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Natal Aspects of the Ascendant

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ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SUNSun Glyph - With the Sun rising over the horizon at the time of your birth you approach life directly and openly. This aspect can be summed up by the phrase "wearing your heart on your sleeve". Your honesty and sincerity is appreciated by most, taken advantage of by some. You fervently desire to be recognised for your own worth, for people to listen to what you have to say and take your opinions seriously, being pushed into the background leaves you feeling frustrated and hurt. It may be that as a child you had to fight to establish your identity in the eyes of your family and friends and you have carried on the fight into adulthood. You want to do something with your life that you can be proud of, that is a direct expression of your innermost self.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SUNSun Glyph - The sextile between the Sun and your Ascendant indicates that you are able to express yourself with ease. You know how to project yourself and communicate your needs effectively, which often results in you getting what you want from others. You are rarely at a loss for something to say, and you often liven up social gatherings with your conversation and wit.

This aspect suggests a certain amount of restlessness, particularly in your career. You feel that your talents are not being used to the full and you will always be on the look-out for a new direction that could be more satisfying and fulfilling.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SUNSun Glyph - The square between your Ascendant and Sun indicates some conflict between the way you express yourself, and your inner sense of self-identity. There may be a feeling of blocked energy, and a sense of frustration that you do not come across to others as you really are. This sense of frustration probably comes from your experience of your parents. One or both of them may have prevented you from being yourself and expressing yourself in the way that you wanted. You can release this energy through the disciplined pursuit of some ambition or path, so that through your achievements you can confidently feel that you did it yourself, and in your own way.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SUNSun Glyph - With your Sun and Ascendant in a trine aspect you will be aware of your creative talents, and you feel that you could succeed in almost anything you try to do. While this is probably true with this aspect, the trine of itself does not provide sufficient drive and motivation, that must come from other areas of the chart, so you may neglect or waste your natural talents through laziness or the tendency to keep putting things off until tomorrow.

