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Natal Aspects of Mercury and Venus

Note -The order of planets above is the order of the aspect descriptions - Moon Conjunct Sun would be found under Sun Conjunct Moon or Saturn Conjunct Mercury would be found under Mercury Conjunct Saturn.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - Mercury and Venus, the planets of communication and relationship, were in conjunction at your time of birth. You will be fair and balanced in your thinking. When you express your opinions or are forced to make a judgment on some issue, you will take care to examine all sides and reach an impartial decision, you do not like to offend anyone, even people you disagree with. You are not generally hostile or argumentative, and are always willing to allow others to convince you of their position before expressing your own, you like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

You express yourself with a natural charm that would make you a good public speaker, and you would derive much pleasure from writing and the arts. You have a natural ability to turn your ideas into money, and you can usually get your associates to back you because they respect your balance of judgment.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph VENUSVenus Glyph - The effects of the sextile between Mercury and Venus will not be very strong, however close the aspect may be. It does, however assist you to make fair and balanced judgments, based on the evidence in front of you. You will always be ready to give others the benefit of the doubt, to hear their point of view before expressing your own. This aspect will assist any skills as a writer or public speaker. You are able to express yourself with a flair and charm that will win your audience over to your way of thinking.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The conjunction between Mercury and Mars indicates that you are able to express yourself with forcefulness and confidence. You usually feel that you are in the right, whether or not this is true in fact, there is a tendency to talk others down and present your case too forcefully, often without being in full possession of the facts. You will need to recognise that other people are entitled to their own opinions, even if you disagree totally, otherwise you may gain a reputation as someone with a know-it-all attitude. Having said this, you have a great deal of mental energy which you are able to apply tirelessly toward achieving your goals, you just need to remember that others may not be able to maintain your gruelling pace. Your mind is restlessly eager to gain new information, you are never satisfied with what you know.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The sextile aspect between Mercury and Mars stimulates and strengthens your intellectual abilities. You like to have all the facts before you speak on anything, so that when you do you can present your case forcefully, with full confidence that you know what you are talking about. You make a good debater, the strength of your argument can convince even those who disagree with you, and you are able to see the flaws and weak points in an opponent's argument. However, you are also able to accept the flaws and weak points in your own argument when they are pointed out to you.

With your incisive intellect you are able to cut through the rubbish and present an issue or subject in its essence. This can bring you success in any field that involves the communication of ideas, such as teaching, journalism and politics.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The square between Mercury and Mars indicates that you are able to express yourself with a great deal of energy, but that you do not always think things out carefully or consider all of the facts before you voice your opinion. You can have an explosive temper, and when roused your criticisms or verbal attacks can be cutting and rather devastating to those of a sensitive disposition. Perhaps you had to learn early in life to defend yourself verbally, or put your opinions across in a forceful or aggressive manner in order to be heard. You will tend to regard challenges to your opinions and ideas as a direct attack on yourself, and react accordingly. In your home or professional life particularly you are not afraid to take a stand for what you believe, although at times if you looked at things more objectively, you may be able to see that you could be acting rather unreasonably.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph MARSMars Glyph - Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect is in a trine aspect to the self-assertive planet Mars. This aspect gives a great deal of creative energy to your mind, and strengthens the nervous system. You have confidence in your intellectual abilities, and are not afraid to express your thoughts, or argue against any opinions of others that you consider to be false. This does not mean that you are argumentative just for the sake of it, but you can usually detect the flaws in another person's argument, and demolish it with your incisive intellect. You assert your opinions forcefully, but in a way that is stimulating and creative rather than aggressive.

If you can find sufficient self-motivation, you have abundant energy to pursue any kind of mercurial activity, whether this be study, analysing problems, or in the field of communication. However, you will not be forced into doing anything you do not want to do, you will only do it if you want to.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The opposition between Mercury and Mars indicates a strong, expressive nature. With the opposition, however, this will often be projected onto your partner, who you may perceive as being pushy and arrogant, even if they are only answering a question you have asked. There is a tendency to make rash decisions, and then blame others when they backfire, you need to learn patience and consider all the options before making a decision. Early disputes with brothers or sisters can still influence you in later life, you still feel the need to aggressively establish your territory.

The passion behind your need to communicate can make it difficult to get across what you want to say, the energy can be more powerful than your expressive ability. This could result in speech difficulties. This could be alleviated by learning to take back your own power of expression from those you feel are trying to block it.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter is said to produce an above average intelligence. You have an insatiable desire to increase your knowledge, both about yourself and the world around you. This need will continue throughout your life, you will never feel that you have learned all you can, each new piece of knowledge opens up new questions to which you will need to find the answers. You have the ability to become an expert in whatever field you choose, the only problem being that because of your wide range of interests, you will find it very difficult to confine yourself to a limited field of study or activity for long - in fact it would probably not be a good idea to try. Your breadth of knowledge and facility for learning enable you to work in several fields with equal ability, concentrating on one or the other as you need to. While you may be more aware and knowledgeable than many of the people around you, you have none of the intellectual arrogance that can accompany the more difficult aspects between these two planets.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - Mercury in sextile aspect to Jupiter indicates that you are broad-minded and well-informed on many issues. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and you may even travel for the purpose of broadening your knowledge and experience of other people and cultures. You do not seek knowledge for its own sake, what you learn must fit in with a wider philosophical or religious understanding of life. You recognise that such an overall framework of understanding is necessary, in order to organise the disparate pieces of information that you receive into a coherent whole that can be applied to your approach to every-day experience.

