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Moon in the Houses

MOONMoon Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - With the Moon in the 1st house, you naturally express qualities of nurturing and emotional support to those around you. You may present a changing face to others, finding it difficult to hide or cover up your fluctuating moods and feelings. Generally, however, you will be perceived as kind and sympathetic, the kind of person to whom people can turn to pour out their problems. You will be very sensitive to "atmospheres" and the moods and feelings of others, in fact, with your naturally receptive nature you may have difficulty in separating your own moods and emotions from those you have picked up from your surroundings. This can lend a certain psychic sensitivity to your nature, but you will need to strengthen your own individuality, symbolised by the Sun, to avoid the danger of being overwhelmed by powerful and negative vibrations that emanate from others.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - The Moon is in the 2nd house of your chart, the area of life where we seek material security. The Moon in this house indicates that past experiences will have resulted in a need for possessions and material wealth in order to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. The fluctuating nature of the Moon, however, means that your fortunes in this area may be subject to changes and instability. You may have an emotional attachment to the things you own, particularly things that are in some way related to your past or your family. You have probably inherited your sense of values from your family background, particularly from your mother.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - With the Moon in the 3rd house, you have a natural receptivity to the world of ideas and communication. You will feel most "at home" and happy with yourself when you are engaged in some sort of study or intellectual discussion or exchange of information. However, there may be a tendency for your ideas to fluctuate and change according to your changing moods. Your thinking may be heavily influenced by your emotional state, and you will tend to hold certain opinions because they make you feel comfortable and secure, whether or not they are objectively or intellectually sound. You will make a good listener, and are able to communicate your understanding and sympathy to others, hence they may seek you out to tell you their problems.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - The Moon is in the 4th house of your chart, the house over which it rules. Both the Moon and the 4th house are concerned with our home life, and subconscious behaviour patterns based on past conditioning. With the Moon in this house you will have a need to establish a secure home life, to which you can retreat from the cares and worries of the world. Good relations with your family will be important to you, but you may tend to depend too much on them for emotional support and comfort. As a parent yourself, you will be concerned to provide a safe and secure home life for your own children, but must control the urge to be over protective and concerned about their emotional well-being.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - The 5th house represents the field of experience connected with creativity, either physically, through children, or mentally. This house is also connected with all forms of recreation and pleasures. With the Moon here it is in these areas that your experiences will arouse behaviour patterns based on memories and past experience. There may be a constant search for pleasures and romantic involvements, but your moods and feelings in this area may be subject to fluctuations, making it difficult to maintain them for long. You will feel happy with yourself and "at home" when you are being creative in some way. As a parent, experiences with your children may evoke memories and feelings connected with your own childhood and your relationship with your own parents.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 6th house there is a strong connection between your emotional state and your physical health. Strong negative emotions can cause physical illness, whereas a sense of emotional happiness and well-being can foster physical health. You early home life and upbringing will have made you aware of the need for bodily hygiene and cleanliness. You will probably feel most at home and happy with yourself if you can be of service to others in some way, caring for their physical well being. In your work life, relations with co-workers or bosses may go through phases, according to your fluctuating moods, they will certainly know about it when you have that "Monday morning feeling". Performing everyday tasks and duties will give you a sense of security and continuity.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 7th house, you may seek a partner who will give you emotional support and nurturing. You will not feel happy with yourself or with life in general unless you have some form of emotional relationship or partnership that can give you security and comfort. You may seek this security from another, or you may be the one who provides this for someone else. Although you have a deep need for such a partnership, your feelings may not be constant, but subject to changes and fluctuations. You are very receptive to the emotional needs of others, and need to beware of the danger of committing yourself to a relationship purely because you feel that the other person needs it. You may attract an emotionally unstable partner. If this is the case you will need to reflect on what unconscious aspect of yourself this person is expressing for you.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 8th house, you will have a need to share with others on a deep emotional level. You have a deep-seated need to share your deepest feelings with someone, and to have them share theirs with you. You will probably feel happier in your financial or business matters if your resources are held in common with someone else, but there may be changing fortunes in this area, or a business partner may be unstable and moody. You have an instinctive awareness of the moods and feelings of others, and in some cases this placing can indicate psychic ability, or at least a sensitivity to "vibrations" that are not openly expressed. You will have to learn to distinguish between your own emotions and feelings and those you have absorbed from your surroundings. Occult and psychic matters will exert an irresistible pull on you, the world of the hidden and mysterious may give you a greater sense of security than the harsh reality of the material world.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - The 9th house is the area of your chart that is connected with philosophy, religion, travel and higher education, or what can be called the higher mind. With the Moon in this house you may find emotional security from some belief system. This may be inherited from your family background, but you have the ability to adapt your philosophy to changing influences and conditions. You have a natural receptivity in this area, and an intuitive grasp of concepts and symbols. Travel may be linked with your emotional life, and you may even live abroad for a time. There is an attraction to women of a foreign culture, or who can expand or broaden your horizons in some way.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 10th house, you have a need for some kind of tangible or recognisable personal achievement in order to feel happy with yourself. You may sacrifice your domestic or emotional life to the pursuit of your personal ambitions. Your early upbringing may have given you a deep sense of the need for a career or public position, perhaps your mother was a career woman, or saw you as the one to live out her own unrealised ambitions. Either way, you will feel most "at home" when working toward your ambitions and may eventually reach a position of prominence and authority. Even if you achieve this, you will not like to present a harsh public face, but will like to be seen as a caring and sympathetic person. You will fare well in any profession that allows you to express your nurturing and protective qualities.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 11th house, you will find your emotional security through friends and group associations. You will feel caring and protective toward your friends, even mothering in some ways. Or you may seek these qualities from them, but you will need to avoid a tendency to derive too much of your own identity from them, or depend on them for your emotional well-being. As well as friends, the 11th house is connected with group associations in general, particularly new age or forward looking groups. You will tend to feel "at home" as a member of such a group, and you can be a source of comfort and support for other members of the group, or you may make your own home available for the use of the group as a whole. Your own early home life was probably somewhat unconventional.

MOONMoon Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - With the Moon in the 12th house, your emotional nature is extremely sensitive to your surroundings, and periods of seclusion may be necessary for you to get your head together and restore your sense of identity. You may feel most at home with your own company or in deep meditation. It is not that you are antisocial, it is just that these periods are necessary for your emotional well-being. Your feelings may be strongly affected by unconscious or semiconscious memories from your past, how these will affect you will depend on whether they were positive or negative experiences. You may have some connection with institutions such as prisons or hospitals, in fact, you can be a source of caring and comfort to people who are in such places, but you will have a hard time not becoming too involved

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