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Saturn in the Signs

SATURNSaturn Glyph IN ARIESAries Glyph - With Saturn in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, you will need to work hard at developing the qualities of spontaneity and courageous action. You will have a deep insecurity about leading or taking control, but this is precisely what you need to do in order to make use of the controlled energy of this placing. You do not like to be given orders, or told what to do, you prefer to do things your way, and get others to do them your way too. You have great organizational skills, a born director, you need to find some outlet for these abilities if you are not to feel restricted and frustration. If you do not develop this energy in the wider world, you could become demanding and dictatorial at home. You need to develop respect for other people's ambitions and goals, you tend to regard your own as more important or immediately urgent, but continued cooperation from others requires that you support them also.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN TAURUSTaurus Glyph- Saturn in the fixed earth sign of Taurus indicates a need to establish secure material foundations. For you, material security provides a framework or structure from which you can deal with emotional and intellectual matters. When your material framework is secure, you can deal effectively with other areas of your life, but there always remains a nagging fear that you may lose it all, which makes you rather conservative in your financial dealings. You do not take risks with your money, speculating only if you feel you are on to a sure fire thing.

Wherever Saturn is found in the chart shows where we are most afraid of pain and loss, and also where we are most severely tested. There will probably be times in your life that, perhaps through over-confidence or trusting the wrong person, you will lose everything, thus being brought face to face with your greatest fear. Perhaps the lesson to be learned from this placing of Saturn is that chasing material possessions and comfort as an end in itself is chasing an illusion that is inherently insecure. But when these things are used as a means to some more idealistic end, and the end is reached their loss does not shatter your life completely.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN GEMINIGemini Glyph- With Saturn in the mutable air sign of Gemini, the principle of form, structure and limitation operates mainly on the intellectual level. Gemini represents the activity of the mind that likes to gather facts, analyze, classify, then move on to something more interesting, but Saturn here tends to cause a blockage to this free flow of mental activity. As a result, you may place a great deal of emphasis on being pragmatic or practical, and refuse to believe in anything that cannot be proved, seen or touched. Or you may have a feeling of inadequacy regarding your own intellectual abilities, or a difficulty in communicating with others for fear of sounding stupid or foolish.

The only way of effectively dealing with Saturn is to confront our fears in whatever area of the chart it is placed, in your case the fear of intellectual inferiority or failure. For example, you may feel that it would be pointless to continue, or resume, your education by going to college, you are "just not capable" of all that studying and intellectual stuff. But if you face this fear and give it a try, you will probably pass the first year with flying colors, and your new-found confidence will enable you to express the positive side of Saturn in Gemini, a mind capable of concentrated and persistent study, and the ability to give practical and structured expression to vague and impractical theories.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN CANCERCancer Glyph- Saturn in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, indicates a need to deal with blocked or repressed feelings and emotions concerning your home life or early experiences. You may find it difficult to express your feelings openly, as a result of being inhibited when you were young. Perhaps one of your parents did not respond as you would have liked, placing too much emphasis on duty and responsibility and not providing for your need for nurturing and emotional support. Others may find you to be somewhat reserved and lacking real emotion, but this is rarely truly the case. Your feelings run deeper than most, but you do not reveal them until you are sure that they will not be rejected or ridiculed.

There may be an over-emphasis on the need to acquire property, believing that this will provide the stability and security that you crave. You may have to go through several bad experiences in this area before you learn that such security can only come from within yourself. When you can do this, you will have an unshakable grounding from which you can go out to meet the world.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN LEOLeo Glyph- Saturn in the fixed fire sign of Leo indicates that there may be some form of rigidity or blockage to the free flow of your creative self-expression. Early in life you may have had difficulty in finding a clear sense of who you are, hence you were afraid to challenge other people's expectations of you and establish your own sense of self-identity. This could result in a fear of facing up to the negative aspects of your past and accepting yourself as you are, good and bad. Inevitably, this is just what you will be forced to do, and while it may be a difficult process, you will eventually find a secure sense of self which you can express to others without fear of rejection or misunderstanding.