You are a fluent speaker and writer, able to communicate your understanding and experience in a way that can inspire your audience and expand their awareness in ways they had not thought possible. You do not, however, attempt to blind anyone with science, and no one can do the same to you. You object strongly to those people who use rhetoric or flowery language to confound others.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Mercury and Jupiter in a square aspect your mind is stimulated by an urge to expand your knowledge and range of experience to include more of the world than it does at present. This includes both the world of things and the world of ideas and ideals. You can achieve this through study and training, but with the square aspect you may refuse to accept it when the real world does not match the ideal. As a result, you may tend to exaggerate the real world so that it matches more closely the ideal, at least in your own mind. Or extreme optimism may prevent you from recognising or accepting very real obstacles to your plans. You need to be completely honest with yourself as to what is and is not possible.

This aspect can also denote a conflict between your intellectual and religious beliefs. You will search for a philosophical outlook that is both intellectually and religiously satisfying, but the influence of past conditioning may cause much conflict before you finally resolve the issue.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The trine between Mercury and Jupiter indicates a well-developed and open mind. You absorb knowledge quickly, and are always eager to learn more as you see this as the only way to fully develop you own creative potentials. Your communication abilities are well-developed, but you may at times be over enthusiastic when expressing your own point of view. With your ease at communication, you will fit in well at all levels of society, and your openness and honesty will give your superiors the confidence to entrust you with positions of responsibility.

Your broad philosophical outlook and understanding of other people will be an asset in any career occupation that involves teaching or helping people, since you are concerned with helping them to develop what is best in themselves, rather than indoctrinating them with a particular point of view.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Mercury in opposition to Jupiter, you have an intense need to learn all you can about the world, but you may have a tendency to base your opinions on incomplete or fragmentary evidence. You will need to work at separating truth from fiction, and fantasy from reality. You may have difficulty in concentrating your mind on one subject, or following one path, for any length of time. Open to endless possibilities, your mind jumps from one thing to another, but with discipline, you will have the capacity to constantly assimilate new knowledge, and learn all there is to know about life.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - Mercury and Saturn in conjunction indicates that you have a serious and logical mind. You are able to apply yourself to long periods of study or deep thought, and to present the results of your investigations or thinking in an organised and understandable form. You have a talent for organisation, your practical mind is able to give form and structure to ideas, seeing those that are impractical or unrealistic, and making something real out of those that are practically realisable.

Depression may arise as a result of a sense of intellectual inadequacy, which can only be overcome by applying yourself and discovering that you are capable of more than you thought, the limitations that you feel exist only in your mind.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The sextile between Mercury and Saturn indicates that you are mentally disciplined, and capable of deep concentration. You have confidence in your mental abilities, since you find that there is little you do not understand if you put your mind to it. You are concerned with facts rather than imaginative theorising, and you make a determined effort to ensure that you have all the facts on any issue before stating your position. You have a constant need to learn and understand more about yourself and the world, something of a perpetual student, you seek knowledge in order to give some form of structure to your experiences.

Your clarity of perception and communication ensures that you can succeed in almost any field except the Arts, although more imaginative aspects to Mercury may contradict, or complement, this. You speak with an air of authority in your areas of expertise, and say little about things of which you have no knowledge, qualities that others trust and respect in you.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - Mercury squared by Saturn could be a difficult aspect to handle. It tends to make you look on the gloomy side of things, to think more about obstacles and potential difficulties than about opportunities and exploration. You may cling to outmoded and conservative ways of thinking for the intellectual security it gives you, unable to accept anything that does not fit in with your rather rigid and deterministic view of what constitutes valid knowledge. You may have difficulty in communication when it comes to general conversation or discussion, an inner doubt about whether you will be understood, or even listened to, may prevent you from really getting in on a conversation.

Your caution and thoroughness in intellectual matters will benefit you well in any field that requires these qualities. In practical matters, your tendency to look for problems before they arise means that you usually have the solution already to hand when it is needed.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The trine between Mercury and Saturn indicates that you possess a mind that is oriented towards organisational and practical matters, rather than imagination and daydreams. As a result, you are able to set yourself realistic goals, which you can then work towards with persistence and determination. You have the capacity to apply your mind to disciplined study, but you are also able to bring your own creative interpretation to whatever subject you are interested in. You do not voice your opinions unless you are sure of your ground, but when you do, you are able to make constructive use of every piece of relevant information that you possess, and to communicate clearly and authoritatively.

You need to fit all the information you receive into some form of intellectual structure, any information that does not fit in with this pre-determined structure tends to be overlooked, or dismissed as irrelevant, the criteria being whether it can be proved "scientifically" or has any practical relevance.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - Mercury in opposition to Saturn gives your mind a rather serious and pessimistic leaning. In your early life, you may have been made to feel intellectually inferior or incapable in some way, possibly by your father or some other figure of authority. As a result, you tend to doubt your own intellectual capacity, but you should not, you have the capacity for concentrated and disciplined study if you would only believe it. If you would apply yourself, and not worry that others are more intelligent or better than you, then you would be surprised at what you could achieve. You are able to deal competently with practical matters that require organisation and planning, being aware of potential problems and pitfalls allows you to deal with them before they arise.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With the conjunction between Mercury and Uranus you need to be free to think your own thoughts and hold your own opinions. You do not like to be told what to think by anyone, insisting on your right to make up your own mind, which is not a bad thing although this may become a tendency to be obstinate or stubborn just for the sake of it, and sometimes you may say things just for the shock effect it produces.

