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Uranus in the Houses

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - With Uranus in the 1st house of your chart you will not be satisfied in fulfilling the tradition roles imposed on you by society and culture. You will need to make your own way in life, to be different from the norm in some way, if you are not to feel frustrated and bored. You have difficulty in adhering to conventional standards of behaviour, and may even enjoy shocking others.

The have a kind of electric aura that others may find attractive or difficult to handle. You do not like to be taken for granted, you need to be respected for your own originality and uniqueness, to be seen as an individual with the freedom to make your own choices and be yourself, although it may take you some time to gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you really want from life.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - Inventive, original and disruptive Uranus is in your HOUSE of material possessions and security. You will need to earn your income through some activity that allows you to express your originality and independence. You will need to do something "different", even something that may be regarded by more conservative types as slightly eccentric. Although you recognise the need for financial and material security, your attitude toward material possessions is probably that they are a necessary evil, valued more for the freedom and opportunity that they give you to do your own thing, rather than any intrinsic value they may have in themselves. There may be sudden ups and downs in your material and financial affairs, unexpected losses and just as unexpected gains. This is a result of your need for change and originality, and the willingness to take risks and try things that others would steer clear of. You have the ability to see unexpected opportunities that other people would miss completely. You will need to beware of the danger of disrupting things unnecessarily simply for the sake of change.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - Uranus in the 3rd house of your chart indicates that your perceptions are sharp. You are able to rapidly absorb and analyse information from your environment, picking up subtle nuances and apparently unimportant pieces of information that others may overlook completely. With your own intuition filling in the gaps, you are able to rapidly build up a complete picture of any situation in which you may find yourself, and just as importantly, to convey this picture to others clearly and intelligently. If you have to make snap decisions based on incomplete information, your intuitive response usually turns out to be the right one.

Your mind is oriented toward the future, with a desire to break free from past conditioning and inherited ways of thinking, whether this be your own personal conditioning, or the prevailing beliefs of your society. You have many original and inventive ideas, and the ability to communicate these insights to others.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - Uranus in the 4th house signifies difficult circumstances surrounding your home life. There may be many disruptions in this area, making it difficult to put down roots or feel secure. This may stem from your early experiences with your parents, one or both of them may have been rebellious, unstable or unpredictable, you never knew when or whether they were going to be there. On the other hand, your parents may have been involved in some activity that brought you into contact with diverse cultures and belief systems. As a result of these experiences, you attract the same sort of energy into your own home and private life. No matter how hard you try to settle down, circumstances or other people seem to do their best to disrupt your security. Perhaps the way to deal with this is not to seek security along conventional lines, security comes with the freedom to be yourself and allow others to do the same.

You need to understand your cultural origins and how you can contribute to the process of change and evolution on a more collective level.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - Uranus in the 5th house of your chart indicates that you need to express your creativity in original or unusual ways. You have a restless need to seek new outlets for your creative talents, to show the world that you are an individual who is determined to enjoy life in your own way. You will never be satisfied with what you have created, always feeling that it could be improved on, while at the same time eager to move on to something new and different. If these needs are frustrated, there is a danger that you will attempt to live out your unexpressed creative urges and sense of adventure through your children. Another way of expressing the influence of Uranus in this house is through love affairs that break through traditional values and norms, or that are subject to sudden beginnings and endings.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - Uranus in the 6th house of your chart, indicates that in your work environment you need the space and personal responsibility to act on your own initiative. You are not likely to stick to a job out of a sense of duty or the need for security, neither are you likely to tolerate a job that has become routine and boring. Your work needs to allow you scope for originality, inventiveness and movement. You like to do things your own way, and dislike being bound by other people's rules and ways of working.

You may be interested in the relationship between mind and body. Some of your own experiences, such as falling ill to avoid a job you do not really want, can give you an insight into the way inner states of mind can influence the physical body.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - Uranus in the 7th house of your chart gives a great opportunity for stimulating and lively relationships. You will be attracted to unconventional and self-motivated people, but your impulsiveness and self-will may lead to abrupt endings or unusual partnerships. You may rush into a commitment which will end in divorce or sudden separation, you should think twice about making irrevocable commitments. You will need a partner who will allow you the freedom and personal space to pursue your own goals and career, or give you encouragement and the push you need to achieve your full potential.