This position suggests a deep and possibly suppressed core of creativity which only requires self-confidence and self understanding to be effectively channeled in a productive direction.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN VIRGOVirgo Glyph- Saturn is in the mutable earth sign of Virgo in your chart. The element of earth represents the material world, or the world as perceived through the senses. The mutable nature of this sign means that Virgo represents matter in a state of transition, or undergoing a change of phase, hence the critical and analytical qualities attached to this sign. With Saturn here you will have a need to work with an attention to detail, and will probably work overtime to do what you have to do thoroughly; doing a thing thoroughly and correctly is important to you, perhaps too important. As a result, you may be a stickler for rules, and be over-critical of anyone who does not come up to your standards. You may find your sense of security and structure through some kind of service or work performed for others. On the other hand, you may be intensely frustrated at the limitations and restrictions that such work places on you. You will probably need to find a middle path between these two extremes.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN LIBRALibra Glyph- Saturn is in the cardinal air sign of Libra in your chart. The principle of form, structure and responsibility operates in the field of intellectual and social interaction. You have a capacity for concentrated and serious intellectual activity, Saturn in an air sign denotes what could be termed the scientific mind. At the same time, you may have a sense of mental and intellectual isolation. Libra represents the principle of balance, harmony and relationship. With Saturn here, a deep feeling of insecurity in relationships may cause you to avoid issues or conflicts that you feel will upset conditions of harmony. Ultimately you will have to learn how to handle responsibility in relationships, without giving up too much of your own individuality and sense of purpose.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN SCORPIOScorpio Glyph- Saturn in the chart indicates where we feel most restricted or rigid, and hence where our greatest source of doubt and uncertainty lies. In the fixed water sign of Scorpio it is in the area of the emotional life. You may feel unable to let go and give freely with your emotions, fear of rejection and/or betrayal makes you keep your true feelings under tight control and hidden below a surface of apparent indifference or detachment. You may even find yourself being accused of having no feelings, but the truth is the exact opposite, your feelings are deeper and more powerful than most, and also more sensitive and easy to hurt.

If you are in touch with yourself, you will come to realize that whatever other people do, they cannot touch your deepest inner core. You have the potential to develop, often after going through some pain, an unshakable emotional strength that can carry you through the worst storms that life can whip up. Saturn represents boundaries and limitations, the principle of structure and form. Saturn gives us the ability to endure setbacks and work with discipline and patience toward well defined aims.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN SAGITTARIUSSagittarius Glyph - Saturn forces us to confront our fears and inadequacies, and develop our own inner strength in whatever area of the chart it is found. In the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, the issue will be the search for meaning, whether this is sought through travel or wholly within yourself. At some point you will experience disillusion with traditional religious and philosophical opinion, resulting in either a skepticism based on fear and a sense of futility, or a search for deeper and more enduring values. Duties and responsibilities may prevent you from expressing your more exploratory and freedom-loving urges, forcing you to seek this freedom within yourself, in some esoteric philosophical system, or simply through some activity that allows you greater contact with the world away from your own limited situation. Eventually you will realize that you cannot accept another person's philosophy, and that the ultimate authority in this area must come from within yourself. Your urge for exploration and travel is a reflection of this need for inner exploration, and the realization of this could, paradoxically, remove many of the apparent outer restrictions and obstacles, and bring a greater sense of inner and outer freedom, but it is in the nature of Saturn that you must learn through the experience of delays and frustration first.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN CAPRICORNCapricorn Glyph- With Saturn in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn you will have a strong ambition, and a need to achieve something tangible and of lasting worth in your life. You may tend to base your sense of security on a rather conventional view of what this means. Even if other aspects of your personality incline you toward a less conventional approach to life, there will still be a deep rooted sense of uneasiness, possibly as a result of values instilled in you at a young age by your father. You will begin to feel happier about your life when you understand that what is conventional and accepted is relative to a particular time and culture, which is always in a state of change. You will have a deep-seated ambition and drive to achieve, which you may not be fully conscious of, in fact it may not surface fully until your first Saturn return, when Saturn completes one cycle of the chart, about the age of 28-30. This may be expressed negatively as a belief that you do not really have it in you to succeed, but if you can overcome this fear and begin the long climb to the top you have the capacity to reach the summit of your chosen career or life's work.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN AQUARIUSAquarius Glyph- With Saturn in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, it is important that you have objectives in life, and once determined they are likely to be adhered to. Saturn in an air sign indicates the ability to give structure and form to your thoughts, to bring the ideals that you hold from the realm of the mind to practical reality. On the other hand, you may feel uncertain and insecure about your intellectual capacity. There is an innate need to belong to some kind of group that gives structure and security to your life. You may avoid this need, however, out of fear of belonging, or self-consciousness in group situations. It is both your deepest need and your deepest fear. Even if you overcome this fear, you may still be something of an outsider, and unsure of your acceptance by the rest of the group. You have, however, the ability to give practical application to group objectives.


SATURNSaturn Glyph IN PISCESPisces Glyph- Saturn, the principle of structure, form and limitation is in the mutable water sign of Pisces. In this sign Saturn operates on the level of feelings and emotions, which is an area where you may feel over-sensitive and constricted. On the one hand you will feel the need for some form of emotional security, but a deep-seated insecurity and fear of emotional rejection makes it difficult to allow the free flow of feelings to others, thus often provoking the very rejection that you fear most. This may result in a feeling of emotional isolation. At its best, Saturn in this sign will make you compassionate and sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, with the potential of the surrender of your own isolated ego to the service of some greater whole. If the negative side of this placement can be confronted and overcome, you can develop an unshakable emotional strength that can stand as a source of support and strength for others in need.

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