This aspect greatly stimulates your intellect, you have an insatiable curiosity and a desire to learn all you can, but you will find it difficult to stop your mind from racing ahead before you have fully assimilated or understood what you have learned. You have many original and inventive thoughts and ideas, but whether or not you will be able to make any practical use of your inspirations will depend on how well you can discipline your mind.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - Mercury and Uranus in a sextile aspect indicates an active and inventive mind. You are an original thinker who does not like to be bound by tradition and the past, you look to the future and are open to new and revolutionary ideas and ways of thinking. Your mind is alert and you are well read on many subjects, but you need the freedom to think things through and reach your own conclusions, you do not like anyone telling you what to believe.

Your intuition is strong and you are able to grasp difficult concepts easily, or see immediately the solutions to problems that would cause others many hours of head scratching. You have a need to understand yourself and to realise your full potential, and you are eager to stimulate others in the search for a deeper meaning to life.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The square between Mercury and Uranus indicates a high level of nervous tension. Uranus stimulates and "electrifies" whatever it contacts in the chart, with Mercury it is the nervous system and intellect that receives the stimulation of the Uranian energy. Your mind is stimulated by visions of the future, open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, you do not allow yourself to get into an intellectual rut. You may find it difficult, however, to control your mind and find a state of inner peace, your thoughts are always racing ahead before you have fully thought out the problem at hand. Your way of thinking could be at odds with the realities of your career or home life and the way you express your opinions could cause numerous conflicts or arguments with others. You tend to be on a "short fuse", reacting too quickly to information you receive to fully assimilate it, or responding to other people's opinions before you have fully considered what they have said.

This aspect gives the potential for gaining valuable insights into the nature of the world, you can learn quickly, your intuition is strong and you have many original and inventive ideas, but to make the most of it you will need to learn to slow down and relax occasionally.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The effect of the planet Uranus is often likened to electrical energy, with the trine aspect to Mercury, your nervous system and intellect is stimulated and "electrified", but in a way that is creative rather than difficult. Your mind works so fast that you may consider other people's thinking to be slow by comparison, you can analyse a problem and see instantly connections and possibilities, and make logical leaps, that others may labour over for a long time. When you reach a conclusion it seems as if the answer just came intuitively, when it was in fact the result of extremely fast analysis.

You have an original and inventive mind, open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, you seek knowledge avidly for the freedom and understanding you can gain from it, rather than for any qualifications you may gain. Forward-looking and revolutionary, you have creative solutions for many of the world's problems, and have little patience for traditional and conventional solutions or ways of thinking; you would certainly not regard "Victorian values" as a valid solution to present day problems.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The opposition between Mercury and Uranus makes you a real "live wire". You are lively and energetic, which is not a bad thing in itself, but your energy may arise from nervous tension which you will need to control and channel into productive ends. Your mind is active and alert, always open to new ideas and stimulating visions of the future, but you need to take time to assimilate new information before moving on to something new. You are an inventive and original thinker, you can stimulate others with your intuitive insights and revolutionary ideas. The difficult side of this aspect is that while you are open to new ideas, you tend to filter them through your preconceived opinions, hearing only what you want to hear, and reacting to other people's opinions before you have fully assimilated what they have said. You do not like to be proved wrong, and will defend a position purely for the hell of it. You like a good argument (you would call it a debate) but you should take care that you do not alienate others through being too argumentative and aggressive in expressing your opinions.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - This contact between Mercury and Neptune stimulates your imagination, often to the point where you lose touch with "reality" completely. Your sensitive mind is reluctant to face the world as it is, so you idealise a person or situation so that it resembles what you would like it to be, in consequence you will often be disappointed when you realise the reality of the situation. Your mind is very intuitive, and sensitive to "vibrations" in the psychic atmosphere around you. You will often feel that you know what a person is thinking or feeling without them having to say anything, often you will be right, but just as often it will be you projecting your own thoughts and feelings on to them, you will need to learn to discriminate between the two cases.

You have a fine appreciation of all forms of art, particularly music, which for you is a vehicle that lifts you above the mundane and material level of existence, to experience a deeper and more spiritual level of awareness. You could be tempted to experience different states of consciousness through the use of drugs, but you will realise that this path is ultimately destructive, and pointless since meditation would work for you.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The sextile between Mercury and Neptune indicates that you have a sensitive and intuitive mind, you are often able to perceive subtle impressions that others may miss. You have a strong imagination, and sometimes your thoughts are inspired, but you do not spend your time in idle daydreaming imagination, the ideas that come to you have to stand the test of reason. You are idealistic, but not unrealistic, aware of the many social problems that face the world you would like to do what you can to help things change, but this may only amount to giving sympathy and support to those who are working towards these ends.

You need to plan some kind of goal for yourself, and possibly get into higher education, in order to make the most of your imagination and understanding, for while aspects between Mercury and Neptune open up the mind to limitless possibilities, some formal training or discipline is needed to make the most of their beneficial influence.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The square between Mercury and Neptune indicates that your imagination can at times overshadow your logical thinking. You find it difficult to deal with the harsh realities of life, preferring to retreat to a world of fantasy and dreams where you can pretend that your problems don't exist. This tendency is probably the result of early experiences where you found that this was the only way you could deal with life. Because of your refusal to face life as it is, you may often delude yourself or others about the way you perceive the world, and you find it difficult to clearly communicate your experiences to other people.