You would prefer a career that will allow you to express your creativity and make demands on your natural talents, and you will probably become a professional in whatever career you choose. The pressure of competition and the demands of proving your worth in your chosen field will provide the drive to realise your full potential.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SUNSun Glyph - The Sun opposite your Ascendant, shows that you have a need to seek approval from others in order to feel good about yourself. The Sun is our self, what we essentially are, with the Sun on the 7th house cusp you need constant feedback from the world in order to feel that you are all right in the eyes of others, and so maintain your self-confidence and sense of self-worth. You may tend to look up to and admire people who are really no better than yourself. You find it difficult to admire and respect yourself, so you project this on to other people. As a result of this, you may attract people with strong egos who attempt to dominate or control you. You need to be yourself and do your own thing, whatever other people may think you have to live your life for yourself as well as for them.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph MOONMoon Glyph - The Moon and your Ascendant in conjunction at the time of your birth indicates that you present a changing face to the world, sometimes understanding and sensitive, sometimes moody and irritable. You are acutely aware of what others are feeling and respond instinctively to their moods, leaving you unsure at times about your own true feelings. You like to project a nurturing image, to make others feel secure and protect them emotionally from the world. Family and friends will come to you when they are in need of such support, and this in turn helps you feel needed and secure, but take care not to force it when it is not required and make people feel smothered.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph MOONMoon Glyph - The Ascendant sextile the Moon indicates that you are sensitive to what others say to you or about you. This was particularly true when you were younger, but as you grow older this sensitivity will turn into a deeper understanding of yourself and others, although at times you will still have difficulty in separating fact from fiction, or tend to believe only what makes you feel comfortable with yourself. You pick up easily on the moods and emotional states of others, and may find it difficult to disguise your own moods.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph MOONMoon Glyph - The square between the Moon and your Ascendant indicates that you are emotionally sensitive to external influences. You will tend to give in to pressures or manipulation by others, feeling that in this way you will at least show that you care, and gain some inner peace. You find it difficult to let go of the feelings of security and emotional well-being that you may have experienced in the past. Regarding the past as "the good old days", and the present as a time of difficulty and dissatisfaction, will cause some problems in your domestic and/or emotional life. You need to learn to live in the here and now, and show that you can stand up for your own needs and be caring at the same time.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph MOONMoon Glyph - The trine between the Moon and Ascendant gives you the urge to find some kind of creative self-expression in order to feel that you have some direction or purpose in life. The sense of values inherited from your parents still sustains you and gives you a secure emotional and ethical basis from which you are able to cope with the demands of everyday life. You give the impression to others that you are in touch with, and in control of, your own needs and feelings, combined with your ability to empathise and understand other people’s problems. This makes you first choice when friends and acquaintances are looking for a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph MOONMoon Glyph - The opposition aspect between your Ascendant and the Moon, indicates that you have a strong need to be needed by others. You tend to look for emotional security in your relationships, but a binding union with another person may be difficult to achieve, since your feelings fluctuate and you are unsure if you can handle the responsibilities involved in a close relationship. You do not like to be alone for too long. Socialising and working with friends and associates gives you a sense of belonging that you may feel is lacking from your family relations.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph MERCURYMercury Glyph - The conjunction between Mercury and Ascendant shows that you have a lively intellect, and you are interested in any piece of information that comes your way. You have a desire to learn as much as you can about the world, but you may have difficulty in being objective about what you learn, selecting only the information that is personally useful to you, or that fits in with your way of perceiving things. You are not afraid to express your opinions, but you will need to be tolerant of other people’s opinions which may be just as valid from their own point of view.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph MERCURYMercury Glyph - The sextile between Mercury and your Ascendant shows that you have a great facility for absorbing information and knowledge, and the ability to explain what you have learned in a clear and understandable way. You are a good communicator and you enjoy situations where you can express your views and air your intellectual knowledge. You are persuasive rather than argumentative. You have at least an intellectual understanding of who you are and what you want out of life, but the energy to put this into practice, and to understand your deeper motivations, will have to come from some other area of your chart.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph MERCURYMercury Glyph - The square between Mercury and your Ascendant indicates some difficulty in communicating with others. In your eagerness to impress, or to cover your basic insecurity, you tend to talk excessively, taking over conversations and expressing your own opinions too quickly or forcibly. Other people may feel that they are being talked at, rather that talked to, and find it difficult to follow, or even to believe, what you are saying. You may often find that you have been misunderstood or misrepresented when you believe that you have expressed yourself clearly. You need to learn the art of listening as well as speaking, and slow down the pace of your conversation so that others can get a word in.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph MERCURYMercury Glyph - The trine between Mercury and your Ascendant indicates that you know how to communicate and express your thoughts to others. You will rarely be misunderstood because you probably only express your opinions when you think you have something worthwhile to say. You are aware of your own creative and intellectual abilities, as well as your limitations, but you may have trouble deciding how to make the most of your considerable talents.

