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NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR SUN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your sensitivity increases and you are apt to be more dreamy, lazy, impractical, and reclusive at this time. Your visualization of ideal or imaginary situations is strong. Favorable for artistic endeavors, especially music and photography. You could take a leadership role in community, charity, or public service work. This could be a time of self-development through psychological or spiritual healing, or of self-deception and escapist tendencies through drugs, alcohol, or unwise fantasy. You can find solace and inspiration in meditation, yoga, or mysticism.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR MOON (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your sensitivity increases and you may feel more sympathetic, considerate, sacrificing, and submissive than usual. This can be a time of psychological withdrawal and healing. Family vacations and outings are indicated. You may need to overcome negative escapist tendencies, and you are especially sensitive to drugs and alcohol. It's a good time to give your support to community, charity, or social services.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your imagination is stimulated and you may be somewhat psychic at this time. Your thinking is not as logical or as practical as usual and your conversation tends to ramble. However, your imagination can be vivid and you can be especially creative or prophetic about future events. Communications tend to be disorganized and unclear.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your intuition plays a greater role in your work at this time. You can have subtle and prophetic insights. You may be more involved in community or union activities. You may need to confront deceptions at work and it may not be a good time to sign contracts and agreements at this time.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your financial situation can be vague and idealistic at this time. You may be prone to impractical or extravagant expenditures. Public finances or grants may become available to you based upon your need.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You tend to be highly idealistic in your romantic life at this time. You may unrealistically bestow your affection on the wrong people. Your intuitive, psychic abilities are stimulated, and you are especially sensitive to beauty, art, and music at this time. It's a good time for your community involvement as you tend to feel charitable and considerate of those who are less fortunate.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR MARS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You are inclined toward secretive activities. You could be drawn into conspiracies and plots, or encounter unusual people. Artistic pursuits are stimulated by your active imagination. Your intuitive insights and healing energies can be used positively to help others. Use caution with alcohol or drugs, as you are very sensitive at this time.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR JUPITER (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may have increased intuitive or spiritual awareness. You may want to retreat from your usual routines in order to seek inspiration. Your ideals and imagination can be overly sensitive to escapism through alcohol and drug use. Your interest turns to music, drama, dance, and healing as you develop your powers of visualization.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR SATURN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your career duties can be vague, complex, and even chaotic during this period. You may have to confront problems of laziness, incompetence, ill health, and unreliability. Your own imagination may amplify your fears and you may suffer from anxieties, escapism, or brooding psychological difficulties as you strive for self- improvement. Put your visualization powers to constructive use. Expose deception and hidden restraints. Community activities and appreciation of music, theater, cinema can be therapeutic.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your intuitive perceptions intensify. You can meet quite unusual people and can become involved in unusual enterprises. You can be hypersensitive to drugs, alcohol and psychic influences. You may suddenly realize and confront unconscious habits and energies that you wish to change. Your creative imagination is stimulated in both artistic and scientific fields, and you may become actively involved in groups or organizations oriented to healing and community needs.

Your life span would need to exceed one hundred sixty years in order to experience this transit.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR PLUTO (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may have a strong urge to withdraw into a communal group during this period to satisfy an inner need for identity and belonging. You seek a simple lifestyle and to be with uncomplicated people. You may feel a sense of trust, unity and camaraderie as the group works for the democratic good of the whole. At the same time, you may also be aware of vague situations of falseness and manipulation, but still have high hopes for the outcome. Trust your instincts to research hidden factors so that you do not expose yourself to threatening situations. Your unconscious mind can be regenerated and healed, and your awareness can be profoundly altered.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your intuition is stimulated and you can become more aware of psychological or psychic influences. You can be hypersensitive to your environment and wish to withdraw into isolation. Emotional states can affect your health. You may find self-expression through art, music, or community, social, or charity work. Avoid self-destructive habits.