On the other hand, if you could control the negative side of this aspect, and be more realistic in your dealings with the real world, you would do well in occupations such as art or writing, or any activity where you could legitimatize giving your powerful imagination its full sway.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Your rational mind and thinking processes, symbolised by Mercury, are in a harmonious aspect to the imaginative and idealistic planet Neptune. With this contact you have a strong creative imagination, and a highly developed intuition that enables you to jump beyond logical analysis to grasp the basic meaning behind any idea or concept, and to verbalise this meaning in terms that others can understand. Your thinking is often inspired, with ideas seeming to just come to you fully formed without the need for long and concentrated study, you may often be surprised at how well you understand things for which you have had little or no formal preparation. You would make a good teacher, writer, or public speaker since you understand intuitively what your audience needs, or can understand, so you are able to deliver what you have to say accordingly.

You are idealistic, but tolerant of other people's imperfections, and you can inspire others and help them to become aware of a deeper meaning in their lives. You are aware of the major social issues and of many of the injustices in the world. You would like to see the level of public awareness of these issues raised and for the world to be run on more "spiritual" lines ( however you interpret this word ) but you are realistic enough to realise that this is unlikely to happen in the immediate future.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - Mercury in opposition to Neptune indicates that you are imaginative and idealistic, but your awareness of many possibilities may make you a dreamer rather than a doer. You are naturally aware that there is a "higher dimension" to your life, and will seek ways of understanding your experiences from a higher or more spiritual perspective, but there is a danger that confused thinking and the desire to believe in something will cause you to taken in by belief systems or ideals that are completely unrealistic, or open yourself up to outright deception.

There is always the possibility with an opposition that we seek in others what we are unable to express, or are afraid to see, in ourselves. You may tend to look to other people or groups to provide you with meaning in your life, and to help you to live out your ideals, this is O.K. up to a point, as long as you do not surrender your own individuality and your own thoughts and ideas in the process.

MERCURYMercury Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The conjunction between Mercury and Pluto gives your mind a deep, intense and penetrating quality that would suit you for any kind of investigative work, or work that requires concentration and attention to detail. You are not satisfied with the obvious or superficial, but seek to understand the deeper meaning to any subject or issue that you are studying. You have strong beliefs and convictions, and when you have made up your mind on something you have a conviction and power that others will find difficult to challenge, even if they feel you are wrong. You need to be more tolerant of other people's intellectual weaknesses, or you may make enemies who will work against you behind the scenes.

You may have to deal with deep feelings of anger toward those who have crossed you, or resentment toward those who oppose your ideas. Thoughts of revenge, or the desire to hit back, will need to be channelled into more positive ends, such as fighting against the social injustices of which you are only too aware.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With the sextile aspect between Mercury and Pluto, you have a deep analytical mind, and a psychic ability that you are probably not fully conscious of. You have an urge to understand the mysteries of life and death, and you can communicate your understanding of these matters rationally and logically. You need, more than most, to find some meaning in logic. You need to find some meaning in your experiences, and to see your life as the expression of a deeper purpose than mere survival. You seek the truth in all things, and in your understanding of the world's problems, you see the underlying political causes that many people are not even aware exist. You will attempt to raise other people's level of consciousness by stimulating their own search for the truth.

You would be suited to any form of investigation or research, since you are never satisfied with the obvious or superficial solution, you are always looking for some deeper and more inclusive connection between the facts. You will find that people will respect your opinions and your solutions to their problems, since your words will carry an authority and conviction based on a deep and instinctive understanding of the real issues.

MERCURYMercury Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The square between Mercury and Pluto indicates that your thoughts are often influenced by powerful and unconscious feelings and emotions, probably resulting from past painful emotional experiences. While you undoubtedly have a deep, penetrating and profound intellect, you will find it difficult to utilise it to the full until you have brought to consciousness and come to terms with whatever it is that is undermining your faith in your own abilities. You may be prone to misunderstandings with others, seeing hidden motivations where there are none, or by subtle and semi-conscious attempts to manipulate other people's way of thinking.

You are fiercely resistant to any attempt by others to influence your way of thinking, you insist on the right to think your own thoughts and reach your own conclusions. This is not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is necessary to realise the limitations of our own knowledge and understanding and yield to the greater knowledge and experience of our teachers, whether these be formal academic tutors or simply people with a greater experience and understanding of life than ourselves.

MERCURYMercury Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With the trine between Mercury and Pluto you have an analytical mind that is able to penetrate beyond surface appearances and see the connections between apparently unconnected facts. You are suited to any form of research or investigation since you are not satisfied with easy or superficial answers, always wanting to get to the truth of any matter. You need to find some kind of meaning in your life and your experiences and to communicate the understanding and knowledge gained from your investigations to others. You identify strongly with what you believe in, and will defend your viewpoint to the hilt.

You are aware of the many ills that afflict our society and of the work of those who would like to bring about a change or renewal, and would like to make some kind of creative contribution to this process.

MERCURYMercury Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The opposition between Mercury and Pluto gives a power and depth to your mind that will enable you to get to the root of any issue. You can perceive the hidden connections between the facts and are therefore suited to any form of research. You may be over-forceful when expressing your opinions, regarding any opposition or disagreement as a direct challenge that must be met and won by any means, and when seriously provoked you are able to launch a devastating verbal attack on the perpetrator.

