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Natal Aspects of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Note -The order of planets above is the order of the aspect descriptions - Moon Conjunct Sun would be found under Sun Conjunct Moon or Saturn Conjunct Mercury would be found under Mercury Conjunct Saturn.

MARSMars Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Mars and Jupiter in conjunction you have a driving ambition to achieve something worthwhile with your life, together with the physical and mental energy required to sustain you in your efforts. You do not admit defeat gracefully, always eager to fight back, even if others try to tell you that your efforts are futile, therefore, you are a considerable force to be reckoned with, a fact that even your opponents cannot fail to recognise. Even in victory, you have a tendency to press your point home, so as to leave no doubt as to who is in the right.

This aspect can compensate for other, more self-effacing, aspects in the chart, giving you the optimism and faith that you will eventually get what you want if you try hard enough. You need to be careful to evaluate just what is possible, and not get caught up in grandiose and unrealistic plans, or bite off more than you can comfortably chew. If you can do this, then your life can become an adventure in which you meet challenges with enthusiasm and the inner certainty that you will succeed.

MARSMars Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The sextile aspect between the energetic planet Mars and the expansive planet Jupiter increases your energy and desire to achieve something worthwhile with your life. While you are not afraid to defend your own rights and assert your opinions you are sensitive to the needs and opinions of others. You have an outgoing and enthusiastic nature, particularly when your passions are fired by activities that allow you to put into practice your philosophical or religious ideals and beliefs.

You have considerable physical and mental energy, you set yourself ambitious and demanding goals, but since these goals are based on forethought and planning you are able to maintain the energy and enthusiasm necessary to see them through to completion. Your physical desires are strong, but they are best satisfied with someone to whom you can relate on an intellectual and philosophical as well as a physical level.

MARSMars Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - Mars and Jupiter in a square aspect generate abundant physical and mental energy. Of itself, this energy is undisciplined and uncontrolled, but you will learn through experience how to channel it into productive activities. You have a desire to achieve great things, and you have the capacity and determination to do so, but you would do well to examine your own motives to ensure that they are based on some philosophical ideal or guiding principle. It is only in this way that you can use this aspect to its full potential and achieve eventual success. If your purpose is simply for the glorification of your own ego, an equally possible manifestation of this aspect, then you are bound to run into serious problems.

You have a tendency to overdo things, in your desire to get ahead you are prepared to work long and gruelling hours at the expense of the needs of your physical body, and also of your domestic life. You need to learn when to rest if you wish to avoid nervous exhaustion, and to say hello to your family occasionally, if only to let them know that you are still aware of their existence.

MARSMars Glyph TRINETrine Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Mars in a trine to the generous and expansive Jupiter you will have a great deal of enthusiasm for life and a need to achieve something worthwhile. You have ambition, but it will not be the kind that justifies stepping on others, you are generous to other people and willing to help them on their own way. You have the knack of being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities that others may miss. This may be regarded as good luck by your friends, but your easy come, easy go attitude may result in you losing what you have gained. Your physical energy and desires are strong, but generally well controlled, although you may insist on the right to express these desires in your own way and terminate any relationship that threatens to limit your freedom of expression.

MARSMars Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Mars in opposition to Jupiter, you have a great deal of energy that will help you to achieve whatever goals you may set yourself. You enjoy challenges that force you to extend your capabilities and knowledge, and while you can be a formidable opponent you treat your competitors with fairness and respect, if you think that they deserve it. You may feel some resentment for people who try to exercise their authority over you, and you will need to resist the desire to cut them down to size if you do not want to make yourself enemies. You have a strong sense of ambition, and the need to achieve something worthwhile through your own efforts, if these needs are not satisfied in some way, the resulting tension and frustration could be explosive.

You may find that many opportunities come to you through sheer "good luck", or through some beneficiary. You will need to curb your compulsive need to rush into things before carefully considering the consequences, if you are to make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

MARSMars Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The conjunction between Mars and Saturn is an aspect that could be described as controlled energy. You are able to channel the energy of Mars in a disciplined manner to achieve your goals with a minimum of wasted effort. You are able to work under the most difficult or even dangerous circumstances, your self-discipline allowing you to focus on the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else.

You are self-controlled most of the time, but if you feel that you are being blocked in any way the build up of tension can result in a sudden release of anger or physical aggression.

MARSMars Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - Mars, the planet of energy and drive is in a sextile aspect to the conservative planet Saturn in your chart. This contact tempers your desires and aggressive drives with a degree of caution and reserve, you plan your goals carefully and can work towards them with a dogged persistence that will eventually overcome all obstacles. You can accomplish more than most people because your self-discipline and patience allows you to examine every aspect of a problem before attempting a solution.

Your natural caution and need to think things out before acting, while generally a positive quality, can in some circumstances be a hindrance, particularly where decisive action would be more appropriate. You might miss opportunities that need to be grasped immediately, you need to learn to catch your camel while it is passing (an old Arab proverb I think).