NEPTUNE CONJUNCT YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may become involved in secrecy, and intrigues in your professional life. Private affairs or scandal can be disclosed. Favorable for those in careers involving arts, entertainment, psychology, or healing.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR SUN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may feel that conditions are harsh, unfair, and unsatisfactory at this time. Others tend to not appreciate your goals and ambitions, and your dreams are still unrealized. You may hunger for escape through alcohol, drugs, or unwise pursuit of pleasure which would harm your reputation. You may delude yourself into thinking that you are more important than you have a right to be. Sacrifice some of your ideals as the fantasies they are and face the realistic issues and needs of your relationships with respect and consideration.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR MOON (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be hypersensitive to the moods of others during this period. You may imagine running away or evading family problems in drugs, alcohol, illness, or erotic fantasies. Issues tend to be emotionally complex and confused. Use caution in any business matters regarding commodities and promotions. your imagination is active and subject to deception. Draw upon your inner serenity to balance and harmonize your relationships.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You tend to irrational thinking at this time and can be confusing and rambling in your communications. You may exaggerate or be absent-minded as a result of mental laziness, making you vulnerable to deceptions. Use caution in business contracts and correspondence. Pay attention and don't drink if you're driving.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Unrealistic thinking can result in confusion and inaccuracy at work. You may lack awareness of the moods of co-workers and tend to get into arguments and misunderstandings. Hidden factors make this an unfavorable time for formulating contracts or signing agreements.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be prone to unrealistic attitudes regarding finances at this time. You can be vulnerable to financial deceptions, scam artists, and "get-rich-quick" schemes. Laziness, financial extravagance and sentimentality can obscure sound business sense.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be prone to unrealistic romantic fantasizing and love sickness. You can be drawn into a fascinating but deceptive and potentially scandalous affair. Your tendency is to passively imagine that everything will work out in the end. It's a good time to become sensitive to the goals and realistic needs of both yourself and the others around you.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR MARS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You could encounter strange, unreal situations which cover for fraud, conspiracy, or indiscretion. Promises and agreements tend to fall through, as there can be secret dealings and deception. Drugs and alcohol have an exaggerated effect and you may be drawn into fantasies. Use your energies and compassion to help others with practical efforts.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR JUPITER (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be vulnerable to misplaced trust and unrealistic optimism. As your imagination leads you to dream big dreams, your sympathies can become vulnerable to delusion, distortions, fanaticism, and escapist tendencies. Your efforts can find practical application in the arts or therapeutic work.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR SATURN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a strange, chaotic time when you may tend to avoid your responsibilities due to feelings of personal inadequacy and fear of failure. You may have to cope with devious, dishonest, deceptive people in important business and professional relationships. Reputation, position and status can be at state. Relationships are strained and you can be especially sensitive to drugs, alcohol and unwise psychic practices. Your health can decline. Extract yourself from entanglements. Confront issues and negotiate settlements based on terms that all parties can agree to.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Subtle changes can make goals and objectives uncertain at this time. You may desire freedom and escape from current relationship responsibilities. You may be drawn to associate with unconventional friends, groups, and organizations. Deceptive influences can disrupt your usual relationships. You may have sudden, strange dealings with unfamiliar people. Need for renewed cooperation and agreements in established relationships.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR NEPTUNE (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Occurs around age 82-84. This period can mark a need to withdraw from worldly affairs and retire into visualization, memory, and spiritual awareness. With compassion and consideration, you may discover psychological truths about relationships and your ideal mate or partner.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR PLUTO (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
A troubling inner turmoil to be dealt with. The inner battle could be quite intense and tumultuous now. The time for transmutation is on your door step and pounding loudly on your door. Get ready to release objects, people and ideals. The reason for letting go of these connections will become obvious. While dealing with everyday concerns, practice maintaining your focus. Avoid escaping into alcohol, drugs, fantasies or withdrawal. When this transit passes you will be prepared for a new cycle in your life.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your sensitivity to others is stimulated and you can be intuitively aware of the moods, motives, and feelings of others. You may suffer loneliness and absence of your partner. You may develop interests in psychology, public relations, art, music, or entertainment.