You are sensitive to the unspoken, and often unconscious motivations of others, and you may at times think that other people are using their authority or position of power to control or coerce your thinking; you will react angrily at such times. As with all oppositions, your own need to control, and your own mental turmoil may be projected on to someone else, there is a danger of blaming others for conflicts and doubts that originate from within yourself, thus provoking them into the very behaviour that you fear.


VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The conjunction between Venus and Mars indicates that you are a difficult person to get on with at times. You value your own personal freedom in relationships, and can be easily angered if you feel you are being restricted in any way. You are likely to "fly off the handle" at the slightest provocation, but at the same time your anger passes quickly, and rarely leads to any long term rift. You relate to others through a combination of forcefulness and charm, you know what you want, and you are confident enough to voice your own opinions and demand that your needs be met, but at the same time you are receptive to the opinions and needs of others.

You have a need for adventure and new experiences, and you are able to enjoy yourself in social situations, not afraid of being the centre of attention. While you usually relate well to other people in general, and the opposite sex in particular, some may be put off by your over-forceful approach.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph MARSMars Glyph - Venus and Mars in a sextile aspect indicates that you know what you want in your personal relationships, and while you are not overtly aggressive, you are usually able to get your own way. You are not shy in social situations, you have an air of self confidence that enables you to mix easily and impress other people with your conversation and wit. While you are receptive to the opinions of others, you have strong opinions of your own which you are able to express with a conviction and energy that can swing others round to your way of thinking.

You have a need for constant stimulation and new experiences to prevent a sense of boredom from setting in. You would do well in any occupation that extends you mentally and physically, that gives you the independence to do things your way, and brings you into contact with new and interesting people and ideas.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph MARSMars Glyph - In your chart, Venus, the planet of mutuality and harmony, is in a square aspect to Mars, the planet of drive and aggression. There is a conflict between your need to be close to someone in a harmonious relationship, and your more independent physical needs and desires. This may lead to a constant sense of dissatisfaction with yourself, and an irritability with those closest to you, particularly in your home or professional life, since you feel that they are always getting in your way and preventing you from doing what you want to do. You can be a difficult person to get along with, since you like to have things your own way, and are impatient with anyone who does not give you what you want. The more placid and charming energy of Venus can cover over the tension for a while, but the more aggressive and demanding energy of Mars will eventually break out and shatter the peace.

A sense of excitement and the satisfaction of your physical desires are important in your relationships, if they become dull and routine or you feel that you are no longer appreciated or desired you will feel the urge to seek a relationship that will rekindle the spark of desire.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The trine between Venus and Mars indicates that you are a sociable and warm-hearted person. Always ready to give others the benefit of the doubt, you cannot hold a grudge for too long. You enjoy being sociable and having a good time with friends, and you are able to mix easily in any social situation. You look for the best in people, and are able to stimulate others to develop their own talents and creative potential.

Your apparently easy-going nature may tempt some people to take advantage of you, thinking you will allow them to get away with it, but if people overstep the bounds of your tolerance and understanding you are not afraid to put them straight in no uncertain terms.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph MARSMars Glyph - The opposition between Venus and Mars indicates that you may have difficulty in dealing with your own or another's aggressive nature in relationships. You may at times feel deeply dissatisfied with yourself and your life for some reason, and will tend to express this through excessive criticism of others. You can make unreasonable demands on your partner, and become upset and argumentative when these demands are not met. You like to have things your own way, a quality that can lead to many emotional storms.

With an opposition between two planets, however, the conflict is often experienced through others. You may find that you attract people who treat you in the way described above. You may have experienced more than your fair share of others' aggressive and unkind behaviour, particularly as a child, and being extremely sensitive you will often feel deeply hurt by their actions. This will continue until you are able to stand up for your own rights, without being so dominating and aggressive in your methods that you alienate the people who are closest to you.

VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter gives you a benevolent and easy-going disposition. You are always prepared to give the benefit of the doubt and overlook other people's faults. You are generous with your feelings, ready to give emotional or financial support to others in difficulty. While this is not a bad thing, some people may be inclined to take advantage of your generous nature, leaving you with the feeling that you have been led up the garden path or taken for granted. You will need to learn some degree of discrimination in your relationships with others.

You find harsh or ugly conditions difficult to tolerate, preferring some degree of material comfort and aesthetic beauty in your surroundings. You are at your most content in pleasant social gatherings where you can forget the cares of the world and just have a good time. Like everyone else, you seek happiness in your life and close relationships, but you are more likely to find it than most. Perhaps because you realise that happiness is not to be found by searching for some romantic ideal, but is something that arises spontaneously from within yourself.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - Venus in sextile to Jupiter gives you an easy-going charm and attractiveness that others feel at ease with. You are always willing to give praise where praise is due and even when it is not, if you feel that this could ease a difficult situation. You are an outgoing person who loves life and enjoys pleasant social gatherings, but you are by no means superficial or vain. You have a broad understanding of human relationships which you are able to express to others. As a result, you may be the one that your friends turn to when they are down, or in need of a sympathetic ear from someone who can listen without judging.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With the square between Venus and Jupiter, you may have difficulty in controlling the excesses of your feeling nature. You can be lazy and self-indulgent at times, especially when difficulties or conflicts give you the excuse to neglect your duties and responsibilities. At all times, you may feel your responsibilities to be a limitation on your urge to be seeking out new horizons and experiences. You can be generous, but often it is because you expect something in return. You like your acts of generosity to be appreciated and can be indignant when you feel that they are not.