MARSMars Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The square between Mars and Saturn indicates that you have some difficulty in asserting yourself and getting what you want. You can alternate between aggressiveness and apathy. Mars represents the ego drive and the desire nature, it is the need to get what we want and assert ourselves, sometimes through the use of violence, hence Mars is known as the God of War. The square from Saturn requires that this energy is disciplined and channelled toward planned objectives. If you do not, this psychic energy can become dammed up, and the resulting rise in inner pressure experienced as a feeling of frustration and anger.

At times you may refuse to assert yourself, or to stand up for yourself even when it is necessary, but the energy of this aspect can be released suddenly and at inappropriate times, surprising others with the ferocity of your response when you are criticised or challenged. You feel that others are out to block you, to prevent you from achieving your goals, which may sometimes even be true, but if this is so you need to examine your own behaviour, to understand what it is you are doing to evoke these actions in other people.

MARSMars Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - Mars in trine to Saturn indicates that you are able to channel your aggressive energies creatively and productively. You will work persistently toward your goals, enduring harsh conditions and set-backs on the way to eventually reach your destination, even if it takes you a lifetime. You accept your responsibilities and carry them out to the best of your ability, and you expect others to do the same. Your temper is generally well-controlled, you accept people for what they are, with all their faults, so you do not fly off the handle when somebody does something to annoy you. As a consequence, you are not the most self-assertive of people, your tolerance and desire not to appear unreasonable causes you to hold back when maybe you should let fly, and you end up being annoyed at yourself for not expressing yourself more forcefully.

MARSMars Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - With the energetic planet Mars opposed by the constricting Saturn, you may often find that your attempts to assert yourself are blocked by circumstances, resulting in periods of intense frustration. You may feel at times that the world is out to get you and prevent you from achieving your aims, but your biggest obstacle to success is yourself. Obstacles and set-backs on your path are likely to raise feelings of self-doubt and the attitude that you might as well give up. You have a great potential for success if you can discipline your irritation and frustration, and regard obstacles as challenges rather than a defeat.

You can alternate between aggressiveness and apathy. Mars represents the ego drive and the desire nature, it is the need to get what we want and assert ourselves, sometimes through the use of violence, hence Mars is known as the God of War. The opposition from Saturn requires that this energy is disciplined and channelled toward planned objectives. If you do not, this psychic energy becomes dammed and the resulting rise in inner pressure experienced as a feeling of frustration and anger. As is the nature of all oppositions, this is likely to be projected onto other people or external circumstances which then become the scapegoats for these feelings, which ultimately come from within yourself.

MARSMars Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The forceful and self-assertive planet Mars in conjunction with the rebellious and individualistic planet Uranus makes a pretty dynamic combination. You are fiercely independent, impulsive and self-motivated, when you know what you want, you will go for it with a tireless energy and determination that will find a way around all obstacles, or crash straight through them. You are not very good at taking advice, you have to do things your way or not at all. This may cause people to regard some of your behaviour as reckless, but you need excitement and stimulation, and if your life becomes too routine and boring you are likely to stir things up just for the hell of it. Your physical desires are strong, and you do not need emotional closeness or involvement in order to satisfy these desires.

You do not like any restrictions placed on your actions, you prefer to be free to act on your own initiative, and in any way you choose; your insistence on this right will probably have caused you some conflict with others during your life. This combination makes your life a constant fight for freedom and independence on one level or another, but we live in a world with other people, and at some point must respect their needs and desires. If you can use this tremendous energy to fight for the freedom and independence of others who, for some reason, cannot fight for themselves, you will be expressing this aspect in its purest form.

MARSMars Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With the sextile between Mars and Uranus you have a great deal of restless energy that will need some outlet if it is not to become nervous tension. This aspect creates the desire to go your own way, to do your own thing. You will tolerate restrictions on your freedom only as long as you think you have to, but once you feel your responsibilities have been fulfilled you will insist on following your own path and determining your own future.

You have the capacity to succeed in any activity that you take up, this aspect gives the drive and determination to tolerate the most difficult conditions if they eventually lead you to your goal. You are an intellectual rebel, you will not be told what to think by any authority. You are quite capable of making up your own mind about important issues in your life and about society in general.

MARSMars Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - A square aspect between Mars and Uranus stimulates your desire for freedom and independence to the point where it can cause conflicts with those closest to you. Mars represents the drive to satisfy our personal desires, whereas Uranus represents a more impersonal urge for independence and freedom from restrictions. This difficult aspect between these two planets results in a high degree of physical and emotional tension that can lead to irritability and impatience and a dislike of any restrictions being placed on your personal freedom. In spite of this, you are aware of your responsibilities, which provides an undercurrent of caution in your actions, but at times the conflict between fulfilling your responsibilities and doing your own thing can generate a feeling of frustration and anger that you will take out on those closest to you.

In spite of this, if you can come to terms with these conflicts, you have a high degree of determination and the energy to accomplish more than most. A career that combines responsibility with personal independence would be extremely satisfying for you.

MARSMars Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With the trine between Mars and Uranus your energy level is high, you will like to be on the go with plenty to occupy you. You value your personal freedom and independence highly in all areas of your life, from your job to your relationships. In your work, you will not be satisfied with a normal routine 9 to 5 job, you need something that keeps you on the move and maintains your interest. You will approach anything that really interests you with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. In your personal relationships, independence and freedom of action are again very important to you, and you will not tolerate a relationship that confines or restricts you for too long. You are a free spirit with a desire for adventure, and many people will admire you for your initiative and originality, and your willingness to take risks (that often pay off) rather than accept a predictable and secure existence.