NEPTUNE OPPOSED YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Sub-conscious memories can be active at this time and you my find an intuitive or psychological awareness with family members. You may uncover mysteries regarding your home and heritage. You may feel exiled or that you don't belong where you live, or be confined to your home for a period.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR SUN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your creative imagination can be stimulated. You may have imaginative ideas for artistic self-expression. Good for healing and understanding of child psychology. There could be an ideal opportunity for a trip or vacation which could bring relief from tension and strain.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR MOON (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You can take opportunities to improve your domestic life with greater comfort and imagination. Family relationships are stable and therapeutic. You have a good intuitive understanding of those around you and the public.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your ability to visualize ideas is strong and can be used creatively in writing, teaching, or communications. Short trips can offer inspiration and be therapeutic. You may discover secret information.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your work routines stabilize and you may find opportunities at work for creative, imaginative ideas. It's a good time to promote a product or service. Your co-workers are supportive of your efforts.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may find opportunities to enjoy artistic, cultural, and social involvement in your community. You find music, art, drama, fashion and decorating to be inspiring. In general, there is more peace, serenity, and comfort in your environment. It's a good time for investing.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Relationships stabilize and you may enjoy an idyllic period of socializing or romance. Art and music can be delightful and inspiring.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR MARS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You can apply your imagination effectively to act out important issues. Use your sense of drama and surprise. You can be active for charitable or therapeutic work.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR JUPITER (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a relaxed time of improved health, reflection and optimism. You may take a vacation or make an outing to some unusual place. You feel comfortable and relaxed. Arts or philosophical matters can inspire you.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR SATURN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You have opportunities to apply imaginative ideas in a practical way that will advance your career. You can make progress in the realization of a dream or visualization. You go through a period of stability and peaceful calm. Health improves.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your intuitive insight is stimulated and you have enterprising ideas for an idealistic world. You enjoy intellectual discussions with friends regarding art, healing, spiritual growth, community values and mystical subjects.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR NEPTUNE (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Occurs around age 26-28. This can be a therapeutic time of less pressure and more leisure to enjoy music, art, drama, charity, social work or contemplative pursuits. You may seek solitude, meditation, or retreat in order to develop your intuitive awareness and generate imaginative ideas. You may receive a gift, bonus, grant, or be able to take a pleasant vacation.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR PLUTO (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
A chance to explore opportunities seldom available to us. Exploring the recesses of your mind towards heightened attunement. Hidden talents are at your disposal. Visualization is conducive to regeneration. Release compulsive tendencies and carefully investigate new spiritual beliefs.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You have a good psychological understanding of both yourself and the people you deal with at this time. You have opportunities for agreements based on shared ideals and interests. Your intuition can be useful in solving problems and issues.

NEPTUNE SEXTILE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Career and domestic affairs tend to stabilize and you may have good intuitive insights that can advance these areas. Favorable for public relations and emotional well-being in the home.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR SUN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be dissatisfied with your life at this time and wish for a more ideal situation. Present conditions seem unfair, harsh, and unhealthy. You may dream of a more perfect world. Take care you are not deceiving yourself or anyone else. You are prone to uncontrolled imagination, self-delusion, escapism, unhealthy psychic practices, and psychological difficulties. Discipline your ego and your imagination. Strive for relationships based on mutual respect and humility.