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Natal Aspects of Sun and Moon

Note -The order of planets above is the order of the aspect descriptions - Moon Conjunct Sun would be found under Sun Conjunct Moon or Saturn Conjunct Mercury would be found under Mercury Conjunct Saturn.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph MOON Moon Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Moon suggests that there is a close connection between your conscious self-determination and your unconscious instincts based on past experiences. It is true that everyone is shaped to some extent by their past experiences, but with this aspect, the pull of the past influences present attitudes more than most. You may find it difficult to let go of difficult experiences that you have had in the past, nurturing the emotional wounds and using them to excuse your present faults. You will tend to cling to what is safe and familiar, things or people that have made you feel good in the past, afraid that if you let them go you will in some sense lose a part of yourself, or that you will be unable to function as a self sufficient individual.

On the other hand, once you have determined a particular course of action, your emotional energies and conscious direction will be focused along the same lines, giving you the determination and ability to eventually do things your own way.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph MOON Moon Glyph - With the Sun and the Moon in a sextile aspect you are able to express a harmonious balance between your conscious future oriented goals, symbolised by the Sun, and your inherited and more unconscious behaviour patterns, symbolised by the Moon. You have learned from the experiences of your past and childhood, and these experiences serve as a valuable foundation for your present endeavours and your future goals. Your relationship with your parents as a child will not have resulted in any major inner conflicts, you generally get on with them well, and will probably always be able to depend on them for a helping hand when you need it. Even if their own relationship had problems, this will probably not have any long term effect on your own relationship with either of them, and you will have assimilated many of the values and ideals that they expressed.

A harmonious aspect between the Sun and the Moon, or the two lights as they are called in astrology, strengthens the whole personality, giving you the insight and understanding to deal with other, more stressful, planetary aspects and the inner confidence and courage to face life's challenges in general good spirits. You will probably seek a partner to whom you can relate on an intellectual as well as an emotional and physical level.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph MOON Moon Glyph - The square between the Sun and the Moon indicates a degree of conflict between your conscious direction and will, and your instinctive reactions and emotional responses. As a result, you may not always act in a way that gains you the recognition that you want. Conflict with superiors or people in authority is a likely consequence of this aspect. Domestic conflict is another possible manifestation of this aspect. You may be over-demanding of your partner and expect more than they are able, or prepared, to give. You may find yourself attached to someone with a radically different background or outlook on life to your own, with resulting problems of communication or mutual understanding.

All this results from a conflict between what you want out of life as an individual person, and what you need as an emotional being in relationship with others. Somehow you need to learn to give equal importance to both aspects of yourself, instead of over-emphasising one at the expense of the other. If you are able to do this you will release considerable energy that can be directed toward more constructive and personally satisfying goals.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph MOON Moon Glyph - The Sun and Moon in a trine aspect, indicate that you are able to use the experiences of the past creatively to improve your present understanding and self-awareness. The past does not hold you back, but sustains you in your drive toward the future. In your relationships with those close to you, you will seek to strike a creative balance between your emotional and security needs, and your need to be yourself and find your own direction and purpose. A flowing aspect between the two lights will provide you with an inner harmony that will help you to understand and deal with other more difficult aspects in your chart, which is yourself.

You are able to work well with children, helping them to develop their own creativity and self-determination. Because of your sympathetic nature, other people will often come to you for counselling, or for a shoulder to cry on, and you will be able to draw on your own past experiences to throw light and understanding on their own difficulties and personal problems.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph MOON Moon Glyph - The opposition between the Sun and Moon indicates a discord between your conscious self-image and your emotional security needs, in other words, a conflict between what you want and what you need. You will tend to oscillate between two extremes, sometimes expressing your Solar nature and repressing the Moon, and then the reverse at other times. This will cause other people to perceive you as emotionally cold and self-determined at times, and over-emotional or domesticated at other times. It will usually be through relationships that you are forced to recognise and deal with the aspect of your personality that you are ignoring, resulting in conflict and discord in your domestic and/or professional life.

The opposition between the Sun and Moon means that you were born at the time of the full Moon, when the Moon reflects the greatest possible light from the Sun. This affords the opportunity, at certain times in your life, to bring to full awareness many negative emotions and unconscious behaviour patterns, usually through conflict in relationships.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - With the Sun and Mercury in conjunction you may lack objectivity in your thinking, you identify too much with your opinions and will defend them as if you are defending your life. You like to express your thoughts and ideas but often what you think will not be backed up by the facts, which you will then choose to ignore, but rather an expression of the way you would like things to be. If you can learn to be more objective in your thinking and more tolerant of other people's opinions, you have a great skill in communication and are able to express difficult ideas and concepts to others in a clear and understandable way.

No other major aspects between the Sun and Mercury in the natal chart are possible.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - With the conjunction between the Sun and Venus you are something of a charmer, whether you will admit it or not you need to be liked by other people, and will go out of your way to do things for them in order to gain their affection. You are not the sort to hide in a corner at parties, or at any social function for that matter, you like to be noticed and to be seen as a friendly, sociable and fun person, which of course you are. You may tend to depend too heavily on others to give you a sense of self-worth and direction in your life. Left to your own devices you can lapse into a state of laziness and self-indulgence, bolstered by the belief that the only real purpose in your life is to have fun and enjoy yourself, revealing a selfish streak beneath your sociable exterior.

No other major aspects between the Sun and Venus in the natal chart are possible.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Mars indicates that you are energetic and self-assertive. You have the ability to take the initiative and get things done, but your aggressive approach and uncompromising attitude could make you some enemies. You have little regard for other people when it comes to getting what you want, which may be a good thing in certain circumstances but in your day to day life you may hurt others by your lack of consideration. You are intolerant of anyone you feel is standing in your way, and you are prone to aggressiveness if your desires are not satisfied. Perhaps you feel that you are fighting a constant battle to establish your own self-identity in the face of all opposition. In disputes with others you do not give way gracefully, in fact you feel that anyone who challenges your opinions is making a direct attack on your integrity.

Having said all that, other aspects in your chart may soften the rougher edges of this aspect. You have a strong will and leadership qualities that only need to be tempered with a degree of objectivity if you do not want to arouse too much opposition to your own ambitions.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - This sextile between the Sun and Mars indicates that you possess a great deal of enterprising energy. You are eager to get ahead in life, your energy and drive is strong, you have the courage of your convictions and will not rest until you achieve your goals. Whether these goals are for your personal benefit or for the good of others will depend on other aspects of the chart. Your energy and drive is of an intellectual nature, you have genuinely original and innovative ideas, and you are always seeking to assimilate more information to provide fuel for your active mind.