MARSMars Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The opposition between Mars and Uranus is a high energy and potentially difficult aspect to handle. You demand a great deal of freedom and independence for yourself, you need to be able to do what you want, when you want, and you have little tolerance for anyone who tries to stop you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, you will not allow others to use you or walk all over you, but you may be too ready to fly off the handle before you have all the facts, or before the other person has had the chance to defend themselves. As with all opposition aspects, if you do not recognise or express these qualities within yourself, you may be attracted to people who live them out for you.

You need to find some way to express your powerful physical and emotional drives in a manner that allows you the independence you need, without causing unbearable strain on your relationships.

MARSMars Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The conjunction between Mars and Neptune indicates that you may have difficulty in asserting yourself effectively. You are often confused and uncertain about what you really want, and your direction in life. Self-doubt can prevent you from taking effective action, and leave you open to deception from others. In your sexual life particularly, you need to exercise discrimination and judgment. You find it difficult to see past your romantic imagination to the real person. As a result you will often find that the person is not the perfect being you thought they were. This aspect gives you an aura of glamour that others find irresistibly attractive, allowing you to influence them for good or ill, depending on your motivation. You need to use your energies for a social or spiritual cause, rather than the satisfaction of your personal ego.

MARSMars Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With this aspect you will understand the difference between passion and compassion. You realise there are times when you can assert yourself to satisfy your own desires, but that at other times you must yield to someone else’s desires. You are intellectually aware of the need to serve others when they cannot serve themselves. You have a feel for social responsibilities and the persuasion to do something about them, and through your efforts you can help raise the ideals of everyone you contact.

MARSMars Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The square between Mars and Neptune indicates that you would like to use your ego drives and physical energies in the service of some higher goal or ideal than your own personal satisfaction. Your actions do not always live up to your ideals, however, and this could lead to periods of confusion and self-doubt about who you are, where you are going, and what you should be doing with your life. One thing is for sure, you do not want to follow the herd, but you need to have a clearly defined direction if you are to maintain the necessary drive to achieve your goals.

There may be some conflict between the need to satisfy your own desires, and your higher ideals or spiritual beliefs. While you do not necessarily adhere to traditional values and teachings regarding the relationship between body and spirit, their unconscious influence may be hard to shake, resulting in vague feelings of guilt that you find difficult to understand and track down. You need to understand that the values of the past belong to the past.

MARSMars Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The trine between Mars and Neptune indicates that there is an idealistic, even spiritual, motivation behind many of your actions. There is a creative balance between the idealism and sensitivity of Neptune and the more personal and self-seeking urges of Mars. As a result, you are able to balance your personal needs and desires with your more impersonal or social responsibilities. Music or art are the means through which you can express yourself, or be urged into action. Since this aspect of itself does not provide a strong driving force, you need to be drawn into action through some ideal or distant vision that can urge you on.

You would not be an easy person to deceive, you know instinctively when someone is being untruthful with you, even if you have no direct evidence, you just "feel" it. This is a good aspect for dealing with other people’s problems, or with the general public, as you have a magnetic quality that others find attractive. With your ability to see clearly how present circumstances are the result of past actions, you are able to help others with the insight you have gained from your own experiences.

MARSMars Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The opposition between Mars and Neptune creates an aura of confusion or uncertainty about the manner in which you express your self-assertive energies. You may not be too sure about what you want to do with yourself and with your life, but you are sure that a normal humdrum existence is not for you. You seek activities that hold some kind of glamour, that lift you above the problems and harshness of everyday reality to experience a world of imagination and fantasy. You may tend to spend more time daydreaming about what you want to do, than you do in making the effort required to turn your dreams into reality. Failing to achieve for yourself, there is a danger of projecting your own energies onto someone who seems to fulfil your dreams, your hero could be anyone you feel to be different and glamourous, from a guru to a pop star. You must be careful not to live out your own dreams through someone else.

There is a danger of self-deception concerning your true motives. You often evade the truth and fail to express what you really want. This can cause misunderstandings with others, who may come to feel that you are less than honest. On the other hand, you may be the victim of someone who exhibits this behaviour, on more than one occasion. In both cases you must examine yourself and clarify to yourself what are your true needs.

MARSMars Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The conjunction between Mars and Pluto indicates that you are a determined and persistent individual. When you decide that you want something, there is no stopping you until you get it, although your motive may often be simply to prove to yourself and others that you can get your own way. You assert yourself with an intensity and power that some admire, and some find threatening. As a result you are usually able to bend others to your will. While you have a powerful need to assert your own desires, you have tremendous self-control, able to hold yourself back until the right moment before making your move. You have little tolerance for anything and anyone who stands in the way of the satisfaction of your desires.

The combination of Mars and Pluto is an aspect of raw power, and a certain degree of ruthlessness. You can use this power for good or ill, to satisfy a personal ego-trip, or to achieve something constructive and worthwhile, helping and pushing others along their own path. Which of these sides you express will depend on other aspects in your chart, and your philosophy and outlook on life.

