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Mercury in the Houses

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - With Mercury in the 1st house, you will be adept at expressing yourself and communicating your thoughts. Your verbal communications will be backed and enhanced by your expressions and gestures, that is, you will be able to communicate as well through body language as you can through words. Others may see you as something of a live wire, always on the go and endlessly curious about the world around you, unless of course, Mercury is in one of the more reserved water or earth signs. Even so, communicating and expressing your thoughts will vitalise and enliven you but, unless Mercury is in one of the air signs, you may lack objectivity and regard a challenge to your opinions as a personal challenge to yourself.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - With Mercury in the 2nd house, your mental energies are naturally directed toward the acquisition of material security. You will be skillful at manipulating material and financial resources, keeping careful account of your own incomings and outgoings. Financial problems could cause difficulty with your nerves, you tend to worry too much about these matters. You are endlessly curious about the workings of the material world, but this curiosity may be rather superficial. Your value system may be rather changeable, you are aware that all values are relative (except where money is concerned), and you are always ready to investigate or at least consider alternatives to your present values.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - With Mercury in the 3rd house, it is contained in the house of its rulership. The 3rd house represents the area of experience concerned with the exchange of information and communication with our immediate environment. The manner and nature of this communication is indicated by the sign position of Mercury, but this house position indicates that you are always ready to learn, and you have a lively, witty and observant intellect. You will probably have something to say about almost anything, and may have to control a tendency to express opinions before all the facts are known. You will be adept at communication with a good attention to detail, but may be good at selecting only those facts that justify or support the case you wish to present.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - Mercury in the 4th house sometimes indicates an intellectual or academic home background. The emphasis may have been put on being rational and sensible, perhaps at the expense of deeper feelings and closeness. Intelligence could be inherited through the family line. There is the possibility of educational activities being carried out in your home, and you would benefit from some kind of study even into the second half of life. On the other hand, there could be more than the usual amount of argument and disagreement in your home life, and you may prefer the nomadic life.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - Mercury in the 5th house of your chart suggests a need to communicate through some form of artistic expression. Poetry, music, even writing plays or acting could become the means through which you can find direction and purpose in your life, while expressing your own insights and understanding. In your love life you will be attracted to people you find intellectually stimulating, with whom you can have long and deep conversations about many issues.

You will be keen to encourage your own children's intellectual abilities. You will generally find that you have a good level of communication with them, particularly as they grow older and are able to express their own thoughts coherently.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - Mercury is in the 6th house of your chart, the house concerned with work, service, health and learning through experience with material affairs. With Mercury in this house, the urge to communicate and exchange information is strong. There is an intimate connection between mind and body. Often physical problems or illness are messages from your own unconscious mind, seeking to make you aware of things you may be doing wrong, or bringing to awareness repressed hang-ups and complexes, through the medium of your physical body. In other words, many of your minor illnesses and ailments may be psychosomatic. In your work life, you will need work that is mentally stimulating in some way, or that involves communication with others. If this is not the case then you will probably feel restless and discontented, and consequently find it difficult to settle down to anything.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - Mercury, the planet of communication is in your house of relationships and close partnerships. You have a need to find a partner who you find interesting and intellectually stimulating, with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas. Mercury, however, can never settle down to one thing, different people are interesting in different ways, so you may have difficulty in finding one person to whom you can make a permanent commitment. On the other hand, if you are looking for commitment you may find yourself constantly attracting partners who are unreliable and difficult to pin down. While you may be hurt by such actions, deep inside you know that this is really keeping you free. You enjoy discussing and finding out about other people's thoughts and beliefs, as well as expressing your own, you have a genuine desire for mutual communication and understanding.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - With the planet of communication in the 8th house of your chart, you have the kind of mind that likes to penetrate beyond surface appearances to examine the subtle and unconscious undercurrents and emotions occurring within yourself and others. Although you have an instinctive understanding of other people's motives, and the ability to bring these to the surface, you will have a tendency to keep your own motives and thoughts secret, or at least not reveal them completely. You can turn your intellect to business and financial matters with some success, although you should examine any agreement or contract carefully, as what is said or promised by one person may not be what is perceived by the other, resulting in misunderstandings and disagreement. This also applies to emotional or sexual relationships. You have a natural fascination for the occult and the afterlife, but this will be an intellectual interest rather than a morbid obsession.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - With Mercury in the 9th house you will have a natural urge to expand and broaden your mind through study, higher education and travel. Your mind will grasp concepts and ideas from a broad intuitive viewpoint, rather than through a detailed logical analysis. You are open to the philosophies and belief systems of other cultures, and you may find greater sense and meaning in these than in the accepted beliefs of your own society or culture. With this placing you will search, or you should do, for a belief system that satisfies both the rational and intuitive aspects of your mind. There is a danger, however, that once you feel you have found such a system, you will only accept the facts that seem to confirm your beliefs and conveniently overlook those that do not, you will need to always keep an open mind. Travel will benefit you greatly if it is done for the purpose of broadening your understanding and experience.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - Mercury, the planet of communication, in the house of ambition and career, directs your mental energies and intellect toward the achievement of a position of responsibility and authority. Your impatience and eagerness to pursue some kind of career may lead to many false starts and wrong turns before you finally decide what it is you really want to do, but you can learn a great deal about yourself in the process. You have a need to be seen as intelligent and adept at communication and will seek to advance yourself in your career on the basis of these qualities. You will probably seek a career that reflects and enables you to express the need to communicate that Mercury represents. You will do well in all areas concerned with communication, the media, journalism, teaching, writing and transport.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - Mercury in the 11th house of your chart indicates a progressive, future-oriented mind. You are interested in various group activities, where you can meet people who will help you acquire the skills you need to pursue your goals in life. It is in group situations that you can most easily express yourself and put across your ideas and opinions. This is a good position for teachers and lecturers, or any field that involves communication and the media. You have many original and inventive ideas, which you need to get across to as wide an audience as possible. Friends will often inspire you with their youthful energy, helping you to clarify your thoughts and make the most of your ideas.

There may be issues around brothers and sisters which will have to be faced and dealt with at some time. Friends will also be important here, either as part of the issue, or instrumental in helping to resolve them.

MERCURYMercury Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - Mercury, the planet of the rational mind, is in the 12th house of the unconscious in your chart. With Mercury here you will often find your consciousness influenced by irrational or disturbing thoughts rising up from the depths, resulting in the feeling that you are not always in control of your own mind. While the unconscious is the repository for experiences we would rather forget, and feelings we would rather not admit to, it is also the source of creative imagination and inspiration.

With this placing you will need to find some way of exploring your unconscious, through meditation, dream-work of even psychotherapy in order to understand what makes you "tick". In this way you can bring to the surface the memories of unpleasant experiences so that they can be examined and dealt with. Clearing away accumulated psychic rubbish in this way will help you to gain control of your own thought processes, and enable you to make creative use of your psychic sensitivity and powerful imagination

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