You can be forceful and direct in expressing your ideas. If you feel you are winning an argument you like to hammer the point home, but you are also willing to admit that you are not always right. You are able to see when you are wrong, and when you realise that another person's argument is more valid than your own you are able to admit defeat gracefully.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - With the Sun in a square aspect to Mars in your chart, your basic sense of self-identity and purpose conflicts with your more aggressive and self-assertive drives. You have a great deal of energy and drive and can work hard for long periods, but when things do not go your way you can over-react and vent your frustration on friends, family and co-workers. You are impatient with any kind of restriction. You like to do what you want when you want, but you will have trouble harmonising this need with the needs of others, thus causing powerful conflicts with those closest to you. You need to learn to compromise, and recognise that others have needs just as strong as your own. You have a strong desire nature, but may find that you are continually frustrated in your attempts to satisfy your desires, probably as a result of your refusal to compromise. You will tend to react angrily to any challenge to your integrity.

Having said all this, if you can overcome the negative manifestations, this aspect gives you a tremendous drive to succeed in whatever it is you have set your heart on, and a tireless energy that will eventually get you to your goal.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph MARS Mars Glyph The trine between the Sun and Mars indicates that you have confidence in your own creative ability. You have the energy to pursue your own goals, without posing a threat to anyone, in fact you are always willing to give your help and support to those who need it, even to a potential rival. You do not need to resort to underhand tactics to get what you want, you depend on your energy and enterprise to get you there in the end. You get along well with most people, and they get along with you.

You are able to adjust your desires to suit those of a partner, if you think that they are the one for you. While this aspect does not of itself give a driving ambition, you are willing to give your partner the space and support they need to achieve theirs.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - The opposition between the Sun and Mars is a dynamic aspect, producing a great deal of energy that can be difficult to handle. You may tend to over-react to what you perceive to be challenges from other people, asserting your rights and opinions rather too forcefully. In fact some might say that you have got a chip on your shoulder about something. Compromise is not your strong point, you tend to hammer your position home until your opposition is defeated or exhausted. You probably do not see yourself as particularly aggressive or combative, you simply react according to what you expect to get from others. Something has made you feel defensive about yourself and the best form of defence is to attack first. The most likely arena for this behaviour is in your close personal relationships, or perhaps you will form a relationship with someone else who behaves in this way, which is often the case with opposition aspects.

When you realise that everyone is not out to challenge you, you can channel this energy in more productive directions. You have a tireless drive to achieve whatever it is you want for yourself. You can be a champion for some cause and fight selflessly for the rights of others.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter gives you a strong sense of optimism that will carry you through the most difficult times in your life. You have a strong faith that you will always pull through, and good luck, or the generosity and help of someone else, will usually come to your assistance when you need it most. You are generous and open-minded yourself, always ready to help those in difficulties to the best of your ability.

You will find it difficult to stick to a narrow or rigid direction or way of life. You want to live life to the full and are always seeking new horizons and new experiences, and you don't do anything by half measures. Your positive and broadly philosophical approach to life does not allow set-backs to put you down for too long, you feel that whatever happens is ultimately for the best and part of the total pattern of your life, and you will seek a new direction or new venture with renewed hope.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The sextile between the Sun and Jupiter gives you an underlying sense of optimism and faith in life that will tend to offset any more pessimistic or depressive influence in your chart. No matter how difficult things may seem on the surface, you always feel that you will pull through in the end. This comes from the ability to view your experiences from a "higher" perspective and to see them as part of the pattern of your life, rather than as isolated events.

You will need to find some form of philosophy or religious system that will help you to understand the meaning of your experiences. You have a desire to learn as much as you can about the world, to expand your horizons through increased intellectual knowledge, although this aspect does not, of itself, give the energy or persistence required to turn this desire into action. The drive to turn your high ideals and ambition into a reality will come from some other aspect of your chart.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The square between the Sun and Jupiter will tend to over-optimism and unreasonable expectations. You are generous to a fault, and always willing to expand your views to encompass those of other people, but you may expect too much in return, leading to conflict when others do not live up to your high expectations. You enjoy challenges that force you to increase your knowledge and capacity to handle the world, but there is a danger of over extending yourself and feeling a sense of failure when you do not achieve the, perhaps unreasonable, goals you have set yourself. However, if you limit your goals to what is possible and realistically realisable there is no reason why you should not succeed. You feel the need to have some guiding philosophy in your life, but if you expect any particular belief system to provide all of the answers you will always feel disappointed, and maybe even give up the search completely.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The main effect of the trine between the Sun and Jupiter is on your general disposition and intellect. You will be basically optimistic and generous, both to yourself and others. This is not a particularly dynamic aspect, although basically positive. You will have an inclination towards laziness, lack ambition and have a tendency to let things take their course, since help seems to come to you when you are most desperate. This lack of ambition can be compensated for by a more dynamic aspect to your Sun, particularly from Saturn, in which case Jupiter will provide positive support and smooth out some of the more difficult manifestations of such an aspect.

Your intellectual abilities are good, and you have creative talents that even you are probably not aware of, since you do not like being pushed into anything or being forced to push yourself to the limit unless you can see good reason.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - With the opposition between the Sun and Jupiter, you are basically optimistic with a positive philosophy of life. You will feel the need to increase your self-awareness, and to understand your life and your place in the world through an attraction to some form of philosophical or religious system. Because of your ability to view experiences and events from a more than personal frame of reference, you have the capacity to help others through difficult experiences by your understanding and insight.

When you are down, or have a negative self-image, you will tend to depend on outer circumstances or other people to provide you with optimism and faith in life, hoping to find in them what you have lost in yourself. Minor issues can get blown out of proportion, you can make too big a deal of things that are not important, particularly when they relate to your feelings about yourself. You are very generous, at times, too generous.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Saturn indicates that you have a serious and self-determined disposition. Your early experiences have led you to feel that nothing in life comes easy, that hard work and self-discipline are necessary to make something of your life. Possibly, a lack of recognition or understanding from your father has resulted in the belief that these things are not freely given to you, but have to be earned through your own efforts, although your greatest obstacle is to be able to recognise and accept yourself as an important and talented individual. You are no stranger to hardship, and can live without the many luxuries that others crave, although at times this can lead to temporary fits of loneliness and depression.

Depending on your general outlook, Saturn can block the energy of the Sun, giving you a sense of hopelessness in the face of insurmountable obstacles and restrictions, both inner and outer. If you succumb to this way of thinking it is likely to lead to depression and self-pity. On the other hand, with a more positive outlook, Saturn can focus and sustain the energy of the Sun, giving you the inner strength and driving ambition to achieve your goals in spite of the inevitable set-backs and delays. However, you need to maintain your sense of humour and not take yourself too seriously, or you could become a good example of the old saying "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The sextile aspect from the Sun to Saturn indicates that you are able to pursue your goals and ambitions with patience, determination and self-discipline. You are aware of your limitations as well as your talents, and you are able to learn from your experiences and to communicate what you have learned to others. You have a burning ambition to succeed in some area, but you realise that success has to be earned if it is to be worthwhile, and you work toward your goals by carefully determining the next step to be taken and concentrating on that.