MARSMars Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The sextile between Mars and Pluto indicates that you have a profound and penetrating insight into human motivations. Your willpower is strong, and generally well directed and purposeful, but you understand that we often act from compulsive and unconscious desires. You have a deep need to seek for the truth, and the real reasons behind your own and other people’s actions. You express your thoughts forcefully, and you have the ability to present your case to others with power and conviction, and even win support for what others may regard as a hopeless case. Although you may feel strong and confident in your own opinions and ideas, no-one is always right. You will need to consciously develop a respect for other people’s opinions, and to accept that their opposition to you is not meant personally. They may very well have a valid case if you would only stop to listen, and be prepared to recognise your own errors of judgment.

MARSMars Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The square between Mars and Pluto gives a great deal of power and intensity to your ego drives, you can be quite ruthless in pursuing your own goals and in getting what you want. You will have little tolerance for those who you feel are not on your side and will tend to resort to threats or manipulation in order to get your own way if all else fails. Your insistence on putting your own needs before the needs and feelings of others will lead to conflicts and intense power struggles, both at home and in your career life.

All this probably stems from childhood experiences in which you had to fight for what you wanted, or battle against attempts to dominate or control you in some way. In a woman’s chart, particularly, this aspect seems to correlate with the experience of the dark and destructive side of the male ego at an early age, an experience which influences, and can eventually destroy, all future relationships with men. Both men and women with this aspect need to realise that not everyone is out to control and dominate, and the attempt to do unto others before they do unto you will only alienate many people who could be faithful allies. If this tendency can be controlled, the square between these two planets gives the drive and staying-power to achieve just about anything you may set your heart on.

MARSMars Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - Mars and Pluto in trine aspect gives a power to your self assertive and ego drives that enables you to draw on deep reserves of energy to get through any crisis. Your physical drives and desires are strong and intense, but controlled and purposeful, although you may, on occasion, elicit the charge of ruthlessness from others. You have the ability to act quickly in any emergency, and to make far-reaching decisions and commitments that others may require a long time to consider. You have a deep understanding of society’s problems and would like to offer your services in some way. You are fearless in defending your own rights and those of others.

MARSMars Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The opposition between Mars and Pluto stimulates powerful ego drives that you will need to control if you are to make the most of the positive side of this aspect. You will often attract people who attempt to dominate or coerce you, by stimulating your deepest fears and desires, or by the use, real or implied, of threats and violence. While these experiences always seem to be coming from someone or somewhere else, this person or situation is reflecting some deep conflict within yourself that needs to be recognised and dealt with. This conflict may be a long-term problem within your family that you will have to finally resolve and bury for good.

This aspect gives tremendous reserves of raw power, which need to be plumbed, and channelled into creative rather than destructive uses. Most probably, through the experiences of difficult relationships you will learn to cope with the problems that arise in your life with great depth and insight, leading to a more fruitful and creative expression of your potential.


JUPITERJupiter Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The effect of Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction can be summed up as tremendous possibilities to be realised through hard work. These two planets are, in a sense, opposite influences, Jupiter is optimistic, expansive and good fortune, Saturn is pessimistic, restricting and hard work, but with this combination each balances the excesses of the other. Therefore you are able to balance optimism with realism, enthusiasm with caution and extravagance with discipline. You aim to make an impact on the world, and you will mobilise all your resources to this end, but you are able to plan the next step before you take it.

You concern yourself with deep philosophical questions about the nature of reality and the relationship of the individual to the whole, or to God. Your conclusions and beliefs on such matters will be intelligent and well-founded and others will respect your knowledge and insight, but you will never be satisfied with the extent of your own knowledge, always seeking to expand it even further.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - With Jupiter and Saturn in sextile aspect, your enthusiasm and need to expand beyond present limitations is tempered by the more conservative realism of Saturn. You are able to set yourself distant goals and can see not just the end result, but also the steps necessary to reach that goal. You would do well in all areas of public administration, law or government, since you have a genuine interest in the just and efficient management of these social structures. You are aware of the injustices and faults in the system and would like to do something to improve things, or at least let your voice be heard.

This contact indicates that the optimism of Jupiter, will help you through the persistent effort and self-discipline in working toward your goals that Saturn demands. If you can maintain this drive, you will eventually benefit and prosper.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - With the square between Jupiter and Saturn, the naturally expansive and optimistic energy of Jupiter is challenged by the restricting and denying energy of Saturn. This is a stop/start sort of aspect, at times you may be full of confidence and everything seems to go well for you, at other times you are held back by self-doubt and life itself seems to confirm your lack of confidence by presenting you with delays and obstacles to the achievement of your goals. You will need to strike a balance between the optimism and desire for endless expansion of Jupiter, and the self-disciplined restraint of Saturn, if you can maintain this you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The trine between Jupiter and Saturn indicates a harmonious relationship between the optimism and need for expansion of Jupiter, and the reserve and conservatism of Saturn. You are able to work with persistence and determination toward your goals, adapting your methods and approach in the light of experience. While you are determined and serious in your efforts, you are still able to express a positive outlook and good humour in the face of adversity or set-backs. You are capable of maintaining a creative balance between optimism and realism, ready to take advantage of good fortune and opportunity, you are disciplined enough not to overreach yourself, and remain within the bounds of what is possible and realistic.