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR MOON (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You can tend to feel hypersensitive, moody, and impressionable during this period. Family and domestic matters can be confusing, unstable, and disappointing. You are prone to withdraw into a private dream world, illness, or other means of emotional escape. If you feel rejected, anxious, or overemotional, your sympathies may be misplaced. Pursue your imagination in drama, music, art, but remain practical and cautious about promotional schemes or dealings in commodities.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This may be a time of mental confusion, and fantasizing. Subconscious feelings can interfere with reason, and you can tend to notice some facts and ignore others. You may miss appointments or be absentminded. Communications can be exaggerated, vague, complex, or even fraudulent. Talk out your problems and express your imagination in writing, music, drama, or promotional ideas that you can develop later.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may be fascinated with an impossible dream, fantasizing, and ignoring your practical responsibilities. Your work can seem confusing, complex, and muddled. Overcome your tendency to become lazy and inefficient. Sort out things, and save your ingenious ideas for later.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a difficult time financially. Expectations tend to be unrealistic and there can be deception, dishonesty, and losses through "get-rich-quick" schemes. Avoid temptations to invest in luxuries.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You may feel lonely and discontent at this time, yet you may lack the initiative to assert yourself or make decisions. Your romantic dream can prove to be elusive or disillusioning. You can tend to assume a compliant and passive role, and be swept into sensual indulgences and possible scandal. Hold on to your aesthetic ideals, and put your immediate energies into art, or therapeutic and community work.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR MARS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your dreams fail to materialize and tend to slip away, making you feel self-deluded, hurt and sensitive. Emotions can be turbulent and confusing with suppressed anger, subversive activity, and strange impulsive desires. Hold to your commitments and discipline your imaginative energy towards realistic goals. Exercise care with drugs, alcohol, poisonous substances, and psychic advice as you can be overly sensitive at this time. Analyze your situation with reason and seek second opinions.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR JUPITER (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Events around you can be confusing and infirm. You may dream of more freedom and adventure, but your ideals and expectations may not be realistic. You may be drawn towards cultism, escapism, through drinking, drugs, daydreaming, or impractical promotional schemes. Keep to your moral ideals and give your help and healing care to those who need your inspiration.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR SATURN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Strange, shifting circumstances can leave you confused and erode your cherished dreams and aspirations. You may be anxious and have irrational fears and a desire to escape responsibility. As you can be hypersensitive, avoid misuse of alcohol or drugs. Avoid unnecessary assumptions, as you can be vulnerable to deceptions and hidden schemes at this time. Aim at realistic goals. It's a good time to be cautious about your health and your reputation.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a period of psychological and emotional confusion with a desire to escape family or career responsibilities. Excessive alcohol or drug use at this time can result in nonproductive fantasies and delusions. Deceptions or scandal can involve friends, groups, and organizations. If you are uncertain about your goals and objectives, it's not a good time for business deals, a move, or transfer of job. You can meet unexpected obstacles.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR NEPTUNE (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This "coming of age" period, a component signifying "mid-life," can be a strange, unstable time of vague discontent and of an ill- formed, unrealistic idea of what you want. Certain matters slip away and you yearn for something more. Psychic stress and emotional sensitivity can result in hard-to-diagnose health problems, addiction, and escapism. There can be a resurgence of artistic, mystical, or metaphysical interest, or a desire for involvement in church, charity, and social work. Withdrawal into solitude or spiritual retreat can give you meditative insight.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR PLUTO (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This period is marked by gradual but compelling psychological changes. Uncontrolled subconscious urges can manifest as subtle power struggles and psychological manipulations. You can feel increasingly mistrustful, alienated and vulnerable. You will need to draw upon your instincts to understand your vulnerabilities and find those with whom you can share your inner feelings and your goals.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
During this period you may be dissatisfied with yourself, your environment, and your relationships to others. You may be emotionally hypersensitive and tend to psychologically withdraw from others. You may be prone to deception in marriage and personal relationships. Avoid dwelling on past experiences. Reach out with maturity to leave the past behind.