You will not be too keen on physical labour, preferring to make your living through your intellectual and mental abilities. You are able to attract attention to your ideas and will be willing to take chances if you think that there is a possibility of turning them into cash. You are also able to carefully assess the details of any endeavour and evaluate its likelihood of success before you actually take that chance.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph MERCURYMercury Glyph - The opposition between Mercury and your Ascendant indicates that you are a good listener. You will listen carefully to the opinions of others before expressing your own. Often, however, the opinions you express will not be your own, but the reflection of those around you. In your desire to be liked and accepted, you will express what you think others want to hear, rather than risk stirring up controversy and opposition against yourself. The need to appear to be in agreement with those around you will not necessarily achieve the results you desire. Many people will be aware of what you are doing, and may conclude that you do not have a mind of your own, or that you are being patronising. If you can find the courage of your convictions, and accept criticism as well as praise, you have a great talent for communication or public speaking, with the ability to formulate ideas and project them in a way that others can easily understand.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - The conjunction between Venus and your Ascendant indicates that you are able to express yourself with charm and diplomacy. You are probably well-spoken, and able to impress others with your refined tastes and social graces. You are always willing to compromise where necessary, but necessary usually means whether it is to your advantage. If you feel that a compromise leaves you the loser, or you do not get what you want, you can become petulant and moody. Beneath the polished veneer there is a strong element of self-interest, you often use your charms to further your own interests, or to cultivate social contacts that will benefit you in some way.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - The effects of the sextile will probably be slight, overshadowed by other, more powerful, aspects. However, it does help you to maintain harmonious relationships with others. Even if you are involved in a conflict you will be willing to examine the issues, the source of the grievances, and come to some mutual compromise.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - The Ascendant shows how we project ourselves and how we appear to other people, whereas Venus indicates how we approach relationships, what we need from a relationship. With the square there will be some kind of conflict between the expression of these two aspects of your personality. It may be that the way you feel does not always fit with the image you like to project, so you deny one to express the other, or it may be that your early conditioning taught you not to be too open with your feelings for some reason. Your true feelings are probably only revealed when you have a dispute with your partner.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - The trine between your Ascendant and Venus indicates that you are diplomatic and fair in your dealings with others. You are willing to consider both sides in any argument, and able to see the relative merits of both points of view. Your sympathetic approach encourages others to trust in your understanding of their problems, and in your judgment of the possible causes and solutions. You are able to contribute your own experiences by bringing creative changes to other people’s lives through helping them to see things from a more balanced perspective.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - With an opposition between Venus and your Ascendant you will seek to create a good impression on everyone you meet, and try to hide your negative qualities. By the same token you will tend only to see the best in everyone, and be deeply disappointed when they do not live up to expectations, but you are aware enough to realise that nobody is perfect so you do not judge people by their faults. You strive to maintain harmonious relations with friends, and actively avoid conflict, even when it may be necessary to stand up for yourself. As a result your friends have nothing but good to say about you, although some may take you for a ride at times.

You find it difficult to go it alone, you need a partner by your side to give you support and encouragement and make you feel secure. Hence, you are attracted to people who you feel can share what they have with you, and you with them. The only negative side of this is that you may be drawn, consciously or unconsciously, only to partners that you feel can provide you with financial and material security.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph MARSMars Glyph - With the conjunction between Mars and your Ascendant you have a great deal of physical and emotional energy that needs plenty of room to express itself. You may have a tendency to ride roughshod over anyone who you feel is standing in your way or blocking you from doing what you want. While you may not be toosure of yourself inside, you compensate by projecting an image of boldness or courageousness. You like people to respect you for your aggressive self-determination. If you can avoid alienating people by being too pushy, you have the ability to get the best out of other people by making them push themselves to the limits of their ability.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The sextile between your Ascendant and Mars indicates that you have a lot of nervous energy, which needs to be channelled into positive directions. You find it difficult to relax and be still, always needing to be on the go or doing something, but often not quite sure what. As a result, you can waste a lot of time and useful energy just fiddling around and getting nowhere.

You are not afraid to speak your own mind. While this can at times be a positive quality, you tend to speak without giving thought to the effects of your words on other people, you can say hurtful or annoying things without even realising it.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The square between Mars and your Ascendant indicates that in your eagerness to assert yourself you often show little tolerance for other people’s weakness and a lack of understanding for their feelings. You will say or do things without giving any thought to the effects your words and actions may have, as a result you may rub people up the wrong way, and create enemies or bad feelings unnecessarily.

There is a strong need to be assertive in your relationships, and to establish yourself as the dominant partner. You expect your partner to do things your way, but you are intolerant of any attempts to dominate you, or restrict your actions in any way. This is probably due to some deep-seated insecurity about your own self-worth. Frustrations and dissatisfaction in your work or professional life will often be taken out on those closest to you, in your home.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The trine between Mars and your Ascendant indicates that you have a great deal of physical energy and drive. You can assert yourself aggressively when the need arises, challenges and competition stimulate you and rouse you into action. While this aspect gives you the stamina and energy to achieve your goals, it does not, of itself, provide the motivation or incentive to do so. As a result, a lot of energy can be wasted in useless activity if you cannot find some purpose or direction in your life. You have strong opinions which you are not afraid to express, but there is a tendency to take over and dominate in conversation.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph MARSMars Glyph - With your Ascendant and Mars in an opposition aspect you will be somewhat aggressive in your general approach. You tend to over react to any real or imagined threat. Your readiness to jump down someone’s throat at the slightest provocation may cause some people to think that you have got a chip on your shoulder.