While this aspect does not of itself give you a driving ambition, that must come from other areas of your chart, it does give you the enthusiasm and determination required to succeed, eventually. If you have no strong ambition of your own, you are able to give invaluable support and realistic guidance to those that have.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The opposition between Jupiter and Saturn is an aspect of contradictory, or if handled properly, complementary influences. When you are at your most optimistic, ready to expand and find new opportunities, external circumstances seem to oppose your plans, placing restrictions on your growth and forcing you to pull back. Conversely, when you are feeling at your most down and depressed, and the world seems a bleak and depressing place, an opportunity or a chance to expand and increase your prosperity will usually appear on the horizon, restoring your faith in yourself and in life.

At its best, this aspect confers the ability to balance expansion with constraint, optimism with realism, good fortune and opportunism with patience and hard work. You are careful not to live beyond your means, but at the same time you do not saddle yourself with unnecessary restrictions. You believe in working hard to achieve your goals, but you are aware that the lucky break also plays a part, so you are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus shows that you look to the future with high expectations for yourself and for society in general. You have an insatiable need to absorb more knowledge, and you are in sympathy with progressive and revolutionary ways of thinking, realising that the values and social structures of the past need to be replaced with new values and forms of government more in tune with present day needs.

You have a desire to make a personal contribution to this process, and your particular talents in this area lie in education, law or government. You are able to express the knowledge that you have gained in such a way that you can open up the minds of others to higher goals and ideals.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The sextile between Jupiter and Uranus is an aspect of hope and optimism for the future. You do not like to be held back by the past, whether this be your own past experiences and conditioning, or outmoded beliefs and ways of thinking in the society of which you are a part. In your religious and philosophical beliefs, you are not bound by tradition or dogma. You need to find your own way, and whatever belief system you adopt, if any, needs to stand the test of your incisive and critical intellect, and not just be based on an act of faith. You are aware of the social and environmental problems that face the world today, and the need for radical or revolutionary solutions if we are to survive, but you are also optimistic that such solutions will indeed be found.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - Jupiter represents the principle of expansion and growth, it is the urge to expand beyond our present limitations and circumstances to experience a more fulfilling life. Uranus is the self-willed urge to establish ourselves as a unique and independent product of the universe, free from any restriction or responsibility. With these two planets in a square aspect, you could become obsessed with the need to achieve at all costs. Never satisfied with what you have already gained, you are constantly seeking to press ahead and do several things at once. You tend to brush aside other people’s objections or advice to slow down, convinced that they are trying to hold you back. You know that you are not motivated by purely selfish considerations, you are working to achieve something that will benefit all, but those closest to you may feel neglected and left out, and the resulting domestic problems will bring you to a crashing halt.

If you take care to include others in your plans, don’t try to do everything yourself, and trust in their ability to take on some of the responsibility, then you will have the support you need to achieve whatever you desire; and still have time to relax and just enjoy life.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The trine between Jupiter and Uranus shows that you are an independent thinker who is seeking an understanding of life through some form of religion or philosophy. You will be attracted to groups or ways of thinking that encourage freedom of self-expression, disliking the limitations of tradition and dogma. This is a good aspect for a teacher or educator, especially if you are teaching young people, you will not only teach them what they need to know, you will stimulate and encourage their own powers of independent thought and creativity. Contact with other cultures and philosophies through travel will help you to gain a wider perspective on life.

You may have a great deal of good luck, things fall into place for you at the right time, but your good luck usually results from an intuitive understanding of the right move to make, and your ability to recognise the potential of any opportunity that presents itself.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus stimulates your interest in philosophies or religions of a revolutionary or unconventional nature. You will align yourself with groups and organisations that are attempting to make radical changes to outworn institutions and social structures. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, believing that through education you can gain the freedom you need to be yourself. If you can be confident in your ability to communicate your ideas, and overcome the challenges to them that you will undoubtedly encounter, you have the capacity to achieve whatever goals you wish. You would work most effectively in occupations related to law, politics or education.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction, you have a vision of a world united by love and mutual understanding. You see the present system in which nations, groups and individuals are pursuing their own self-interest, usually to the detriment of someone else, as ultimately self-destructive and the cause of of the pain and suffering experienced by much of the world’s population. You would like to see nations working together in a spirit of cooperation, with the strong supporting rather than exploiting the weak, and the rich fulfilling their moral obligation to help those less well off. Some people may regard your philosophy as Utopian and unrealistic, but you are convinced that it is possible, and you are sympathetic to groups and individuals who are working toward this end.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune you are idealistic and visionary with regard to the broader social issues. While you are aware of your social obligations, you are a thinker rather than an activist, but you are not afraid to publicly voice your opinions of the injustices and deceptions of which you are acutely aware.