Your relationships with co-workers and superiors are generally good, your desire to stay out of the limelight and willingness to allow others to grab the attention means that they do not feel threatened by your own ambition. As a result you will eventually achieve a position of prominence and authority in your chosen career, brought about by competence, efficiency and integrity.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - Saturn, the planet of discipline and self-denial, is in a square aspect to your Sun. With this aspect you will find that life and circumstances will constantly challenge your attempts to be yourself and to express your true nature. You will have to deal with obstacles and delays on the path to achieving your goals, and periods of enforced self-denial and self-discipline may cause you to feel quite depressed at times. You may blame your difficulties on fate or karma, and with Saturn involved this may be true to some extent, but the lesson to be learned is how to meet this test and turn it into something positive. Saturn is teaching you the need for patience and restraint, that anything worthwhile has to be won through constant effort and discipline before you can reap the rewards. You need to give some practical form or structure to your attempts at self-realisation and self expression, and to test your dreams and visions within the confines and limitations of the material world.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The Sun in trine to Saturn indicates that you are able to pursue your goals with persistence and self-discipline. You are able to maintain a creative balance between the need to establish yourself as an important and self-determined individual, and the limitations imposed on you by your responsibilities. You have ambition, but you do not feel the need to step on others in order to succeed. Because of this, other people will be prepared to help you on your way because they do not feel threatened. You will eventually gain recognition through your ability to handle responsibility and to turn difficult situations into creative opportunities.

If you do not have any particular ambitions of your own, you will give your full support to a partner who is pursuing their own path, and you will expect similar cooperation and loyalty in return.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The Sun represents our self-identity and the will to be, whereas Saturn is the principle of restriction and obstacles, or structure and form. With these two planets in opposition you will be confronted with both the positive and negative aspects of Saturn in an obvious way. As a child particularly, you will have felt that you were not fully understood, that your attempts to be yourself met with obstacles and frustration, either through bad health or through a difficult relationship with one or both of your parents. Your father may have been perceived as cold and distant, a harsh disciplinarian, or not there for long periods of time; on the other hand, if you experienced the positive side of this aspect he could have been a teacher to you in some way. Even now you probably feel that people and circumstances are constantly holding you back and preventing you from being what you want to be.

When you can accept some form of self-discipline, and understand that we often have to work long and hard to achieve our goals, then Saturn can become the teacher, and show you how to give some kind of practical form and structure to your attempts to realise your true self. You will probably only begin to be successful at this after your Saturn return (when Saturn is at the same place as it was when you were born), between the age 28-30.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Uranus generates a great deal of restless energy. You have a strong urge for complete freedom and independence in all areas of your life, and you will resist fiercely any attempts to tie you down. You should beware of being rebellious for its own sake, or simply to make a point or you may find yourself left on your own to pick up the pieces of your life. It's not all bad however, strong impulses of creativity and originality will lead you down many unconventional paths, making your life a statement of your own individuality. Your high energy and self-determination can inspire others to break whatever chains are binding them and follow your lead. You do not let the past hold you back, or cling to traditional values. You have a bright vision of future possibilities which you seek to actualise in your own life, a true child of the new age.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The sextile between the Sun and Uranus indicates that you are something of an individualist. You have a strong and independent will, with a flair for the dramatic. You are broad-minded and forward-looking in your thinking, definitely not bound by traditional values, and determined to make up your own mind on all issues. You have strong opinions which you are not afraid to express, but you are not dogmatic and do not expect others to agree with you, although your ability to communicate your thoughts clearly and effectively will often bring others around to your way of thinking. You are capable of handling responsibility, and carry out your duties with enthusiasm and originality.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The square between the Sun and Uranus makes you a very strong willed and independent individual. In your youth, you will have been very rebellious, even now others may regard you as something of an eccentric, an individualist with no regard for authority or rules of "proper" behaviour. In fact you may often deliberately set out to shock other people just to prove that you can do what you want and will not be bound by any rules or restrictions. You value your personal freedom very highly, and will often deliberately disrupt a stable situation if you feel it has become too confining. Your interests and goals may change suddenly several times throughout your life, and you will go off on a completely different tack, which may result in you destroying the very things that you have worked so hard to achieve; you will have a tendency to throw out the baby with the bath water in these situations.

As with all squares, this aspect represents a challenge to be met, and channelled into positive directions. You can put your rebellious and revolutionary nature to work for others, rather than yourself, and fight for the freedom and the needs of others who cannot fight for themselves. Even so, you will have to beware of the danger of justifying any means to achieve your ends.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The trine between the Sun and Uranus in your chart shows that you are an independent and liberal-minded individual. You will not follow conventional or well-established paths in your life, you prefer to make your own way, to cut your own path and be seen as an individual with a mind and goals of your own. While you often feel rebellious toward any form of authority, it tends to be in a good-natured and non-threatening way, rather than outright hostility. If you can harness your undoubted creative and innovative energies toward productive and positive ends there is not much you could not achieve, although this aspect does not of itself provide the necessary drive, just the potential.

This aspect indicates some degree of leadership potential, you are able to speak with conviction and understanding on a whole range of issues, and when you get going your enthusiasm and energy can inspire others. While you are capable of achieving a great deal, you will never exaggerate your achievements either to yourself or others. No one could accuse you of being an egotist.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The opposition between the Sun and Uranus indicates that there is a strong urge for complete independence and self-determination, but this will be experienced through relationships before you are able to express it yourself. You will often find that secure situations are disrupted, usually by your partner or other people with whom you have a relationship.

You will often find yourself attracted to highly individualistic, rebellious or even unstable people, your experiences with such people draw out the erratic or eccentric side of your own nature, forcing you to break out of conventional and limiting forms of behaviour and living. In this way you can discover your own particular genius and bring a more spontaneous and original quality into your life.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The conjunction between the Sun and Neptune indicates that you are an idealistic and imaginative individual. Early in your life you may have had some difficulty in gaining a clear sense of self-identity, who you are and where you are going in your life, but when this problem is to some extent overcome, you have a creative vision as well as the potential to actualise this vision in your own life in some way.

You are aware that as an individual you are also part of a greater whole, and that individual needs and welfare, and the needs and welfare of the greater whole are inextricably linked. You believe that life has a higher purpose than mere survival and you will eventually express or be a channel for this higher purpose in you own life. An aspect between the Sun and Neptune is said to be good for dealing with the public, or for public speaking. You have an almost mystical aura about you that is able to capture the imagination of your audience, and make them aware of issues about which they may be unclear or uncertain.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The Sun in a sextile aspect to Neptune stimulates the imaginative and idealistic side of your personality. Your ideals may seem to be somewhat Utopian and unrealistic to others, but you are not an impractical dreamer, you have definite and realistic ideas as to how the vision of society you have can be made a reality. You have sympathy for the oppressed and underprivileged, but your contribution to righting the wrongs of society may be more on an intellectual level than a practical one. It is your visions that give you the drive and determination to succeed in some area. You work best if you can set yourself some far off goal, a vision of what you want to achieve, which then draws you on through the necessary steps to the attainment of your goal. You will never be satisfied with what you have achieved, always haunted by the feeling that there is more that you can do, another vision to be actualised.