It is often the case that we experience the difficulties of an opposition aspect through the behaviour of other people, or actually seek that quality in another. This is particularly true here, since an opposition to the Ascendant places Mars on the 7th house cusp, the house of relationships. Hence, you may often attract people who express the qualities described above, who challenge you in some way, forcing you to stand up for yourself and develop your qualities of independence and self determination.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The conjunction between your Ascendant and Jupiter gives you a good-natured and optimistic outlook and approach to life. You are good-natured and generous, jovial and expansive. Others perceive you as friendly and knowledgeable, with something to say on almost anything. At least this is the image you try to project, perhaps even overdoing it to some extent, and tripping yourself up with your over-confidence and over-enthusiasm. This may also be the first impression that others have of you, but when they get to know you better they will become aware that behind the mask, you are just as prone to inner doubts, insecurities and hang-ups as everyone else.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The sextile between Jupiter and your Ascendant gives you an optimistic outlook on life. No matter how grim things may appear you are able to take a broader perspective and see what opportunities might come from the situation. As a result you are adept at bolstering others’ spirits when they are feeling down. You enjoy talking about your ideas and beliefs which you put across with great enthusiasm, the bigger the audience the better. You feel that your life should be guided by some overall belief system or philosophy but you are not rigid or dogmatic, always ready to explore new possibilities and expand your mental horizons. Possibly the only drawback with this aspect is getting carried away by your optimistic plans. You need a heavy dose of practical reality to bring you down to earth and make things work.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With the square between your Ascendant and Jupiter, you will have to deal with a deep lack of faith in yourself. This has probably resulted from past experiences where your attempts to be yourself and find your own way in life have been frustrated, perhaps by one or both of your parents. The desire to find some kind of meaning in your life may result in a degree of conflict. Your own perception of yourself and your relationships with others will be challenged as you attempt to grow beyond your present limitations to express your purpose in life. But it is precisely through weathering such challenges and conflicts that your faith in your own creative abilities, and faith in life to provide you with what you need, will grow.

You are open-minded and generous, perhaps to the point that your generosity is taken advantage of without you even knowing it. On the other hand, you may take advantage of the generosity of others. You find it difficult to manage your resources efficiently, the temptation to blow everything on a spending spree may at times be impossible to resist.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The trine between Jupiter and your Ascendant gives you an optimistic outlook on life. You are confident in your own creative talents, perhaps a little over-confident, and you seek to achieve something positive with your life. Not content with standing still or remaining in a comfortable rut, you are open to expanding your range of experiences, to meet new people, see new places, consider new ideas. You often construct ambitious plans and large scale schemes which rarely even get off the ground.

The problem with this aspect is that while you desire to expand your horizons, you tend to sit back and wait for new experiences to come to you, and although you have ambitious plans, you want to achieve them with the minimum of effort on your part, so they are never actually achieved. You need to develop some self- discipline and self-motivation before you can achieve what you desire; this may come from other aspects in your chart.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The position of Jupiter in the chart indicates where we find our greatest source of optimism and faith in ourselves, and life in general. If the Ascendant is the point of self, its opposite, the descendant, is the point of others, so you will tend to look to other people to provide you with faith in yourself and to encourage you to expand beyond your present limitations into new areas of knowledge and experience. You will be attracted to people who express the Jupiterian qualities of openness and generosity, who will provide you with their knowledge and faith and/or their money.

