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MOON TRANSITING YOUR 1ST HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
Your moods can be excitable today. You may be emotionally involved in a competitive situation, and motivated to improve your physical appearance and self-confidence.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 2ND HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may feel an emotional need for material security today. You tend to review your domestic finances and purchase food or other goods for the home.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 3RD HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
Your need for communication, short trips, and visits increases today. You may want to get in touch with family members and neighbors. Emotions can influence your thinking.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 4TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
Domestic and parental instincts are accentuated today. You desire the comforts and activities of home, and the emotional involvement of your family.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 5TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You give emotional attention to children, play, and enjoyable entertainment today. Your creative, speculative, and romantic imagination is stimulated.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 6TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
Cleanliness and orderliness is needed for emotional well being today. Your concern turns towards diet, health, apparel, employment and the quality of your work environment.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 7TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You need emotional contact with others today. You can be concerned with marriage or partnership issues. It could be an important day for sales or deals.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 8TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may need to comprehend the emotions of others today. You can be concerned about sharing feelings related to family, personal security, and joint finances.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 9TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may be concerned about religious and cultural values or beliefs today. You may need to deal with emotional issues regarding law, ethics, prejudice, education, and social customs.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 10TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may be emotionally concerned with your reputation and social status today. Business and professional dealings may have relevance to family, or to domestic products and services.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 11TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may be emotionally involved with friends and ideals today. Your group or organizational activities can affect your family and domestic life.

MOON TRANSITING YOUR 12TH HOUSE (approx. 2.5 days duration)
You may feel emotional loneliness or withdrawal today. Subconscious urges and psychic sensitivity can affect your moods. Serenity, imagination, and meditative visualization can improve the healing process.

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