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Pluto in the Houses

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - Pluto in your 1st house, indicates that you have a powerful need to in some way re-mould your character at certain points in your life. Pluto represents the force of change and transformation, with this planet in the house of the personal self you will periodically need to clear your life of certain structures that you feel are limiting your growth, such as a bad relationship or job. If you do not recognise or express the energy of Pluto within yourself, you may unconsciously act in ways that provoke someone else into doing the job for you, so the other person breaks up the relationship, or your boss gives you the sack. In these cases you will see this as a crisis, until you are able to admit that this was what you needed, and secretly desired.

You may have a deep distrust of life, early experiences may have made you feel that there are destructive forces in the world that are out to get you. Feeling that life can be ruthless, you may express a certain degree of ruthlessness in getting what you want. Fear of your own mortality arises from a sense of the inevitability of transformation and death. Death can occur in many forms, from the death of an old way of life, an old way of thinking, to actual physical death, but all are actually a prelude to a new birth or new beginning.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - Pluto in the second house of your chart indicates that deep and complex feelings surround the issue of your material and financial security. You may have an irrational fear that somehow all that you possess will be destroyed or taken away from you. As a result you may tend to hoard your possessions, not let go of anything, and elevate money to the status of a God, or go to the other extreme and reject material possessions altogether. On the other hand this fear may not be so irrational but the result of an early, probably painful, experience. Either way, there will be periods in your life when matters concerning your possessions will undergo some kind of upheaval or complete change that could reach the level of a crisis that shakes your faith in yourself and the world around you.

It is through experiences such as these that you will gradually learn that possessions are not restricted to material objects. We are all born with inherent gifts and talents that are just as much our possessions as our material wealth. It is by cultivating and valuing these possessions that you will accumulate the kind of wealth that cannot be destroyed by temporary upheavals in your external life.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - The transforming and penetrating planet Pluto is in the 3rd house of your chart. You have a powerful urge to understand human motivations and drives, aware of the powerful self-creative and/or self-destructive urges that lie within all of us. Deep transformations within your own psyche may often change your perception of the world around you, or vice-versa. At certain times in your life, powerful emotional crises may force you to change your perceptions of your familiar environment and your place in it. Pluto may often destroy your old way of seeing things as a prelude to a more profound and deeper state of understanding.

You are not satisfied with superficial or obvious solutions to problems, you are aware that there are deeper and more powerful emotions and motives underlying the behaviour of people, even when dealing with their everyday lives. You have the ability to create deep transformations in other people's perceptions of themselves and the world around them. Whether the effects of these changes are positive or negative, creative or destructive, will depend on your own personal motivations. You will need to be aware of the old occult teaching that knowledge is power (you probably already are), but the greater the knowledge, the greater the responsibility, and the harder the universe will hit you if you abuse this responsibility.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - Pluto in the 4th house of your chart indicates deep compulsive feelings that you will attempt to suppress and keep buried in the unconscious. You may present a cold face to others, afraid to reveal your true feelings in case they release an overwhelming storm of emotion. It is particularly in the domestic sphere that you will feel the greatest unease. Vaguely suspicious of other people's motivations, you may very well become a centre of tension. It is probable that these inner conflicts are the result of early emotional experience or parental conflicts that you have not fully come to terms with. Your home life may have gone through an upheaval at a time when you were emotionally vulnerable, or you may have experienced one of your parents as a powerful and dominating personality. On the other hand, your early home life may have been experienced as a source of emotional stability, and you were protected, perhaps to the extent that you felt your own individuality was being overwhelmed and suppressed.

Whatever the case, your domestic life and deeper feelings will undergo periodic changes throughout your life. This will not always be a bad thing, even if it is at times painful, Pluto removes the old and outworn forms in order to make way for greater personal growth and the possibility of more fulfilling experiences.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - With Pluto in the 5th house of your chart you have a profound creative urge that you may find difficult to understand or deal with. The need to establish yourself as a self-determined and creative individual can be compulsive, while at the same time stirring up your deepest fears and self-doubt. Perhaps you should avoid getting too involved in gambling or speculation, with Pluto in this house there is a danger of losing control and destroying everything you have built up. On the other hand there is the potential of accumulating great wealth or power, as long as you are brutally honest about your inner motives, you should dedicate your energy to a greater cause than your own personal power.

Children may be the source of inner transformation, somehow forcing you to face your negative emotions and deal with your compulsive behaviour patterns. Love affairs will be intense, passionate and transforming, you may have difficulty in simply enjoying and having fun with your lover, the need to dominate may create disharmony and upsetting situations.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - The compulsive and transforming planet Pluto is in your 6th house of health and work. With Pluto in this house, deep emotional or psychological influences can have an effect on your physical health. Any illness should be examined to see if it is not an expression of a problem in some other part of your life, or the manifestation of some hidden emotional problem or conflict.