Your expectations of what others can provide will be unrealistic in the real world, since very few people actually live up to our fantasies of them. This will lead to many disappointments until you realise that what you are seeking in others is a part of yourself that you are denying, or for some reason are afraid to express.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The conjunction between your Ascendant and Saturn indicates that you may often hold yourself back, and fail to take advantage of opportunities as a result of insecurity about yourself. You are over-concerned about how you are perceived by others, and may fail to express yourself as you would like, for fear of being put down or looking foolish. The Ascendant relates to our experience of birth. When you were born you may have experienced, for one reason or another, a sense of isolation or loneliness. You may have been reluctant to enter this world at all. The memory of this first experience makes you hold back from any new phase, or rebirth, in your life, but it has also given you a quiet determination to succeed in some area, and to establish your own sense of identity as a self-determined individual. As you overcome your reluctance and hesitation, each success will increase your self-confidence, and your determination will eventually take you to the top of whatever mountain you choose to climb.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph The conservative planet Saturn in a sextile aspect to your Ascendant indicates that you are practical and restrained in your general approach to others, and to life itself. You are able to contain your impulses, and to think before you act. You realise that you are responsible for your own actions, and are capable of self-discipline if you think the results will be worth the effort. You give the appearance of being a shrewd and pragmatic person, able to take responsibility and plan methodically before you do anything. Once you have formed an opinion, or decided on a particular course of action, you are not easily dissuaded.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The Ascendant and Saturn in a square aspect indicate some difficulty in expressing yourself as freely as you would like. You tend to be hesitant and reserved when meeting new people, a reaction that you find intensely frustrating since you don’t feel that you are getting across the real you. Perhaps when you were a child you felt unable to express yourself openly to to your parents, your natural childhood enthusiasm had to be tempered with rules and limitations on your behaviour. The importance of living up to your duties and responsibilities has been programmed into you from an early age, but often you feel that this conflicts with your need to be yourself. Success in your career and stability in your home life are important to you and will be achieved, eventually, but you may have many struggles and disappointments before you finally get there.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The trine between your Ascendant and Saturn indicates that you possess a quiet determination to climb the ladder to success, however you may define that term. You are aware that this requires hard work, and you would not want it any other way, you want to be seen as someone who has made it through their own efforts, rather than through luck or a helping hand. This aspect puts a break on more exuberant aspects of your personality, not in a negative sense, but in the sense that you are always keeping a quiet eye on how you are expressing yourself and how others are receiving you. You do not want them to think you are going over the top in any way.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The opposition between your Ascendant and Saturn inhibits the way you approach relationships and other people in general. There may be a deep sense of insecurity about the way other people perceive you, so you prefer to let other people come to you rather than going to them, thus avoiding the possibility of rejection or being given the cold shoulder. As a result, many people who would like to know you better may be put off by your apparent air of indifference. While you are inwardly unsure of your ability to handle responsibility, when the chips are down, you are better able to do so than most people, you just need to learn this through your own experience.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in your chart shows you to be an extreme individualist. You will reject any role that is pushed upon you by family or society, insisting on your right to be and act according to you own inner truth and intuition. You will be unconventional, both in your appearance and in your outlook on life, the values of the past and of society in general do not appeal to you. The pull of the future and the search for new values to meet ever changing conditions are more important.

You do not judge others by their appearance, or by their social position, you are able to relate equally well to people from all social classes because you regard them as individuals like yourself, rather than as the products of their society. You will find yourself attracted mainly to unconventional and like-minded people.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The sextile between Uranus and your Ascendant indicates that you are something of a rebel, in your way of thinking and in your general behaviour. You value your freedom and independence in all areas of your life, and you will constantly be seeking new experiences as an escape from situations that have become routine and dull. You have a great creative potential and a well developed intuition. When you follow your hunches you will usually be right. You are open-minded and progressive in your thinking, and are able to communicate your thoughts clearly.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The square between Uranus and your Ascendant indicates that you have a restless and erratic temperament. Possibly your experiences as a child have left you feeling afraid to get too close or too dependent on others, leading to problems in your domestic and/or professional life later on. You insist on going your own way and doing your own thing, but your demands for complete freedom from duty and responsibility will create inevitable conflicts in your relationships. If you feel that you are being tied down, in spite of all your efforts to avoid such a situation, you will break away from the restricting influence, often in ways that will surprise or even shock others, in fact you probably gain some enjoyment from shocking people.