In your dealings with others, you know intuitively what is expected of you, and how to react, in any social or professional situation. In other words, you can adapt and "fit in" to almost any situation.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - With the square between the Sun and Neptune you will experience some confusion concerning your sense of who you are, and where you are going. Past experiences and events in your life can often raise issues that force you to examine yourself honestly and understand how you drew these experiences to you, and what you must learn from them. Unfortunately, you will often evade the issue by escaping into a world of dreams and fantasy.

You tend to underestimate your abilities, and the fear of failure could prevent you from doing things that you would be fully capable of. In time, and probably after a great deal of self analysis, you will become more confident about your own creative potential and set higher goals for yourself.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The mystical planet Neptune in a trine aspect to your Sun brings to your consciousness a visionary quality and an awareness of levels of reality beyond that normally perceived by the senses. There will be a deep yearning to transcend the normal states of consciousness and experience a higher or more "spiritual" awareness. This may be sought through meditation, the subtle and profound messages and vibrations expressed in music, or negatively through the use of drugs, although this is not as likely as with the difficult aspects. Even if you do not actively pursue these higher states of awareness, you are a born idealist, with a vision of how the world could be, and even if you cannot change the world you will attempt to turn your vision into reality in whatever way you can in your own environment. It is surprising how many people with this aspect succeed in realising their visions and ideals in some way.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The opposition between the Sun and Neptune indicates that you may have some difficulty in separating illusion from reality, truth from fiction, in your dealings with other people. You are a dreamer with high ideals, but with the opposition you are likely to look to others to fulfil your ideals or make your dreams a reality, and when they fail to do so, you are likely to feel confused and let down. This results from an unclear self-image of who you are and where you are going. Neptune represents the need to transcend our normal states of consciousness into a world of mystical experiences or a world of dreams and fantasy. With the opposition aspect, challenges from the outer world may be dealt with by escaping from the world, rather than facing them and dealing with them.

Rather than looking to other people to deal with the world for you, you need to define your own sense of purpose and direction. Your biggest enemy is your own self-doubt which causes you to underestimate your own abilities, and perhaps turn down opportunities for growth that would have been of great benefit to you.

SUN Sun Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The Sun in conjunction to Pluto indicates a powerful urge to assert yourself. There is an intensity in the way you pursue your goals that others may find difficult to handle. In your desire to get your own way there is something of a power trip. You may even resort to manipulation through possessiveness or stirring up feelings of guilt and deep-seated emotions. You have the capacity to achieve whatever you want, if you do not rouse too much opposition on the way. Much of your motivation may be unconscious, based on long-repressed fears or difficult experiences that you are trying to forget. Perhaps some form of analysis or meditation technique would help you to understand yourself and your motivations. When you know where you are coming from you will have a clearer idea of where you are going to.

You are aware of broad social issues, and you can find a sense of direction and purpose by becoming personally involved in the fight against the injustices and exploitation which you see around you.

SUN Sun Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - With the Sun in sextile to Pluto you are aware of a deeper meaning to life and reality than surface appearances would suggest, and you have a deep-seated urge to investigate and understand these mysteries. This may take you into experiences and studies that are considered taboo or occult and esoteric to most people in your society, but this aspect does not incline to fanaticism or extreme gullibility so you are not likely to be completely overwhelmed by such interests. You are aware of the need for periodic change and transformation both in your circumstances and within yourself. There will be periods in your life when an old way of being, or fixed and secure circumstances seem to die or undergo an irresistible upheaval. Despite the emotional pain and uncertainties that such changes inevitably bring, you will be able to maintain a philosophical attitude, since you are deeply aware that whatever happens is necessary in the long run for your future development and growth.

SUN Sun Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The square between the Sun and Pluto suggests a powerful need to be in control. You feel, perhaps as a result of childhood experiences with your parents or some other authority figure, that life is a constant battle to dominate or be dominated. Because of the nature of Pluto you may not even be fully conscious of this tendency, hence your wilfulness can alienate others without your being aware of the reasons. Attempts to suppress your powerful ego drives will lead to a build up of tension that must eventually be released, often explosively; hence you can exhibit perfect self-control in the most difficult circumstances, but hit the roof over something trifling and unimportant.

If you can use the power of this aspect constructively rather than destructively, you will find that you have tremendous reserves of energy and will-power that will enable you to achieve whatever you desire. You just need to make sure that what you desire can be achieved without causing conflict with others, and learn to compromise and meet opposition half way.

SUN Sun Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - With a trine between the Sun and Pluto in your chart you will have a strong desire to make something of yourself, and the determination to succeed in whatever task you set yourself. While your personal will is strong, and you are determined to continue along your own path in the face of difficulties and outright opposition, you are not motivated by purely personal considerations. Your motivation stems from a deep social or spiritual urge to make some kind of creative contribution to the world. You would like to bring order out of chaos, and to encourage and teach others to achieve their full potential. You will be admired by others for your courage and determination in fighting for what you believe to be right. They will recognise that your arguments are based on a deep insight into the nature of the problem, and a genuine desire to put things right.

You will be aware that people's lives are, at times, guided by some higher purpose or power, whatever you choose to call this power, and that even difficult or painful experiences often lead to greater opportunities and personal fulfilment. As a result, you are able to weather your own personal crises with the knowledge that it is just a phase in the total pattern of your life.

SUN Sun Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The opposition between the Sun and Pluto indicates a need to assert your will against what you perceive as the opposition of others. You will tend to be uncompromising in your attitudes and suspicious of people who hold opinions different from your own. As a result you will often find yourself in a battle of wills with other people. All this stems from a basic insecurity about your own position and an inherent assumption that others are, or believe themselves to be, in a stronger position than yourself. Combining this with a deep need to be in control, you cannot resist attempting to impose your own will. Most of the time though, there is no threat. With any opposition aspect there is a tendency to project the conflicts it produces onto the outer world rather than accept them as part of our own nature, as a result you often rouse people into behaving in the very way that you expect of them. At certain times during your life, your self-image or sense of purpose is likely to undergo radical transformation, probably as a result of the actions of others or your experiences in your personal relationships. At the time, such changes may seem painful and difficult to handle, but Pluto usually removes the old in order to make way for something new, and you will eventually emerge as a stronger and more self assured individual.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - The conjunction between the Moon and Mercury indicates that you have a strong and fertile imagination. You are able to absorb and assimilate information quickly and effectively, thus learning comes fairly easy to you, whether you are involved in a formal course of study, or learning the lessons of life itself. Your emotions may at times overrule your intellect, clouding your thinking and making it difficult for you to rationalise and think clearly. At other times you may intellectualise what should simply be experienced as an emotion. You do not want others to perceive you as either coldly intellectual, or over-emotional and you strive to achieve a balance between the two, perhaps at times when you should simply go with how you feel.

