards cultism, escapism, through drinking, drugs, daydreaming, or impractical promotional schemes. Keep to your moral ideals and give your help and healing care to those who need your inspiration.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR PLUTO (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may wish to grow in your learning and experience, but power struggles may present obstacles to your security and confidence. Fanatical beliefs, combined with impatience, pride and arrogance can inhibit your deeper understandings. Exercise tolerance and strict moral ethics, and lay the groundwork for your future moves.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR ASCENDANT (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can be lazy and unrealistic in your close personal relationships, taking too much for granted, making promises you cannot keep, and getting into conflict about religious, cultural, and philosophical differences.

JUPITER SQUARE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can tend to overextend your professional and domestic affairs into risky or overly expensive areas. You may face professional, religious or cultural discrimination or controversies.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR SUN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your optimistic attitude and self-respect opens the door for growth and social expansion. Good luck helps you towards your business, financial, and professional goals. Influential people give you their support. Favorable for travel, learning, creative activities, and romantic opportunities.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR MOON (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You feel content and relaxed as domestic matters and family relationships tend to go smoothly. Your health is strong and you can be generous and considerate to those less fortunate. Favorable for travel, learning, vacations, financial investments, and purchases for the home.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your expansive mental outlook and tolerance makes this an excellent time for learning, teaching, writing, lecturing, publishing, handling legal affairs, and travel.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your contentment and optimism makes you feel relaxed, generous and hospitable. Educated people tend to give you their support and this can lead to job opportunities and promotions.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your outlook tends to be happy, optimistic and generous. Your artistic efforts can be profitable. Business and financial opportunities which come you way may be expensive, but can be rewarding in the long term.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your cheerful, tolerant attitude makes this a good time for romance or social gatherings. It's a good for entertaining guests, travel, or marriage.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR MARS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
Your vitality and sense of optimism is strong and you can take constructive action to expand your financial, professional, or educational endeavours. You may swing a good deal on an important purchase. Favorable for adventurous travel, sports, outdoors, and contact with foreigners. Favorable for cultural, religious, and legal matters. Generosity, financial gain, hospitality, and favors may be bestowed upon you.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR JUPITER (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can expand your experience and personal growth at this time. Your faith, optimism and self-respecting honesty helps you gain the goodwill and favor of others. Business, professional, financial, legal, religious and educational matters are favorable. Travel now can be adventurous and culturally rewarding.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR SATURN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
This is a secure period where you can make steady progress towards your career and social goals. You can develop the confidence, honesty, maturity, and self-respect that can make you better able to handle authority and responsibility. It's a favorable time for seeking employment or promotion as well as for learning new duties and travel related to your work.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR URANUS (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
This can be an enjoyable time of expanding freedom, meeting new friends, travel, learning and unexpected financial benefits. It's a favorable time for business relating to technology or entertainment industries or for scientific experiments or intuitive studies.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
This can be a relaxed time of imaginative meditation, healing, and spiritual inspiration. You feel optimistic and hospitable, able to help those less fortunate. It's a favorable time for vacation, religious pilgrimages, artistic pursuits, and cultural or educational improvement.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR PLUTO (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You may develop an interest in spiritual studies and self- improvement. You feel optimistic, tolerant, and secure. You may find travel to be rejuvenating, bringing renewal to your sense of optimism and spiritual growth. You can release outmoded beliefs and discover hidden truths and wisdom.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR ASCENDANT (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can incorporate educational, religious, professional, or cultural values into your self-expression and personal relationships.