As well as personal relationships, the 7th house is concerned with the way we deal with what is termed the general public, if we are in a position where we need to do so. You have the ability to communicate new, even revolutionary, ideas to other people, to open their minds up to possibilities and realms of experience that they have been unaware of, and to stimulate their own individuality and self-awareness.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - Uranus, the planet representing the urge for revolutionary change and self-willed independence is in the 8th house of your chart. This is the house concerned with emotionally or financially based partnerships and the experience of death and regeneration on all levels and emotional union with others.

With Uranus in this house you may have an overwhelming urge to break free from restrictions and attachments imposed by the basic instinctive nature. There is a need for experimentation and an unconventional approach to these areas of experience. If the energy of Uranus is not given conscious expression, you may constantly attract circumstances that force you to rise above difficult feelings such as jealousy, possessiveness and envy. You may alternate between extreme passion and extreme coldness, with a tendency to disregard the feelings of others if you believe fervently enough in a cause. Sudden changes of fortune are likely to occur in all 8th house matters, and some phases of your life may end suddenly and irreversibly. You may be fascinated by the meaning of life and death, but any understanding of these matters will not be sought along conventional lines.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - The planet Uranus stimulates the search for truth, and in the 9th house this search will be in the realm of philosophical and abstract thought. You will need to seek independently for a philosophical or religious belief system by which to order your life. You will not be content to accept the beliefs of the past, which you will regard as limiting and inappropriate to today's world. Always looking for something new and exciting, you will periodically reject what you have previously held to be true to investigate a new set of concepts. Your view of God may be rather complex and difficult to express in concrete terms. You may be attracted to strange cults or groups who express a philosophy that differs radically from that held by the rest of society.

You are able to bring new concepts and ideas into whatever field you are working or studying in, although your eager search for knowledge may cause you to suddenly change this field before completing what you are doing. Travel in foreign lands, and meeting people of other cultures will deepen your level of understanding. Such experiences could bring about inspirations and sudden flashes of insight that will reveal possibilities and concepts that you had been unaware of before.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - With the unconventional and inventive planet Uranus in your house of career and social standing, you have a great need for a career that allows you to contribute something different and original to the world. You will seek a career that is different from the norm, that allows you a great deal of personal freedom, since you have little tolerance for authority you would prefer to be your own boss. If you suppress these needs to follow a more conventional and secure career structure you will find that circumstances and events such as redundancy, the company going bust, or conflicts and disagreements with bosses, will disrupt your attempts to get ahead. Throughout your life, your goals and objectives may undergo sudden changes that render your present career obsolete and no longer adequate. When you feel that this is the case, you will have little hesitation in throwing out the old to make way for the new. If more conservative aspects of your personality force you to hold on to a job that is not a true expression of your needs, circumstances will probably force you to make the needed changes. On the other hand, you will need to beware of a tendency to needlessly disrupt or throw over a secure position simply for the sake of change, or out of a restless boredom, any changes need to be in a positive direction.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - The eleventh house is associated with the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus, so Uranus is at home in this HOUSE. This gives you the capacity to expand your individual identity to potentially include the whole human race, even if this is never fully achieved. You have the capacity to view the whole human race as one family struggling to resolve its problems and conflicts. You are attracted to groups who share similar views to your own, and you can serve as the presenter of challenging and radical views. If taken to extremes this can become the expression of revolutionary ideas that can be too drastic for most people to take. You can probably make friends quite easily, but you have strong feelings about the meaning of friendship, and may fall out if your expectations are not lived up to.

URANUSUranus Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - Uranus in the 12th house of your chart stimulates the urge to understand yourself and your own unconscious motivations. The unconscious contains many repressed and forgotten experiences, particularly painful experiences as a child tend to be pushed into the unconscious, the energy of these experiences does not go away, but leaks out in other forms. You may find yourself unconsciously setting yourself up in situations where you have to re-live the pain that you have repressed in yourself. Without knowing the real source of these situations, it is all too easy to blame other people. Bringing these buried experiences to consciousness, and fully acknowledging the hurt that you feel, will release a lot of energy that can be consciously directed to more creative ends

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