The main disadvantage with this aspect is your sensitivity, you can often be hurt not just by what is said and expressed openly, but also by what you feel is being left unsaid and unexpressed.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - The Moon and Mercury in a sextile aspect heighten your emotional perception. You are sensitive to the emotional states of other people, even if they do not openly express how they are feeling. You are able to view your own emotions objectively and understand where your feelings are coming from, but you are not overly cold and analytical, mind and emotions are generally harmoniously balanced. This ability enables you to help others who are going through emotional difficulties to gain a different perspective on their problems, whether you do this professionally or simply to help friends.

You have an excellent memory, able to absorb and recall information with ease, you learn from your past mistakes as well as successes.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - The square between the Moon and Mercury creates a tension between your emotional nature, and your logical rational intellect. At times, one may be expressed at the expense of the other. While you are sensitive yourself, you may express a form of unconscious criticism of other people’s habits or feelings, you will say things that cause hurt or offence in others without you realising it. You have a natural feel for other people’s motivations and emotional needs, but you will attempt to analyse them in a rather critical vein. Perhaps this stems from past experiences where your own deeper feelings were hurt by unfair or unduly harsh criticism.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - With the Moon and Mercury in a trine aspect, you have an excellent memory that allows you to draw from the experiences of the past to deal with the present. Mind and emotions are well integrated, you understand your own emotional needs and are able to analyse any problems or inner conflicts, and come to terms with them. You are able to express your feelings verbally, uninhibited by fear of an adverse reaction. Your insight and understanding of other people’s emotions make you a good counsellor, either professionally or with friends who need your understanding and advice. You know instinctively how to apply your knowledge and make the most of your creative potentials. You know how to make people feel comfortable in your company.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph MERCURY Mercury Glyph - The opposition between the Moon and Mercury indicates some difficulty in integrating the intellectual and emotional sides of your nature. Communications with others on an emotional level may be confused or distorted by your expectations or preconceptions. At times your reason may be overwhelmed by your emotions, at other times you swing to the opposite extreme and your cold, logical approach to emotional issues may convince others that you have no feelings at all.

On a more positive note, much of this confusion arises from the fact that you are mentally attuned to other people’s feelings. You instinctively know when something is not right, but if you are not aware of where these feelings are coming from, you may feel that it is something to do with you even when this is not the case. This facility enables you to empathise with others, and perhaps give them guidance or a helping hand when they need it most.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - With the Moon and Venus in conjunction you are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. You try to be on friendly terms with everyone, whatever their attitude toward you, you can relate to people without any pretence and will try to put people at their ease if you feel that there is any tension between you. You are sensitive enough to feel hurt if your friendly overtures are rejected, but you are unlikely to show this openly. Your family life as a child was probably pleasant and supportive and taught you how to manage your affairs, which has prepared you well for having a family and home of your own.

You would do well in any occupation that brings you before the public, since you are genuinely concerned with the problems of others and are ready to do what you can to help. This quality comes across and people feel that they can trust you.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - The sextile between the Moon and Venus indicates that your emotions and feelings are well balanced. You know what you want from a partner and are not afraid to communicate this to them. You are willing and able to give emotional support and understanding to those who are close to you, and you do not demand more than you feel you are capable of giving. You are a sociable person, you feel at ease with most people, which puts them at ease with you. Tolerant and understanding of other people’s negative qualities, it would be extremely hard to make an enemy of you. You are usually confident that even the most difficult situation will work out well in the end.

In your relationships, you are prepared to share everything with your partner and to compromise with your needs to accommodate theirs, but naturally you expect the same in return.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - With the Moon and Venus in a square aspect there will be some conflict between your expression of love and affection and your deeper emotional needs. Early conditioning will have made you wary about giving too much in a relationship, because you are afraid of the demands made on you, and the responsibilities expected of you. Because of this, you will feel awkward or inhibited in expressing your true feelings, and you may put off marriage or a close commitment until you are sure that the other person will not make too many heavy demands on you emotionally, and allow you some degree of personal freedom. Even then, if you feel the pressure of restrictions closing in on you, you may seek some form of escape.

The source of these feelings probably comes from your early relationship with your parents, perhaps they demanded total loyalty from you emotionally, or tried to prevent you from forming close relationships with anyone outside the family. Whatever the reason, anyone who tries to get close to you now will have to deal with the problems caused by your early emotional experiences.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - The trine aspect between the Moon and Venus is not a particularly strong or noticeable aspect in itself, but may serve to soften or compensate for other, more difficult aspects. You are optimistic and positive about your relationships, able to see the best in everybody and ignoring their bad side. People are attracted by your calmness and openness, and you can often help others with problems by raising their spirits. You like honesty and sincerity in others, and strive to maintain these qualities in yourself. You always do your best in whatever you do, believing that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and you have a talent for bringing out the best in others.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph VENUS Venus Glyph - The opposition between the Moon and Venus indicates some difficulty in achieving harmony in your personal relationships. You may tend to depend too much on your partner to provide you with emotional security or with your social life, with the result that you distance or alienate the very people you are trying to get closest to. Emotional satisfaction may be difficult to find, something always seems to get in the way or complications arise that upset your sense of harmony and balance. Compensation by finding security in material possessions may be one way of dealing with this, but ultimately you will feel that however much you possess, the security it provides is empty and inherently impermanent.

You need to get in touch with your own feelings, to find your sense of security within yourself, and then you will find that instead of looking to others to provide for your needs, and being rejected, they will turn to you when they are in need.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - A conjunction between the Moon and Mars indicates a high degree of emotional sensitivity. You are genuinely hurt by criticism, even when it is not meant to be taken too seriously and may over react by deliberately hurting the other person, or by going away on your own to brood. You may find it difficult to forgive people who have hurt you in the past, even if you want to and can understand their reasons; the memory of your pain keeps coming back to haunt you, giving rise to feelings of frustration and anger that you are unable to express.

Your ego drive and your emotional state are intimately linked. When you are feeling good you can work tirelessly toward an objective, but when you are feeling down your motivation evaporates and you feel unable to do anything, even the day to day chores that are necessary to keep your life in order. You are often unsure about your own motives, many of your actions being determined or influenced by half forgotten memories of past experiences, as a result you find it difficult to assert yourself effectively.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - The sextile between the Moon and Mars shows that you are fearless and direct in expressing your emotional needs, perhaps too forceful at times. In your childhood, you learned to be open about your needs, to say what you want and to know how to go about getting it. Fear of rejection does not bother you too much, you have an emotional strength that is able to cope with all the knocks that come your way.