NEPTUNE SQUARE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This period can mark career difficulties and conflicts between professional and domestic affairs. You are prone to deception and evasive tendencies. Clear up your goals and understand your responsibilities. Difficult for professional activities in art, public relations, and political issues.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR SUN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a gentle, restful time when you can be lazy, dreamy, and relaxed. Your artistic imagination, intuitive empathy, and healing energies are stimulated. Creative work can be brilliant and receives approval of influential people. It's a good time for spiritual teachings and idealistic pursuits. You may have prophetic insight into future trends.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR MOON (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Family and domestic conditions improve. Your home life is more comfortable and there is a therapeutic expression of sympathy, tenderness and unselfish consideration. You can enjoy more leisure and inspirational satisfactions. Your creative imagination and intuition are favorable for artistic recreation, meditation, and compassion towards family members and those less fortunate.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR MERCURY [MIND] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You are more sensitive to music, drama, art, poetry, and mystical concepts during this relaxing and restful period. Your imagination can be expressed in writing, teaching, or inspiring others. It could be an ideal time for travel, vacation, or spiritual studies. Promotional schemes can bring excellent results.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR MERCURY [WORK] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Use your intuition at this time to organize your work environment, inspire others, or promote an idea, a product, or service. Favorable for work in artistic, therapeutic, or social services fields.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR VENUS [FINANCES] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You are sensitive of beauty, material values, and psychological forces at this time and others tend to support your insights and initiatives. It's a favorable time for purchases, making deals, and financial agreements.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR VENUS [ROMANCE] (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Involvement in artistic pursuits, and volunteer or social service is favorable for you at this time. You are more gentle, courteous, considerate, and compliant. People find you fascinating and charming. Areas of stress tend to ease and healing processes improve. A romance at this time can seem ideal.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR MARS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your imagination is stimulated and your healing ability is strengthened. You may take a vacation and encounter delightfully strange people: artists, actors, healers, visionaries. With reflection and detachment, you can apply your meditations to creatively solving complex problems.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR JUPITER (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
This can be a relaxed time of imaginative meditation, healing, and spiritual inspiration. You feel optimistic and hospitable, able to help those less fortunate. It's a favorable time for vacation, religious pilgrimages, artistic pursuits, and cultural or educational improvement.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR SATURN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Your dreams or ideals can now begin to take practical form and application. Old situations are fading away and opportunities present themselves. With self-respect and realism, you can be supportive of others and begin to achieve concrete results. Your community involvement can make considerable progress at this time. Your vision and psychological insight can be inspiring and therapeutic to yourself and others.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR URANUS (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Changes can emerge from obscurity, offering you more freedom, stability, and leisure. Health improves as tensions ease and therapies can have a beneficial effect. Your intuitive and imaginative powers are stimulated and you can focus on worthwhile goals and productive enterprise. Excellent for psychological, psychic, or spiritual studies. Vacations and artistic pursuits can be inspiring. Friends are supportive and stimulating.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR NEPTUNE (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Occurs around age 54-56. This can be a period of intuitive insight and inspiration. Certain of your dreams can be realized. Business or promotional schemes pay off. There can be more spiritual harmony in family and domestic affairs. There is less pressure on you and you have more leisure to relax, enjoy contemplative pursuits, or travel.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR PLUTO (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
During this period you can gain more control of your own destiny and vision. You can benefit from scientific advances and economic conditions. You are able to intuitively understand deception, manipulation or exploitative conditions for what they are and you can effect positive change. Compassionate empathy enables you to spread tolerance and unity.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR ASCENDANT (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
You have a good psychological understanding of both yourself and the people you deal with at this time. You have opportunities for agreements based on shared ideals and interests. Your intuition can be useful in solving problems and issues.