JUPITER TRINE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks)
You can more easily advance your professional and domestic goals. Favorable for politics, and professions related to teaching, publishing, advertising, religion, education, law and expansion of business.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 1ST HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You have great opportunities for leadership without unpleasant duties or responsibilities. You can develop a more independent lifestyle. Self-improvement and the influence of those around you can go along educational, religious, philosophical, or cultural lines. You find it easier to identify with a more professional and prosperous class of people. You may travel or do business over a distance. Beware of an inflated sense of self-importance. Indulgence in rich foods during this period can contribute to unhealthy habits or excessive weight gain.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 2ND HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
It's a good time to try your luck at increasing your financial resources and security. At times money will be much more plentiful and easier to come by. It's a good time to ask for a raise in pay or pay off any outstanding loan. You tend to be generous with money and material goods. Money can become available for higher education and travel. Gradually re-evaluate your worldly possessions and liquidate what you no longer need. Avoid extravagance or overextending yourself financially and going into debt.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 3RD HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You have a good chance to improve your level of education and your communications or foreign language skills. Your access to ideas, information, goods and services improves. Benefit can come through brothers and sisters, neighbors and relatives. Letters and short trips can be immensely enjoyable and rewarding. The time is favorable for study, teaching, lecturing, writing and publishing. If you have always wanted to write a book, now is the time to start. Avoid intellectual prejudices concerning personal religious, philosophical, cultural or educational views. Travel or a new car can be quite expensive.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 4TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can easily expand your home environment and enlarge your family circle. There are plenty of opportunities in real estate, farming, building, and domestic or consumer products and services. Participating in community religious, educational, or cultural gatherings can be very rewarding. Invite more people into your home to mix and get acquainted. You can improve your living conditions and family finances. It's a good time to move to a bigger house, make additions and improvements to your living quarters, or buy new furniture. Don't be surprised if you have to spend more money than you had anticipated during this period of growth.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 5TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can expand your enjoyment of life with more recreation, entertainment, and creative pursuits. There are new opportunities for romance. Pleasant social activities are on the increase, especially those related to educational, religious, or cultural interests. It's a good time to travel for pleasure. Sports or games with children can be great fun. Let your artistic expression and personal style flourish. You can have an impressive lucky streak in business speculation or gambling. Don't bet the farm and know when to quit or you'll end up owing more than you've gained.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 6TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can make a big move in your employment opportunities. You can receive extra work benefits, or hire extra help if you need it. Many rewarding job offers can come your way, especially those related to publishing, teaching, travel, foreign trade, law, hospitals, or churches. New appliances at home or machinery at work can make life easier and increase your output. It's a good time to join a professional or union association. You can join a medical or health care plan, find a new doctor, lawyer, or accountant, improve your diet, and provide yourself with a better wardrobe. Avoid laziness and unreliability on the job. Your work performance and personal habits will at some point be scrutinized by others.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 7TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You have a great chance to increase your circle of close personal friends. You can make a good impression on others through kindness, diplomacy, and generosity. It's a fortunate time for business contracts, sales, and negotiations. You have opportunities for favorable partnerships or marriage. You can find a special friend who will share in your adventures and will bring you luck and safety. You can benefit from all interpersonal and public relations, social contracts, legal affairs, and public speaking appearances. Give your new associates your sincere loyalty and avoid conflicts of interest which will eventually jeopardize the peace and good will you have found.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 8TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can greatly enlarge the degree of confidence and faith others put in you. At times people can bestow great trust upon you in financial or intimate matters. Be discriminating in what you choose to share with others. Be aware of other people's motives. If you lack integrity or loyalty now, you will lose trust in the long run and may develop an uncomfortable dependence on others. Direct benefit can come through tax rebates, insurance, inheritance, joint finances, partners' money, or corporate business dealings. Ethical conduct now will gradually endow you with an aura of power, personal magnetism, and favor.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 9TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can broaden your social contacts and extend your professional credibility. Opportunities can present themselves for you to explore new people, places, and customs. You can discover a religious or philosophical system to guide your life. Teaching, lecturing, and association with universities, cultural institutions, and foreigners are favorable at this time. Benefit can come from a course of study, or from a teacher, mentor, or benefactor who will help expand your knowledge and understanding. Publishing, advertising, promotional campaigns, and legal proceedings begun during this period can be highly rewarding. Be tolerant and aware of the larger view. Steer clear of narrow- minded, sectarian viewpoints.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 10TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can advance your professional standing and elevate your status and social esteem. Honors, promotions, and public or social recognition can be bestowed upon you, especially if you have prepared the way for yourself over the previous years. It's a good time for seeking favors from those in positions of established authority. Learn political strategy. Don't exaggerate your accomplishments, humility will take you farther. Give superiors your loyalty and your subordinates the credit. You can expand your business position through education or teaching, foreign trade or travel, publishing, publicity, law, or philosophy.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 11TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can expand your sense of social belonging. At times you will find open-minded acceptance of your ideas and ideals, particularly along technical, experimental, intellectual, or humanitarian lines. It's a good time for membership in clubs, groups, and organizations. Benefit can come through new friends and colleagues associated with universities, churches, foreign nationalities, and cultural institutions. Be ready to back up your innovative ideas and don't promise more than you can deliver.

JUPITER TRANSITING YOUR 12TH HOUSE (approx. 1 year duration)
You can increase your sensitivity and insight into past and future trends and appreciate the beauty and evolutionary purpose of life. At times you can relax in peace and contentment, and grow spiritually through introspection and meditation. Association with hospitals, institutions, or spiritual retreats can be beneficial. You can receive sympathy, comfort, and healing if you are in need, or you can be compassionate and generous towards others who suffer. An appreciation of art, theater, and music can be therapeutic. It's a good time to dream big dreams, but keep your dreams in proportion and avoid escapist tendencies.

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