You will expect a partner to allow you the freedom to indulge your own whims and pursue your own goals, but you may not be too generous in extending the same rights to them. You need to learn to relate to people openly, without feeling that they may try to take advantage of you.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With Venus and Jupiter in a trine aspect you have an easy-going charm that will win you many friends. You are always ready with a sympathetic ear and an understanding of other people's problems, but you do not readily burden people with your own problems, preferring to keep your own conflicts and tensions hidden from the world. You have a strong appreciation of art, and will gain a great deal of benefit, physically and psychologically, from relaxing in pleasant surroundings. You will need a wide circle of friends with whom you can relax and enjoy yourself, but in more serious relationships you may have difficulty in confining your affections to one person for too long.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph JUPITERJupiter Glyph - With the opposition between Venus and Jupiter, you can be over extravagant and self-indulgent at times, but you are also generous and affectionate. You will need a great deal of space for yourself in your relationships, you may always be seeking new horizons, dissatisfied with what you already have. Your relationships need to be a constant source of new experiences and excitement, otherwise you will easily become bored and seek what you feel you are missing elsewhere.

This can result from a tendency to look to others to give you approval, to provide you with optimism and faith in life and to open your mind to ideas and experiences that you could not find on your own. You need to have faith in yourself, and not invest too much of it in others.

VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The conjunction between Venus and Saturn indicates that your relationships with others are coloured by a sense of seriousness and responsibility. You may even have to sacrifice your own needs and happiness in order to fulfil your duties to someone or something. You may find that you are usually the one who has to make adjustments to the other person's needs in any relationship, while suppressing your own. Probably you feel that you have to do this in order to feel loved and needed, a feeling that stems from your childhood experiences. One or both of your parents, but most likely your father, was probably a harsh disciplinarian, expecting obedience and unquestioning loyalty, and forced you to grow up and assume responsibilities too soon. On the other hand, he may have been emotionally cold and indifferent, or not around at all, leaving you with a deep-seated feeling that maybe it was your fault. As a consequence, you live with the constant fear of being rejected or deserted if you do not live up to another's demands, or you may avoid close relationships altogether.

With Saturn, age and experience usually bring the solutions to its more difficult aspects. You will gradually come to realise that you also have a duty to yourself, to fulfil your own life's purpose, and Saturn will provide you with the self-respect and inner stability to pursue your own path despite the opposition of others. Then you will attract people who will respect and accept you for what you are, not what they want you to be.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph The sextile between Venus and Saturn indicates a rather conservative approach to relationships. Even in close relationships there is an element of coolness, but this detachment makes it easier to discuss problems and sort out disputes in a mature and constructive way. Happiness in relationships will eventually come when you have learned to deal with the fear of rejection, probably stemming from childhood experiences, and feel secure in your own attractiveness. Take care not to get involved in a relationship for purely material ends, or for the security or position that it provides, because you will eventually have to pay the price.

This is a good aspect for the business person, you are able to deal effectively with the world, but need to beware of becoming a workaholic to compensate for a sense of emotional isolation.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The square between Venus and Saturn indicates some difficulty or conflict in the handling of your personal relationships. You will have difficulty in finding a partner who lives up to your rather exacting expectations. Judging the other's faults harshly, you will not allow anyone to get too close until you feel that they are safe and can be trusted. You do not express affection easily, withholding your feelings out of the fear that they will be rejected. This feeling may result from your conditioning as a child, one of your parents, often the father, may have been experienced as cold and judgmental or difficult to get close to. The rejection you felt then has carried through to the present and you will approach your present relationships accordingly. On the other hand, the father may not have been around at all. Whatever the reason for this, you will find it difficult to let go of the feeling of being abandoned and lonely, the fear of this happening again will prevent you from getting too close to anyone until you have learned to accept yourself and others for what they are.

The way around this conflict is to establish this missing sense of security by achieving something through your own efforts. When you realise that you do not need the support of anyone to make something of your life, you will feel happier and more secure about yourself, and more open and sensitive to the needs of your partner in particular, and to other people in general.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - The trine between Venus and Saturn indicates a somewhat conservative approach to relationships. You do not like to reveal yourself openly to others until you have had time to get to know them and evaluate their character. Likewise, you will not make a first approach to another unless you are reasonably certain that you will not be rejected. Although you may put on a convincing front to the contrary, rejection strikes at the deepest roots of your own insecurity about yourself.

You are aware of the need for mutual adjustment and mutual responsibility in any relationship, and you will strive for a situation in which there is a creative balance between your own needs and the needs of your partner.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph SATURNSaturn Glyph - With the opposition between Venus and Saturn there is a tendency to look for someone else to deal with practical issues. You are attracted to practical, down-to-earth people, but may find that they eventually take control, becoming restricting and authoritarian. Your sense of your own attractiveness is challenged by such a person, making you feel that you cannot get by without them, and no one else would want you if you tried. On the other hand, the partner may be instrumental in affirming your sense of self-value. With maturity you will seek a relationship that can stand the test of time, that continues after the glamour and illusion of love has faded.

In business partnerships this theme will continue, but will be easier and more constructive without your emotional needs complicating the relationship.

VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With a conjunction between Venus and Uranus you need a degree of freedom and personal space in your closest relationships. You will be attracted to people who may be regarded as unconventional or unusual in some way, and you need to maintain the sense of excitement and interest in order to keep the relationship alive. If you feel that things have got into a rut or you are taking each other for granted you may feel tempted to seek your excitement elsewhere.