You rely strongly on your intuition in an argument, or when dealing with opponents. You know your own feelings and are able to express them with a forcefulness that is difficult to oppose. You instinctively know your opponents’ weak points, and are able to hit them where it hurts most when you feel this is necessary.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - With the aggressive planet Mars in a stressful aspect to your Moon, your emotional and domestic life is likely to be a source of considerable conflict. You will be sensitive and touchy where your emotions are concerned, especially with those close to you, and you may over-react or respond to any real or imagined attack on your emotional sensitivity with inappropriate aggressiveness. The Moon represents unconscious behaviour patterns based on past experience, also what we need to feel happy with ourselves. Mars represents our self-assertive and aggressive nature and these two are in conflict. You may feel a vague and irrational sense of irritation which you will tend to project on to other people. You may need to examine your past to understand where this anger is coming from so that you can make positive use of this difficult combination.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - With the Moon and Mars in a harmonious aspect your emotions and feelings and your more aggressive and self-assertive drives complement and support one another. You are tolerant of other people’s short-comings and even when you are roused to anger, even if you are fully justified, you will rarely express hatred. You are able to keep going even through periods of emotional upheaval, with the energy of Mars giving you an emotional strength and a determination to see things through. This same quality enables you to give emotional support to friends when they are going through difficult times, and you may find yourself being sought out for the understanding and strength that you have developed as a result of dealing with your own difficulties in the past.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph MARS Mars Glyph - The opposition between the Moon and Mars indicates a conflict between your emotional needs and the self-assertive and aggressive side of your nature. You may be over-assertive in expressing your emotional needs, and react with impatience or anger if they are not met. You can be headstrong and insensitive when dealing with other people’s feelings, but touchy and over sensitive about your own. You need to resist the urge to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, to learn patience and diplomacy and acceptance of other people’s faults.

Your impulsiveness may be the cause of many emotional conflicts, but with the opposition between these planets you are likely to put the blame for this on someone else, or let someone else express this aspect for you. You need to find a way to channel this energy into positive and cooperative relationships, rather than treating relationships as a kind of battlefield in which you must meet all the challenges, real or imagined, and win.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - With the Moon conjunct Jupiter you are basically generous and sympathetic in your dealings with others. You are sensitive to your social environment, and your concern for the welfare of the under-privileged and oppressed is genuine. You understand intuitively the causes of many of today’s social problems, your ideas on how to resolve them are intellectually sound, if only you can get anyone to listen, and you will use any opportunity to raise the general level of consciousness on such issues. Any personal ambitions you may have will be directed by a need to contribute something positive to society and to benefit others as well as yourself, you find it difficult to understand people who are driven by purely financial and selfish motivations.

You have a deep-seated optimism that things will eventually work out well for you, and a faith in life or God that will support you, even when your external circumstances appear to be bleak and depressing. You learn something positive from all your experiences, good and bad.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The sextile aspect between your Moon and the planet Jupiter indicates that you are tolerant and generous in your emotional responses to others. You are always willing to listen to other people’s problems, and are usually able to help in some way, even if it is only by lending a sympathetic ear, and putting their problems in a more objective light. Even with difficult or disagreeable people, you are willing to give the benefit of the doubt. You understand how many behavioural and emotional problems result from painful childhood experiences, and you may feel that healing these wounds is more important than punishing wrongdoings. While this is true in a large number of cases, and while you may have some success in this area, there is the danger that people with no real desire to change will take advantage of your sympathetic nature. When this happens you are liable to feel deeply hurt.

In your personal, emotional and home life, you like to give emotional support and comfort to those who are closest to you. For you, home should not be a prison or a place to retreat, but a secure base from which you can pursue your own goals and ideals, and your desire to achieve something in the world.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - Jupiter and the Moon in a square aspect indicate that your emotions can be unstable and rather volatile. There is a conflict between your need for emotional support and sharing, and your need to achieve greater prosperity or knowledge through your own efforts, hence you tend to swing between feelings of dependence and independence, enthusiasm and apathy. You may have difficulty in balancing your domestic responsibilities with your ambitions, causing conflict within yourself and with those closest to you.

Your sympathy and understanding makes you generous to others, but you may over-extend yourself financially, spending money that you do not have, or buying on credit in anticipation of what is to come. You need to apply strict financial controls to yourself to avoid getting into difficulties.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The trine between the Moon and Jupiter in your chart indicates that you have a warm and generous nature. Sensitive to the needs of others, you are able to give emotional support and comfort when it is needed. You may find that others approach you for sympathy and understanding when their lives are not going too well, because of your ability to help them gain an optimistic viewpoint on their emotional problems. You enjoy being in the company of people who can make you feel positive and good about yourself. You do not hang on to the past, or nurse grievances for too long. You have a spirit of adventure that looks to the future, and a need to satisfy your desire for new experiences.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph JUPITER Jupiter Glyph - The opposition aspect between the Moon and Jupiter suggests the likelihood of over-responsive or unstable emotional reactions. You may tend to expect too much emotional care and support from others, over-expectant of their ability or willingness to give you what you need. You are benevolent and generous, perhaps to a fault, but you could be taken advantage of because you tend to look for these qualities in others, even when they are not there. You have many creative talents, but you need reassurance from someone else to maintain your confidence in your own abilities.

If you do not make the necessary effort to recognise and develop your own talents and ability to grow and prosper, you may seek out someone who will live out these qualities for you. This is often a danger with the opposition aspect.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - With the Moon conjunct Saturn in your chart, you will have learned at an early age the value of self-discipline and hard work. You may have experienced your early home life as lacking any real emotional warmth, with one or both of your parents either absent, or too concerned with their ambitions or business interests to give you the love you needed. As a result, you may have felt unloved as a child, as an adult you have probably outgrown the need for parental emotional support, and are able to understand them and relate to them as individuals in their own right, but the experience will have left you with a certain degree of emotional detachment, as well as a deep need to achieve something through your own efforts. You will be reserved and cautious in the expression of your emotions and will not express how you feel for someone unless you are certain that you will not be rejected. You will seek stability and permanence in your home and emotional life, but you need a partner who can share your professional life as well.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The Moon in sextile to Saturn indicates that you are reserved and cautious in your feelings for others. You need to understand the people you are close to, before you are prepared to reveal your deepest emotions. You are good at listening to the problems of others, and willing to help practically, or simply by understanding. You have a common sense approach to practical matters, and can usually organise things to get by even in times of scarcity.