In your desire to remain a "free spirit" you will show little consideration for the feelings and needs of other people, behaving in ways that can generate a lot of enmity towards you. You will probably have to learn the hard way that if you are not around for others when they need you most, you cannot expect them to be around when you need them.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The trine between Uranus and your Ascendant indicates that you have a strong urge to be yourself, to express your individuality, free from limitations and conventional values. You value your freedom and independence in all areas of your life, and you will constantly be seeking new experiences as an escape from situations that have become routine and dull. You have a great creative potential and a well-developed intuition. When you follow your hunches you will usually be right. You are open minded and progressive in your thinking, and are able to communicate your thoughts clearly.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The influence of Uranus opposite your Ascendant will be experienced through your relationships and the people to whom you are attracted. You will be attracted to liberal and free-minded people. You have a vision of the future and are not bound by the values of the past. In your close personal relationships you seek a partner who needs a great deal of freedom and personal space and hence will not interfer with your own need for freedom and self-determination. The problem here is that if you are not aware that what you are seeking in others is a reflection of your own needs, you may often find yourself involved with people who demand freedom for themselves, while attempting to oppose your own, with inevitable conflict. Talk of a formal commitment, such as marriage, will make you feel uncomfortable and edgy, you feel that the only commitment necessary in a relationship is the feelings that each has for the other, unconfined by a sense of duty and responsibility.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Neptune in conjunction with your Ascendant shows some uncertainty or confusion around your self-image. You will tend to present different faces to the world, adapting your self-expression to whatever company you happen to be with at the time. This is because you are acutely aware of other people’s expectations of you, and you will attempt to live up to them even if they are unrealistic. You will have an elusive and dream-like quality about you, and other people will never be quite sure whether you are showing them your true self, or reflecting what you feel they want to see. This is hardly surprising since you are never quite sure yourself. The influence of Neptune ranges from unrealistic dreaming and illusion to the highest spiritual awareness and self-surrender, the trick is to find some kind of balance between these two poles.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The sextile between Neptune and the Ascendant indicates that you are sensitive to conditions in your immediate environment. You are able to pick up on subtle "vibrations" in the psychic atmosphere, making you aware of the moods of those around you even if you are not fully conscious of doing this. As a consequence, you are able to put on the face that suits the circumstances, enabling you to mix easily in different social circles, through all levels of society.

You are aware of the wider social issues and the need to find a more holistic framework from which our present social and environmental problems can be dealt with. You are not fooled by the web of illusion that is woven to keep the unthinking majority happy, and you are able to effectively communicate and explain what is really going on to those who care to listen.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With the square between Neptune and your Ascendant you are extremely sensitive to criticism, which makes you miss opportunities to advance yourself since you are afraid of failure. This aspect inclines you to daydream about your potentials more than actively seeking to realise them. Perhaps communication with your parents was unclear or confused in some way. You did not get the support you needed in choosing a career and you still find it difficult to know just what it is you want out of life. As a result you will tend to spread yourself too thinly and become involved in diverse activities, or take on more than you can efficiently handle. You will need to focus on specific fields if you are to make the most of your talents.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Neptune trine your Ascendant indicates that you are sensitive to subtle vibrations in your environment. You have an instinctive "feel" for the unspoken or suppressed emotions of people around you, enabling you to make appropriate responses to any situation in which you may find yourself.