You do not like routine, and would be best suited to occupations that allow change and variety in your surroundings and the people you deal with.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - With a sextile aspect between Venus and Uranus you need a degree of freedom and personal space in your closest relationships. You will be attracted to people who may be regarded as unconventional or unusual in some way, and you need to maintain the sense of excitement and interest in order to keep the relationship alive. If you feel that things have got into a rut or you are taking each other for granted you may feel tempted to seek your excitement elsewhere.

You are a creative person and have strong hopes for success in some field, but you also have a genuine concern for others. You would not try to achieve your own ambitions by stepping on other people, but would rather take them along with you. You can relate well to large groups as well as individuals, you will be particularly interested in groups that are trying to bring about some creative or revolutionary change in society.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - Venus, the planet of relationships is in a square aspect to the wilful and independent planet Uranus. You will probably experience considerable difficulty, and sudden changes or breaks in your relationships, as a result of your refusal to tie yourself too closely to one person. You can be friendly and affectionate, but if they seem to be getting too close you will back off, or run in the opposite direction. You have little regard for conventional and traditional forms of marriage or permanent unions since this would considerably reduce your freedom to do what you want, a freedom you will not easily relinquish. You are afraid of being restricted by jealousy and possessiveness.

Even if you are involved in a serious relationship, or married, you will demand a great deal of freedom and independence for yourself. You may try to suppress these needs for a while out of respect for the other person's feelings or wishes, but if you do so the tensions will build up until eventually the relationship breaks up or undergoes radical changes. You will probably need someone with the same desire for a more unstructured, unconventional kind of relationship.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - The trine between Venus and Uranus inclines you to have unconventional values, and an open-minded and liberal attitude to human relationships. You are in tune with the changes that take place in the values of our society, those that are forward looking and revolutionary you will agree with, but the more conservative attempts to return to a value system that belongs to a past age you will regard as limiting and out of tune with the modern world.

You will have a wide circle of friends, many of whom will express unconventional or even eccentric ideals. In your closer personal relationship you will be attracted to someone who needs their own space, and a certain degree of personal independence to follow their own path, thus ensuring that they will allow you the same.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph URANUSUranus Glyph - Venus and Uranus in opposition is a self-willed and rebellious combination. You have a need to be close to someone, but at the same time you may stubbornly resist any limitations being placed on your own personal freedom. You will be fiercely independent, and unwilling or unable to compromise on this burning need even for the sake of a relationship. You will need someone to give you emotional support, but you will want this without having to make the effort and the compromises necessary to sustain a stable relationship. You probably do not understand the concept of "working at a relationship" believing, perhaps, that if two people are meant for each other then there is nothing to be worked at, and if it has to be worked at then the relationship is no longer a valid expression of their real needs. As a result, others will find you difficult to get close to on an emotional level, in fact, you will regard any show of strong emotion as a potential threat to your independence, and beat a hasty retreat. For you, companionship and sharing on an intellectual level is more important than heavy expressions of emotion.

You will be attracted to partners who possess the same qualities, who you feel are the only people that really understand you. If for some reason you are not consciously expressing these qualities, if they are being blocked by some other factor in the chart for example, then you will experience them in projected form, that is, you will experience a succession of unstable relationships with people who do express these qualities, until you realise that they are acting out an unlived part of yourself.

VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With Venus in conjunction with Neptune, you have an idealistic approach to relationships. You seek a relationship of a spiritual kind, the perfect union of body and soul. Your desire for a serene and trouble-free relationship may not be attainable in the real world. Your expectations of others may be unrealistic, and you may have difficulty in accepting people as they really are rather than as you would like them to be.

In your relations with other people in general, your idealism could lead you into deceptive and confusing situations. Your desire to see the good in everyone makes you defenceless and susceptible to exploitation and deception by others. If this happens you will feel hurt, but you need to come to terms with the fact that in reality, few people are always motivated by high ideals.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The sextile between Venus and Neptune enables you to convey your deepest needs in relationships as well as your highest expectations. You seek some kind of spiritual meaning through your relationships, but are aware enough to realise that this rarely occurs in reality.

You have the ability to express through music, art and other creative activities, your profound intuition of a deeper reality beyond the mundane sphere of everyday life. You have a magnetic quality that attracts others to the extent that you can inspire and uplift them, or weave a web of illusion and deceit if you so desire.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The square aspect between Venus and Neptune can make you excessively idealistic in your approach to relationships. You will expect your partner to accept you with all your faults and hang-ups, without a word of complaint on their part or any effort to change on yours. You tell yourself that you are seeking a deep spiritual relationship in which each of you understands and accepts the other totally and without reservation. While you may, or may not, be aware that even you cannot always live up to this, you will steadfastly refuse to accept that few people, except perhaps a saint, can measure up to your high expectations in a relationship. You will probably not even notice that anything is wrong until the whole thing dissolves away before your eyes. If you can accept that it is a part of human nature to be, at times, selfish, jealous and possessive, then perhaps you will get that spiritual relationship you are looking for.

Your sympathies are easily played upon, and you may find yourself led into actions that you later regret out of a feeling of compassion, or misplaced understanding. This is particularly true in financial matters, you must make sure that all your dealings are open and above board. Although some people seem to be able to get away with murder, anything shady or underhand will almost inevitably work out badly for you.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - The trine between Venus and Neptune indicates a sensitive and possibly artistic nature. You are particularly idealistic in your expectations of your relationships. You expect them to fulfil some kind of spiritual ideal of mutual harmony and understanding. Needless to say, you will need to inject some element of realism in your approach to relationships if you are not to be severely disappointed. You are acutely aware of negative or unhealthy conditions in your environment, but you will tend to be reluctant to get involved in doing anything about them.