NEPTUNE TRINE YOUR MIDHEAVEN (Long-duration, 5-10+ weeks)
Career and domestic affairs tend to stabilize and you may have good intuitive insights that can advance these areas. Favorable for public relations and emotional well-being in the home.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 1ST HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
Your personal behavior tends to be influenced by other-worldly, intuitive, and psychic perceptions during this period. At times you may be prone to periods of loneliness, physical laziness, self- deception, hypersensitivity, wool-gathering, psychosomatic illness, or unrealistic ideas about marriage. You are apt to develop a favorable interest in artistic, musical, psychological, therapeutic, or mystical fields. You tend to more easily express sympathy, compassion, and understanding of others. You may make personal sacrifices and devote time to serve a higher purpose, spiritual calling, or ideal.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 2ND HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
This is a period marked by lack of practical discipline in financial affairs. You tend to have unrealistic attitudes towards material possessions and handling money. At times you may be susceptible to scam artists and get-rich-quick schemes. You tend to rely largely upon your intuition in money matters and may profit in business related to art, music, medicine, therapy, drugs and alcohol, corrective institutions, and novel or imaginative products and services.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 3RD HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
Your thinking tends to be inspired by intuitive ideas during this period. Psychic impressions may confuse your practical thought processes. At times communication can be evasive, secretive, and obscure. Caution is needed in signing contracts and written agreements. You may develop an intellectual interest in psychology, mysticism, art, healing, or poetry.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 4TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
This tends to be a time of greater emotional sensitivity as unconscious memories are stimulated. You tend to retreat from worldly affairs and seclude yourself in your home. You may develop strong psychic ties with the family. At times you may be responsible for the care of a disabled or psychologically confused family member. At times relationships with your parents, your boss, or your subordinates tends to be confused, evasive, or deceptive. At times there can be problems with water, oil, or gas leakage in the home.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 5TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
This tends to be a period of heightened intuitive and creative inspiration when you may peacefully enjoy music, art, entertainment, personal hobbies and recreation. At times you are prone to unrealistic romantic fantasies and may suffer loneliness, deception, disappointment in love, or unexpected pregnancy. Avoid over-indulgence in alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, and other forms of dissipation. You tend to make sacrifices for children and may be concerned with the psychological problems and development of children.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 6TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
During this period you tend to have intuitive insights into work related concerns. It's a favorable time for work related to art, music, glamour, psychology, health, unions, and institutions. At times you may be prone to unemployment, daydreaming or the job, or evasive tactics that interfere with your work efficiency. At times work objectives can be confusing and conditions can be oppressive and affect your health. Illness can be difficult to diagnose and you can develop unusual sensitivity to drugs, medication and anesthesia.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 7TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
You may have intuitive insight into the psychology of others during this period. The sharing of aesthetic and spiritual values may serve as a basis for empathy and friendship. Marriage and partnerships are prone to unusual psychological conditions. You can be prone to reticence, shyness, submissiveness, gullibility, and deception in social and business interactions. Your tendency is to withdraw from others and quietly observe.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 8TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
During this period you tend to develop insight into the secret motivations and vulnerabilities of others. You may probe deeply into psychological or sexual matters. You may be interested in mysteries, scientific problems, occult subjects, and issues of personal safety and security. At times there can be peculiar circumstances and deception around joint finances, corporate money, taxes, pensions, insurance, alimony, or insurance. Intuition can guide you to discover hidden truths regarding intimate concerns.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 9TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
You may take greater interest in mystical forms of religion and philosophy. You may study mythology and spiritual teachings of foreign cultures, and make religious pilgrimages. At times you may be attracted to bizarre cults and practices. You can be prone to deception but you also may have genuine spiritual inspirations and prophetic insight. You may study psychology, art, or healing therapies.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 10TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
During this period you tend to rely upon your intuitive insight in professional and political affairs. You may be prone to daydreaming and impractical attitudes towards professional responsibilities. You may be involved in intrigues, charisma, fame, and notoriety due to mysterious circumstances. It's a favorable time for professional activities related to psychology, art, music, film, hospitals, institutions, and creative imagination. You may be subject to public disclosure of your private affairs and to potential scandal.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 11TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
You may wish to develop your intuitive insight through friendships with therapists and artistically-talented individuals during this period. You may seek to be inspired through social activities in groups or organizations. You may wish to make a sacrifice to further your humanitarian ideals. At times you may be confused about your goals and objectives and can be deceived by or through friends.

NEPTUNE TRANSITING YOUR 12TH HOUSE (approx. 14 years duration)
During this period you may desire privacy and seclusion for the purpose of introspection, meditation, and tapping the subconscious mind. You may wish to stimulate healing energies or hidden artistic talent. You may be concerned with psychology and be more sympathetic towards those in need. You may be involved in hospitals, prisons, or ashrams. At times you may desire escape from responsibility through fantasy, daydreaming, or drug or alcohol abuse.

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