While you are able to perceive deception on the broad social scale, you are particularly susceptible to deception and disillusionment in your personal life. You will tend to idealise those to whom you feel close, attributing motives and feelings to them that they may not really have, and your reluctance to admit to yourself that you may have been wrong leaves you particularly vulnerable and open to getting hurt.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With the square between Jupiter and Neptune, you have high ideals and a creative vision of the future, but you may lack the discipline required to make these ideals a reality in your own life. Understanding and sympathetic to others, you may at times allow others to take advantage of your good nature, your judgment of other people can sometimes be clouded by your excessive idealism.

If you can discipline your imaginative mind, perhaps through meditation, self-analysis, or by studying your dreams, you can gain a great deal of understanding about yourself, and develop a spiritual or philosophical approach to life.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The trine aspect between Jupiter and Neptune indicates that you are something of an idealist. You are aware of social issues and the environmental problems that the world faces, and you feel that these problems can only be solved through some form of shift in the mass consciousness to incorporate new philosophical and/or religious ideals. You feel intuitively that there is more to life than meets the eye, that subtle or spiritual forces are at work to shape our destiny, and you feel the need to understand the nature of these forces at some level.

You have an easy-going nature, but if you follow your natural inclination to go with the crowd you could often find yourself in circumstances that you would rather have avoided. Seeing the best in everybody leaves you open to being deceived and let down, but you are usually able to pick yourself up again, and you find that a helping hand is usually available when you need it most.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune makes you sensitive to social issues and aware of the many injustices that are suffered by those less fortunate than yourself. You have a great deal of sympathy for the underdog and are capable of fighting for the rights of others, you have a reforming tendency that can sometimes be taken to extremes. Your religious or philosophical needs may attract you to groups or cults that claim to have all the answers to life’s questions, there is a danger of being taken in by people whose ideas are confused and unrealistic, believing that in some way this makes them more "spiritual". You really need to find your own way on these issues.

In relationships, you will tend to project an unrealistic idealism on to your partner, expecting them to live up to some romantic ideal of what a relationship should be, needless to say you will eventually be disappointed when you discover the real person. You may even find that one of you has been completely deceiving the other as to what you or they are really like.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With Jupiter conjunct Pluto you seek to enjoy life to the full. You have enormous drive and ambition to achieve your goals as soon as possible and are impatient with anything that delays you. To others your goals may be unrealistic but you will strive for them with amazing determination, and behind your ambition lies a powerful faith in your ability to rise above external limitation.

Your religious and philosophical beliefs will undergo periodic transformations, with periods of complete loss of faith making way for a profound re-evaluation and refinement of your belief system.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With Jupiter and Pluto in a sextile aspect, you have a deep concern for social and political injustices. You do not see any one political philosophy as the sole cause of the world’s evils, but rather the excesses of each, and their insistence on fighting each other. Your philosophy is probably of a more spiritual or holistic nature, which recognises the need to balance the rights of the individual with the needs of the state. You are not fooled by the empty promises and fancy speeches of the politicians, or the excuses for perpetuating conditions of war and oppression, You are too aware of the true motivations and power plays that are going on behind the scenes.

You will give your moral and intellectual support to any person or group that is attempting to create new values and eradicate the evils of the past; but you do not believe that this can be done by force, only by the raising of the general level of consciousness and the acceptance of a new kind of philosophy.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With the square between Jupiter and Pluto you may find that your optimism is constantly being undermined by a deep-seated and irrational feeling that things will not go as well as they should. You feel that if you allow yourself to be over optimistic about anything, then something will happen to knock you back, or everything will go disastrously wrong. As a result you may be unnecessarily pessimistic about the outcome of any new undertaking or any attempt to broaden your horizons and break free from limitations in your present circumstances. Probably, the source of these feelings lay in your childhood, where some deep disappointment has undermined your faith in yourself or in life in general.

You will probably reject the religious or philosophical beliefs that you were taught by your parents or culture. The beliefs that you adopt will come from a deep inner conviction within yourself, rather than from indoctrination by other people, and will be constantly tested and deepened as you struggle to deal with the inevitable crises that life will bring.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - Jupiter in a trine aspect to Pluto gives you the urge to play a personal role in transforming society in some way. You are aware of the power plays that go on behind the scenes, and how individuals and groups are manipulated or persecuted by those in power. You have little time for those people who use their power or position of authority to further their own ends or glorify their own ego, and you will often feel personally affronted when you see this happen.

You will align yourself with groups who are attempting to change society for the better, and eradicate the evils and excessive materialism that prevail at present.

JUPITERJupiter Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With Jupiter and Pluto in opposition you have a desire to find answers to life’s mysteries. In your philosophical search for the truth you will often encounter severe opposition which, paradoxically, will help to answer some of the questions you have been asking. While you dislike fixed and dogmatic opinions in other people, you may tend you be rather fixed and dogmatic in the expression of your own.

You may be motivated by the desire to correct social injustices and exploitation. If you can gain the strength and vision to stand up against the opposition, you have the capacity to serve as a spokesman for anyone trying to achieve these aims.