In the area of work, you have an indestructible will that continues against all the odds. You are conscientious and hard working, but your determination to prove this to yourself and to others can become obsessive, and destructive to other areas of your life.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - Through your relationships you will have to deal with negative emotions, jealousy, anger, hatred, greed, either your own or another's. There is a danger of projecting your most negative emotions on to your partner, blaming them for emotions you would rather not face within yourself. There will probably be many battles over who has control in your relationships. Through the fear of being dominated, you attempt to gain the upper hand first. You will be irresistibly attracted to powerful, influential people who will have a transforming effect on your life. Power in others fascinates you, reflecting the way you would like to be yourself.

Through crises and pain you will eventually gain great insight into your needs in relationships, and a profound ability to help others get in touch with their own wounds and need for healing in their emotional lives.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - The house position of Pluto in the chart indicates where we have to face our most powerful and compulsive feelings, and where we have to undergo periodic radical changes. In the 8th house it is in the search for emotional security that you will have to undergo some painful crises before you can understand your real needs. The 8th house is the area of life in which we experience deep and intense emotional sharing with others, through sexual relationships or any relationship in which we are responsible for another's well-being. On a more superficial level this house refers to business partnerships, or any form of bond in which money or resources are shared. Pluto in this house will force you to face your deepest fears, and cause compulsive behaviour in these areas of life, usually with accompanying emotional pain. You may feel at times that a part of you has died, but the death of an old way of being or feeling usually has to occur in order to make way for something new to grow.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - The 9th house of the birth chart is concerned with our search for meaning in life, either through a religion, philosophy or through travel as a means of expanding the mind. Pluto in this house indicates that these matters will arouse powerful and compulsive feelings. If you believe in God, it is probably not as a loving and forgiving father figure, but as a powerful and often ruthless force that is capable of destroying those who transgress its laws. Your belief system may at times undergo radical changes, where all that you previously held to be true is destroyed, to be reborn on a different level. On the other hand you may react by denying any meaning or purpose to life altogether, taking the view that there is no point to anything since it all ends in death anyway. There is a strong urge to examine these issues, together with a fear of what may be encountered, or that what you find or discover may force you to go through radical and painful inner changes. You can be transformed and regenerated through travel and learning from different cultures and traditions.

You have a natural ability to promote powerful causes, to take philosophical, social and religious beliefs and place them in the public arena through publishing, broadcasting or political protest. There is a danger of getting involved in power plays which could end up in the law courts in you are not careful.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - Pluto in the 10th house of your chart indicates that you will meet with or express the transforming power of Pluto through your career or ambitions. You will seek a career that allows you to express power and authority in some way. Whether this power and authority is sought for the glorification of your own ego, or to act as some transforming agent for the good of the whole, will depend on your own motivations and what you seek to achieve in your life. On the other hand, you may be deeply suspicious of anyone who does hold this kind of authority, with a desire to knock them off their pedestal if you get the opportunity.

In any event, you will pursue your goals with a great deal of power and intensity that will not be thwarted by opposition or set-backs, not for too long anyway. It could be that this energy comes from the unconscious desire to live out the unfulfilled ambitions of one or both of your parents.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - With Pluto in the 11th house of your chart, the house of group associations, goals and objectives, it is here that you will need to confront the transforming power of Pluto. You may feel a deep sense of unease in group situations. The destructive nature of Pluto can be experienced through the group, giving you the feeling that it is trying to undermine or control you. On the other hand, this placement gives the potential for involving yourself in something greater than yourself, which will live beyond your death. It is in group situations that powerful and far-reaching inner changes can occur. You could be drawn to groups that are interested in reforming outdated social structures.

There is a possibility of sexual rivalry or power struggles with friends. You may often have to examine and change the means by which you attempt to achieve your objectives and deal with a tendency to justify deceit or ruthlessness to achieve your goals. Despite this you have many long-lasting, deep and loyal friendships, based on a history of mutual support and understanding through periods of crisis.

PLUTOPluto Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - The 12th house of the chart represents the experience of feelings and emotions that lie in the unconscious, feelings that challenge the separateness and isolation of the ego. With Pluto in this house you may experience deep drives and compulsions that you do not want to admit to yourself and therefore suppress out of fear. Some of these deeper emotions may indeed be negative, old fears and phobias that may have been inherited or resulted from past experiences, which you need to control. Others, however may be positive urges for some kind of deep-seated changes that will bring about personal growth and greater fulfilment. With Pluto here, you will also tend to suppress these positive compulsions out of self-doubt and fear of losing the self-identity that you have come to consider to be you.

You may have to suffer many painful experiences as a result of suppressing your deeper emotions, but you will find that you can often make something positive out of a crisis and that each experience makes you stronger and more aware, and accepting, of the powerful collective and unconscious forces that shape our lives.

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