You have a high degree of integrity, even if you don’t always live up to your own expectations. Even if you have no great ambitions for yourself, you will be willing to help your mate on their own path.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - With the square between the Moon and Saturn, you may have a tendency to place duty and responsibility before your emotional needs. It may be that in your childhood, not enough attention was given to your emotional needs, leaving you feeling that they are unimportant, or that they should be subordinated to more practical concerns. Perhaps you experienced your parents as being very judgmental or detached, or perhaps one or both of them was not there at all. As you grow older you will learn to make your own judgments on yourself, and not take the opinions of others too much to heart. It is important that you find some way of expressing yourself emotionally, and learn to listen to your heart as well as your head.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph - The Moon in a trine aspect to Saturn will provide a stabilising influence to other more stressful aspects of your personality. Your early home life and conditioning will have given you a deep sense of responsibility and the need for self-discipline which will always be there. Even if you rebel against it at times, you still take your responsibilities seriously. Emotionally you may be rather reserved, perhaps even inhibited in some ways, you will need to feel completely secure before you will reveal your deepest feelings to anyone. You have excellent organisational abilities and can put a lot of creative effort into your home and professional life. You do not ask for more than you give out, and feel that you have to earn whatever you get, an end to which you can work with discipline and patience.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph SATURN Saturn Glyph The opposition between the Moon and Saturn will tend to make you reserved and uncertain when it comes to expressing your emotions. Your early experiences may have taught you the value of duty and responsibility at the expense of your emotional needs, perhaps causing you to feel unloved or rejected as a result. You approach life seriously, with a great depth of understanding, but there is a strong aspect of pessimism, and the general feeling that things will not work out for you as you expect. You need to realise that this is only your reactions to past experiences, and that while you allow it to influence your present state of mind you will often sabotage your efforts through your own inner doubts.

You will often project these negative feelings onto others, particularly your partner in a close relationship. Expecting your partner to block or reject the expression of your deeper emotions, you will eventually elicit this behaviour from them, or treat them this way in the belief that you are protecting yourself. You must learn to love yourself, and then you can achieve an inner sense of strength and security that cannot be shaken by the influences of people and events.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The conjunction between the Moon and Uranus is a potentially difficult aspect, since the Moon naturally seeks security and stability while Uranus naturally seeks freedom and independence. There is a strong urge to break free from the values and standards of behaviour inherited from your parents and family, in fact your way of life will probably be completely different from theirs. From the viewpoint of “conventional” society your interests and way of life may seem unusual and unconventional. Many people may not be able to understand your reluctance to settle down to a more “normal way of life”, and you will be prepared to put up with anything rather than accept a situation that limits your freedom of action. There is a conflict, however, since the Moon craves security, so you may at some point in your life suppress your need for freedom and accept a limiting situation for the apparent emotional security that it provides. But, energy that is suppressed only leaks out in another form and you may find that in this case your domestic life is likely to be full of strife and conflict and final disruption.

The memories of past emotional difficulties and pain may make you extremely reluctant to make any kind of binding commitment in relationships and you will resist attempts to make you do so for a long time. You may find that time after time, when you finally overcome your reluctance and make a commitment, even if it is only in your own mind, that is when things really start going wrong. It is easy enough to blame the other person in these situations, but it is really your own need for freedom and independence leaking out again. The best way to handle this aspect is to find a partner with the same needs and the same problems with whom you can discuss how you feel openly without either of you taking offence.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The Moon in sextile aspect to Uranus gives you the need for a considerable degree of freedom in your personal and emotional life. Although this is a basically harmonious aspect, the need for freedom and independence symbolised by Uranus does not combine well with the need for security and roots symbolised by the Moon. You may periodically break up secure and stable situations to seek out new experiences. This may not be too much of a problem for you since it is the expression of a basic psychological need, but those close to you may find it difficult to understand. You have a strong intuition, and much of your knowledge comes through sudden insights that seem to come from deep within yourself, rather than as the result of logical analysis. Many astrologers regard Uranus as the higher octave of Mercury, or the Universal Mind, to which you are instinctively attuned.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The square between your Moon and the planet Uranus will tend to make you erratic and unpredictable in your emotional behaviour. You may feel that you are fighting a constant battle to maintain your personal freedom and independence in the face of emotional demands from those close to you. This may have resulted from your experiences as a child, when you were prevented from expressing yourself freely. As an adult you will tend to react to limitations on your freedom of self-expression before they actually exist. You will vent your anger and frustration on those closest to you, and many of your outbursts will be completely unjustified. If you approach marriage, or a close personal relationship, with the traditional idea that one person dominates, you will be asking for trouble. You have a deep seated need for equality and the mutual sharing of responsibility, and if you can achieve this you will find that the relationship will be better for both of you.

On the more positive side, you have an instinctive understanding of revolutionary and forward-looking ideas, and of the need for society to break free from the chains of outmoded and conservative structures and beliefs. If you can exercise some degree of self-control, you have a natural ability to handle or lead groups, and you are a born fighter for equal rights.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The trine between the Moon and Uranus in your chart indicates that there is no conflict between your need for emotional security and your need for personal freedom. Your early conditioning has taught you how to balance these two needs, how to handle your responsibilities as part of a family and at the same time realise your own potential as a self-determined and unique individual. You have an open mind, and are willing to listen to, and at least consider, the opinions of others. Your reply will be well-considered and based on insight and understanding. Your intuition is powerful, much of your knowledge seeming to come from “another world”. Uranus is often described as the higher octave of Mercury, the Universal as opposed to the personal mind. With this aspect you have an instinctive and creative link to this higher mental energy. The deeper study of subjects related to this way of thinking would benefit you enormously.

The past does not hold you back, you have assimilated its lessons and your drive is toward the future. You are drawn to occupations that aim to bring creative changes to the whole of society. You have an innate understanding of the direction of its change and evolution and would like to play an active part in stimulating its development.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph URANUS Uranus Glyph - The opposition between the Moon and Uranus indicates an emotional temperament that can be erratic and unpredictable. You will tend to alternate between a need for emotional security and complete freedom for yourself. Problems in your relationships will often be dealt with by breaking away, in the hope that when you return the problems will have sorted themselves out, rather than dealing with them face to face. You may often, consciously or unconsciously, upset a stable situation simply to introduce some excitement or change into your life. The problem with any opposition between two planets, and also with this one, is that the energy of the aspect is often projected onto other people, particularly those closest to you, forcing them to live out a part of yourself that you are repressing, and enabling you to lay the blame elsewhere.

With this aspect, you need a relationship based on mutual responsibility and equality. Traditional roles where one partner dominates do not suit your temperament, and the resulting tension can lead to explosive situations. Once you have balanced your need for closeness and sharing, and your need for a degree of personal independence and freedom, preferably with a partner who feels the same way, your emotional life can become a source of strength and creativity.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - This aspect between the Moon and Neptune greatly stimulates your imagination. You have a strong creative imagination, a dreamer with high ideals, you may sometimes find it difficult to separate your dreams from reality. You have a psychic ability which you are probably not fully conscious of, but it does allow you to react to stimuli, or vibes, in your environment that others are not aware of. Unless your mind is stimulated and your interest directed toward something concrete, you will tend to retreat into a world of fantasy and daydreams. It is particularly important that you have a job that interests you, otherwise you could gain a reputation as a daydreamer who is unable to concentrate on the task at hand.

You are idealistic in your personal relationships, perhaps unrealistic. Few people, if any, could live up to your high expectations of them. You will tend to judge people according to the immediate feelings they arouse in you, and you may attribute qualities to them that they do not possess in reality. This will result in disappointment when their all too human failings come to light. You will need to learn to accept people for what they are, rather than what you would like them to be.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The sextile between the Moon and Neptune stimulates your creative imagination and psychic sensitivity. You are sensitive to the vibrations and unexpressed emotions in the atmosphere around you. Your imagination can get carried away at times, and stir up deep emotions, both positive and negative. These deep feelings arouse the need to respond to your social obligations in some way. You will do what you can to raise public awareness of unacceptable social conditions or exploitation.