SATURNSaturn Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The conjunction between Saturn and Uranus indicates that you will have to find a balance between the need for personal freedom and the need for security. At different times in your life you will tend to express one need and deny the other, but as you develop as an individual you will learn to integrate both sides of these powerful but contradictory planets into a creative union. There is a fear of chaotic or confused conditions, you like your life to be well-defined so that you can move freely within the limitations you impose upon yourself. Even when you make major changes in your life, you still like to hold on to a bit of the old structure for the sense of security that it provides.

You are a complex mixture of conformity and non-conformity, adherence to traditional values and openness to the new. Saturn allows you to give form and structure to your Uranian vision, placing it on a firm foundation that can create productive long term results. The most beneficial use of this aspect would be to act as an agent for progressive change which you can introduce gradually, slowly transforming rather than shattering the old values.

SATURNSaturn Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The sextile between Saturn and Uranus enables you to creatively unify the conservatism of Saturn with the originality of Uranus. You are able to see a vision of the future and work patiently to actualise it in the real world. You are aware that creativity and originality needs to be brought down to earth if it is to be effective in any real sense, rather than just an intellectual abstraction. You have the potential to inspire others with your vision, to express abstruse concepts formally and logically, hence you would be good at teaching or public speaking.

SATURNSaturn Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The square between Saturn and Uranus indicates an inner conflict between the need to be a free and self-determined individual, and the need for security and stability that comes from familiar and established circumstances. You may find that you have difficulty in taking the initiative and breaking old ties, even when common sense tells you that this is necessary for your own growth. On the other hand, you will feel frustrated by situations that limit or repress your need for freedom and new experiences. It may be that early attempts to express yourself as an individual were somehow suppressed, or your need for security and stability was constantly being shattered by circumstances beyond your control. If you attempt to repress or deny the energy of this aspect, the pressure will build up to the point where it has to be released, probably through an outburst of anger or irrational behaviour, or by what is called "throwing a tantrum".

You will need to find some way to balance the two conflicting needs of stability and freedom, perhaps by understanding that the only real stability in this life comes from understanding ourselves, and the only true freedom comes from being ourselves.

SATURNSaturn Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With this aspect, the need for discipline and self-restraint of Saturn harmonises with the need for unrestrained freedom of Uranus. Although the natures of these planets are opposite, you will be able to strike a balance and express your unconventional and freedom loving urges within the limitations and responsibilities imposed by Saturn. You will earn your freedom, and although you have a healthy respect for material things you will find that as your life goes on you will become increasingly detached from them.

SATURNSaturn Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The opposition between Saturn and Uranus indicates a conflict between duty and responsibility and freedom and self determination. Saturn demands that we fulfil our responsibilities, live with restrictions and boundaries, whereas Uranus demands complete freedom and the breaking of restrictions and limitations. A stressful aspect between the two planets shows that it is difficult for you to integrate these two aspects of yourself in a consistent way. You may at times swing from one extreme to the other. You will tolerate your duties and responsibilities for a time until the pressure to rebel becomes so strong that you will do something totally unexpected, or stir up conflict, just to make a point.

At other times you may go through a period where you are determined to do things your own way and express your freedom, but uncertainty and insecurity build up to the point where you suddenly let go of your freedom. As is usual with the opposition, these conflicting pulls are often experienced through another person, who becomes for you the symbol of duty and responsibility or of freedom and self-determination.

SATURNSaturn Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Saturn and Neptune are, in a sense, opposite in nature, Saturn is hard-headed and practical, while Neptune is idealistic and visionary. With the conjunction between these two planets you will need to combine these two aspects of your personality in some way. You have the ability to bring your dreams and aspirations "down to earth", to make a reality out of your visions, but this will probably not be achieved without a lot of hard work. This aspect confers unusual talents that can be applied equally successfully to both the arts and the sciences. In the arts, Saturn can give form and structure to the mystical dreams of Neptune, perhaps through music or poetry. In the sciences, the discipline and objectivity of Saturn can be infused with the deeper intuition and insight of Neptune.

You will not be content to accept religious and philosophical teachings at face value, you are able to see through the deception and dogma of "accepted" belief systems. This will probably, at some point in your life, lead to some confusion about what you really believe. The inner sense of the illusory nature of what most people regard as reality may cause you to reject all such beliefs, at least for a time. Your faith will eventually be rebuilt through your own personal experience, perhaps as a result of some "mystical experience".

SATURNSaturn Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Saturn in sextile to Neptune allows you to give structure and form to your ideals and aspirations. You are able to use your imagination constructively for the benefit of yourself and others. You may be instrumental in providing the practical foundation, and the organisation, for turning the dreams of yourself and other people into a reality.

You are aware of social causes, and the need to restructure society along more holistic or spiritual lines, and even if you are not actively involved with groups who are attempting to bring this about, you usually give them your full support.

SATURNSaturn Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Saturn, the hard-headed planet of realism, is in a square aspect to Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. The effect of this aspect will probably not be fully conscious or immediately noticeable, but it will act as a vague background influence. You may feel unable to achieve a sense of real security, feeling that the results of all your efforts can at any moment be washed away by some unforeseen "tidal wave" of events, and it probably has been in the past, particularly in your home or professional life. There is a conflict between your sense of reality and practical responsibility, and your more unworldly dreams and visions, and you may swing between being a hard-headed pragmatist and a hopeless dreamer.