This aspect of itself may not be an immediately noticeable influence, the unselfish and all-embracing spiritual love that it represents in its purest form, is usually overshadowed by the need to deal with the world as it is, and the consequent inner stresses and conflicts that result. It will, however, help to soften some of the harsher edges of your personality, and indicates that beneath even your most selfish actions there is a more spiritual need and purpose.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph NEPTUNENeptune Glyph - With the opposition between Venus and Neptune you will have to take care not to have unrealistic expectations in your relationships. There is a danger of attracting partners who are elusive and difficult to pin down. He or she may resist being open, or placing some kind of formal structure on the relationship. You might see qualities in your partner that are not really there and fail to see qualities that are there. With this aspect it is advisable to take some time to get to know your partner before any firm commitment is made. There is a danger of getting involved with people who you feel need your help who you can save from their own shortcomings, such as drug addicts and alcoholics, but if you can direct your compassion away from the personal life and into society, this is a more creative and constructive way of using this aspect.

You will be attracted to people who exude a glamorous aura and can stimulate your own imagination and higher ideals, such as musicians, artists and writers, but you should realise that when removed from their creative stage, they are only human after all.

VENUSVenus Glyph CONJUNCTConjunction Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The conjunction between Venus and Pluto indicates an intensity in your approach to relationships that can be all-consuming. Through relationships you can plumb the depths of despair or reach the heights of emotional union. There is a desire to unite with a soul mate, to realise the ecstasy of the perfect partnership. However, this kind of intensity cannot last forever, and when the passions cool, possessiveness, jealousy and the desire to dominate can take over and eventually destroy the relationship. Perhaps it would be helpful to redirect some of this energy away from your personal life and express it on some form of collective and social level. Helping others to transform their lives or deal with the difficult or destructive aspects of human relationships would be one way of expressing this powerful energy.

You will be attracted to powerful charismatic people who either stimulate your most primitive desires and passionate urges, or transform your whole being, raising you to a higher level of consciousness.

VENUSVenus Glyph SEXTILESextile Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - With Venus in Sextile to Pluto you have strong ideas concerning the meaning of love and the purpose of relationships. You feel that a relationship must be based on mutual understanding, with a deeply transforming and "spiritual" quality if it is to have any validity. You are prepared to make adjustments to the needs of your partner, provided that they are prepared to do the same for you. You have a need to be able to communicate on a deep level, to express your innermost hopes and fears, needs and desires; any relationship in which you feel this is not possible you will probably come to regard as superficial and not worth continuing. You will generally be attracted to people who are attempting to transform their lives to realise their deeper potentials.

The powerful and enigmatic energy of Pluto charges your personal magnetism with a charismatic quality that makes others aware that you have hidden depths beneath the surface.

VENUSVenus Glyph SQUARESquare Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The square to Venus from Pluto will have a deep and powerful effect on your personal relationships. You will find that any benefits you gain from a relationship will be accompanied by some kind of suffering, and that what you want is often not what you need, thus ensuring periodic crises and painful breaks in your emotional life. You will have a deep need to be the one in control in your relationships, to be the one who calls the shots, and if you attract someone of like mind your relationship could become a constant power battle until one of you decides to call it a day, preferably yourself. If, on the other hand, you attract someone of a more passive disposition who is prepared to put up with your tendency to dominate and get your own way, you could soon become bored and start to look for someone with a little more "fight". Either way, you will probably find yourself attracted to people who would be considered taboo, or "not the right sort" according to the values of your culture and upbringing.

Many of your problems arise from the fact that, not really knowing what it is that you want from a relationship, you put out a subtle combination of possessiveness and rejection. You make it clear that you expect certain standards of behaviour from the other person, and that even the suspicion of unfaithfulness will not go unpunished, yet at the same time giving out the unmistakable message that you do not really need them and could get on very well without them. This could provoke the very behaviour that you are so openly against, or result in extremely possessive behaviour from the other person. You will need to be honest with yourself and understand what it is that you are looking for in a relationship. A nice, stable, secure partnership in which each takes the other for granted is certainly not for you.

VENUSVenus Glyph TRINETrine Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - Venus and Pluto in a trine aspect gives a deep intensity to your emotional nature. The powerful and enigmatic energy of Pluto charges your personal magnetism with a charismatic quality that makes others aware that you have hidden depths beneath the surface. You may seek out relationships that have a spiritual and transforming effect on your life, and even the experience of pain that often accompanies deep emotional relationships you will regard, after the upheavals have subsided, as a necessary phase in your emotional or spiritual growth. You attract people easily and with this aspect there is every chance that you will eventually find the right kind of partner with whom you can experience a deep spiritual and fulfilling relationship.

VENUSVenus Glyph OPPOSITIONOpposition Glyph PLUTOPluto Glyph - The opposition between Venus and Pluto indicates deep compulsions and possible power struggles in your relationships. You have a need for an intense and transforming relationship, which may be expressed as jealousy and possessiveness directed toward your partner. With the opposition, however, you may deny this aspect of your own personality, and attract a partner who expresses this for you. You need a relationship that can be spiritually transforming in some way, but there is a danger that you may find yourself constantly attracting relationships that you have to destroy when they do not fulfil your creative needs.

You have intense feelings that need room for expression in your relationships, but you need to be careful to respect and acknowledge other people's needs and feelings.

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