You are idealistic about the kind of society you would like to see and are intent on making a personal contribution in some way. Acting as an agent for a higher order, you are able to help others to gain a deeper and more "spiritual" perspective on their lives.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The opposition between your Ascendant and Neptune inclines you to seek relationships through which you can live out some ideal. Just what this ideal is you may not be too clear about; you may be attracted to people who have some sort of problem, with drink or drugs for instance, thereby allowing you to express your compassion and understanding by helping them. Unfortunately you will eventually realise that this person has no intention of changing, leaving you feeling let down and confused. Beware of taking on lost causes. On the other hand, you may be attracted to people who project a glamourous image or some sort of mystical quality, people you can worship or look up to as a guru. Again, you need to be careful that you are not placing a perfectly normal, imperfect human being on some impossible pedestal; or that they are not deceiving you. Instead of trying to live out your dreams through someone else try to live them out yourself, if they are not impossible dreams, then you may find that you attract someone who can fulfil your needs, and still be themselves.


ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The conjunction between Pluto and your Ascendant indicates that you possess in inner strength that will see you through many life crises. Much of what you think and feel is hidden beneath a seemingly implacable surface. You certainly do not wear your heart on your sleeve and need to feel complete trust for someone before you reveal your true self to them. You may try to get what you want by using your intense emotions to covertly manipulate others, on the other hand the same intense emotional nature may attract powerful individuals who attempt to manipulate you.

You tend to regard the world as a place where powerful forces operate that can take over or influence your life negatively, and you shrink from confronting these forces directly. At some point in your life however, events will force you to reevaluate yourself, your goals and what you want out of life. This process will eventually force you to grow into a stronger more confident individual.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The sextile aspect between Pluto and your Ascendant indicates that you have an intensity and power that enables you to persuade others to do your bidding. You do not take challenges to your ideas or desires lightly, and will tend to express your point of view strongly even if, deep inside, you know that you are wrong. You are aware of many of the problems that afflict our society, and have little time or sympathy for those you feel are responsible, or for their supporters. You will feel the need to be some kind of agent for social reform, but whether this need stays in the realm of an idea or desire, or whether you put it into practice in some way will depend on aspects in the rest of the chart.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The square between Pluto and your Ascendant indicates a deep- seated need to control the world around you. You project yourself as a powerful individual who needs to be reckoned with. You will often attempt to take charge, feeling that you are the only person who is able to create order out of the chaos you perceive around you. This attitude together with a refusal to compromise or back down, even when you know you are wrong, will often bring you into conflict with parents or other people in authority. Your personal relationships will often be a battle ground in which you or your partner attempt to dominate and manipulate the other in order to show who is really the boss, often ending in a great deal of bitterness and bad feeling.

If you can learn to compromise where necessary, and not push other people past the limits of their tolerance, you are capable of achieving great things. You have the ability to organise other people effectively to help you achieve your goals, and the will-power and determination to succeed at all costs, but you must be prepared to give those who help you recognition for their assistance.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The trine aspect between Pluto and your Ascendant indicates that you have an intensity and power that enables you to make creative changes to your own life and the lives of others. You do not take challenges to your needs or desires lightly, and will tend to express your point of view strongly even if, deep inside, you know that you are wrong. You are aware of many of the problems that afflict our society, and have little time or sympathy for those you feel are responsible, or for their supporters. You will feel the need to be some kind of agent for social reform, but whether this need stays in the realm of an idea or desire, or whether you put it into practice in some way will depend on aspects in the rest of the chart.

ASCENDANTAscendant Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The opposition between Pluto and your Ascendant suggests that you will experience some destructive and/or transformative energies through your relationships. There is a tendency to attract partners who attempt to dominate you, or manipulate you through deep feelings of fear and guilt. As a result you may often find yourself involved in intense ego battles with your partner, with each one trying to gain the upper hand, or even the under hand. For you relationships are experienced as a "burning ground" that evokes your deepest fears and doubts, as well as your highest hopes and desires. It is in the nature of the opposition aspect that the experiences you attract are reflecting something within yourself that you refuse to face. Particularly with Pluto, it will require some deep self-analysis and self-honesty to get to the root of the problem. When this is achieved you will be able to elevate your relationships to a less intense and overpowering level.

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