Neptune in contact with Saturn can help to dissolve away the blockages and inertia of this planet, and open the ego up to possible mystical or "spiritual" dreams and experiences, but with the square aspect this opening will be accompanied by much inner conflict.

SATURNSaturn Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The trine aspect between Saturn and Neptune gives you the ability to creatively combine idealism and imagination with practical organisational skills. You would do well in the arts where you could give form and structure to your imagination through writing, art or music. Equally, in the sciences you are able to combine strict logic and "scientific method" with intuition and insight.

You have a deep sense of there being a spiritual dimension to life, which you need to express, or bring down to earth in a practical sense. Perhaps you will give your time and energy to some spiritual cause, or some group or organisation that is attempting to create a better world for all. You are neither a hard-headed materialist nor an impractical mystic, but a creative combination of both.

SATURNSaturn Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The opposition between Saturn and Neptune indicates a conflict between your dreams and reality. You will constantly feel that something is breaking down and undermining your security and the inner and outer structures in your life. On the other hand, your dreams and higher ideals are constantly being challenged and forced to come down to earth. There is a tendency to swing between being a hard-headed pragmatist and a hopeless dreamer, with various degrees in between. As usual with the opposition, these influences will often come to you through someone else. If you are the dreamer, you will be attracted to someone who brings you back to reality, either to help place your dreams on a secure foundation, or attempt to make you abandon them. If you are the realist, you will be attracted to someone who can represent your higher ideals, such as artists and musicians, or to an alcoholic or drug addict who weaves a web of illusion and takes you for all you have got.

Eventually, through your experiences in relationships, you will learn to balance the real with the ideal.

SATURNSaturn Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - Saturn in conjunction with Pluto is a powerful aspect that will affect the very foundations of your being. There is a powerful need to build structures into your life over which you have total control, you need to be master of your own house. You will resist fiercely anyone or anything that poses a threat to your security, even resorting to underhand and devious means, and often you may find that the threat was imaginary. There is a tendency to dominate those closest to you, based on the fear of losing them or being rejected. You need to take care that this behaviour does not provoke the very situations that you are afraid of. It is likely, however, that your life will go through periodic radical transformation in order to make room for new growth. The pain and loss that you feel at such times can eventually make you a stronger person.

The root of your problems probably lies in your childhood experiences, possibly a dominating and unreasonable parent, or an event where your whole sense of security was stripped away leaving you feeling afraid and resentful, or both.

SATURNSaturn Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With the sextile between Saturn and Pluto you have a deep sense of the inevitability of change and transformation. You realise that nothing lasts forever, so you do not place too much importance on the accumulation of material wealth and possessions. For you, the most enduring possessions are the personal growth and understanding gained from experience, both good and bad. You leave nothing to chance, you plan your goals and objectives carefully, including all the steps and possible pitfalls on the path to their completion. When you set out on a particular path you have the strength of will to reach your goals against all the odds. You have an instinctive understanding of other people's motivations and fears, but you will not use this understanding to further your own ends at their expense.

SATURNSaturn Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With this aspect you will have a deep sense of the inevitability of change and transformation, birth and death. Saturn represents the structures we build to protect ourselves against the uncertainties and insecurities of life, outer structures such as a home and job security, and the inner ego structures that protect us from unfamiliar and powerful inner urges. With Pluto in hard aspect to Saturn both these inner and outer structures will periodically be destroyed or die bringing a consequent sense of pain and futility. But Pluto only destroys what needs to be changed, and this death will always be followed by some kind of rebirth on a higher and more refined or spiritual level.

SATURNSaturn Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The trine between Saturn and Pluto indicates a creative balance between structure and security and the need for periodic radical changes in your life. Personal growth and experience are more important to you than hanging on to situations or people when you should be letting go. You have a deep understanding of other people's needs and inner conflicts, this natural insight gives you the ability to help others come to terms with their own problems and transform themselves and their lives. While you have an instinctive awareness of other people's fears, you will not use this knowledge to further your own ends at their expense. You have definite ideas about what you want to achieve, but with this aspect you need to dedicate your achievements to the good of the whole if you do not want to bring trouble down on your head.

SATURNSaturn Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - Saturn opposite Pluto indicates that you will have a hard struggle to gain and maintain a position of material security. Conflicts or underhand tactics by supposed allies as well as acknowledged competitors means that you may often find yourself involved in a battle to improve your position, or even to maintain your present one. You may tend to view life as a constant struggle to survive against forces that are attempting to undermine you or to destroy what you have worked so hard to achieve. Whether this view is a result of your experiences, or the unconscious creative force behind your experiences, is a moot point. While this aspect may bring the experiences described above, it also gives you the strength of will and the determination to succeed and establish yourself on a secure footing against all the odds and all opposition, although you must avoid the temptation to use underhand or devious tactics to get what you want. While other people may seem to get away with it, for you it will be inviting eventual disaster.

Even if the worst happens, and everything you have come to regard as security is taken away, you will not be beaten. Learning from your mistakes, you will come back fighting and start building again on stronger foundations.

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