In your personal relationships, your high ideals and desire for a spiritual kind of love are tempered by an awareness and understanding of other people’s imperfections.

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The Moon in a difficult aspect to Neptune indicates that you may have some difficulty in separating the ideal from the real. Both are intuitive, receptive planets and both operate to a large degree unconsciously, so the negative side of this combination is particularly difficult to get to grips with. There is a strong current of self-delusion, and a difficulty in accepting yourself for what you are, even if the truth about yourself is positive and encouraging. Others may be able to see, and have confidence in, your abilities and talents, but you will be your own biggest doubter since very few people can live up to the perfectionist standards that people with this aspect apply (probably unconsciously) to themselves and to others. Neptune opens us up to a sea of infinite possibilities in whatever area of the chart it contacts, so your self-doubt stems from an instinctive feeling of being a small fish in a large ocean, “what makes me think I am capable of doing this?”, “why should I think that I am so important?”, are questions you will often ask yourself.

In your dealings with other people you like to see the good in everybody. You will overlook, or not even notice, their bad side, and will be willing to forgive almost anything if the explanation sounds reasonable. As a consequence you are particularly open to deception, either deliberate or unintentional, and you will often be disappointed when you finally realise that the person you thought was so wonderful is just an ordinary fallible human being like the rest of us. This aspect is a challenge to raise your level of self-awareness, and to accept other people for what they are, both good and bad, free from any illusion or self-deception.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph The trine between the Moon and Neptune stimulates your creative imagination and emotional sensitivity. Both the Moon and Neptune being watery, receptive planets, you are acutely aware of the needs and feelings of others, being able to pick up on subtle vibrations in the psychic atmosphere around you. Perhaps you are too sensitive, your deeper emotions are in a constant state of ebb and flow so that while you are open to the needs of others, you may not be too sure about your own needs and feelings. This makes you vulnerable and liable to be taken advantage of, perhaps without you even realising it. Your creativity is strong, and your instinctive awareness of the finer things in life gives you an appreciation of art, poetry and music. This aspect of itself, however, does not give you the drive to fully develop your own creative potentials, you tend to simply dream about what is possible.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph NEPTUNE Neptune Glyph - The Moon and Neptune in opposition indicate that you have high ideals, particularly in your emotional relationships, that may be unrealistic in reality. You will tend to project the ideal of perfection onto those closest to you, expecting them to have the same sensitivity and spiritual understanding that you expect of yourself. As a result you may be subject to self-deception because you would rather live in your dreams than accept the truth. Others may deceive you since your willingness to always give the benefit of the doubt can make you something of a push over. You will need to beware of being used by other people for their own purposes.

You may be disappointed when other people do not live up to the ideals that you expect of them, and it is all too easy to blame them for their own shortcomings. You need to realise that your high ideals come from within yourself, and since even you cannot live up to them you tend to project them on to others. This is a common expression of the opposition aspect, the inner conflicts it produces are projected outside of the self.

MOON Moon Glyph CONJUNCT Conjunction Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The Moon and Pluto in conjunction is a powerful aspect that produces deep and intense emotions. You may find it difficult to control feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Looking for the perfect relationship, you demand complete commitment from a partner, who you depend on to satisfy a longing for a complete spiritual and emotional union. In your home, you will need to control the urge to become autocratic and demanding, perhaps your early experiences and conditioning have taught you the need to hold on to what you want at all costs.

Throughout your life, your emotional needs and responses may periodically undergo a complete transformation, often with accompanying pain, but always to ultimate benefit of your personal and spiritual growth.

MOON Moon Glyph SEXTILE Sextile Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The sextile aspect between the Moon and Pluto allows you to gain an intellectual understanding of other people’s motivations and deeper emotions. You understand how we are often motivated by unconscious hopes and fears into actions that are not conducive to our total well-being. You have an intellectual understanding of love, and you are aware of the strength of the emotional bonds that hold people together. You can also see how these bonds are broken, often painfully, by fate or karma when they are no longer a true reflection of the real needs of the people involved. As a result you have a deep understanding of other people’s emotional needs and problems. You can often help people in difficulty to gain an objective view of their experiences and see them as part of the overall pattern of their lives.

This is not to say that your own emotional life is without its upheavals, but you can usually weather the storms with at least the hope that you will emerge from it stronger, and with a clearer understanding; you believe it to be true for other people, why can’t it be true for you?

MOON Moon Glyph SQUARE Square Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The square between your Moon and the powerful and compulsive planet Pluto will give you a rather intense and demanding emotional nature. You will tend to demand a great deal from those to whom you are emotionally attached, but will be reluctant to give much or accept too much responsibility. As a result, your domestic and emotional life may be the source of conflicts and power struggles, in which you try to manipulate another through feelings of guilt, possessiveness and jealousy; or you may be the victim of such attempts at manipulation. Past emotional difficulties may have left deep-seated scars that have not completely healed, and which come to the surface at inappropriate times.

There may be a deep-seated dissatisfaction with yourself and life in general and an urge to remodel or change your deeper nature in a radical way. In fact you may have to go through periodic crises in which you are forced to let go of past emotional attachments, memories, or ways of being, and transform your approach to these areas of your life. Painful though these experiences may be, this aspect indicates that they are necessary for your ultimate spiritual growth.

MOON Moon Glyph TRINE Trine Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The Moon in a trine aspect to Pluto strengthens and deepens your emotional nature. You will weather any storm with the knowledge that a crisis is often necessary to shake you out of a rut, or raise your level of self-awareness, and that you will emerge from it with a greater inner strength and understanding. You will go through many creative changes, both inner and outer, during your life, and you will often become aware that the directions that you take are guided by a deeper purpose than those of your personal ego.

MOON Moon Glyph OPPOSITION Opposition Glyph PLUTO Pluto Glyph - The opposition between the Moon and Pluto produces deep and compulsive feelings that may be difficult to get to grips with or to understand. You may often find yourself having to deal with intense emotional upheavals in your personal relationships. Sometimes there may be a real external cause for these feelings, but at other times they originate from within yourself but tend to be projected onto your partner. Your domestic life may often be the scene for intense emotional power battles in which one or both of you attempts to manipulate the other through feelings of guilt, jealousy and possessiveness. The source of these confrontations, which are really confrontations with yourself, probably lies in your past. You will need to understand their source before you can effectively deal with them.

Pluto represents the force for change and transformation, and if you do not take heed of this energy consciously it is often forced on you by circumstances, with some degree of emotional pain. You will go through periodic crises throughout your life that will force you to look within yourself to deal with the resulting feelings, but you will always emerge from these periods a stronger person than you were before.

Original Source - Happy Dragon 2003

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