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Venus in the Houses

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - The 1st house of the chart represents qualities that we need to express in order to find ourselves, as well as the way we project ourselves to others. With Venus here, you express an easy-going charm and friendliness, and a sociable nature that will attract others to you without too much effort on your part. You will need many social contacts to stimulate you, and it is through these contacts and through your relationships that you will begin to understand yourself and who you are. You will find that, with little persuasion, you can usually get what you want from other people, since you give out the impression that you are willing to

give as much as you receive. This may be true, but it may equally be true that you use this ability to get what you want and pursue your own goals regardless of the needs of others.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - With Venus in the 2nd house of your chart, you will love the good things in life, and you have the ability to attract the things you want. You may, however, place too much value on material possessions and creature comforts. You have a need to form stable and lasting relationships, but may become too possessive and reluctant to let go, even if it is the best thing to do. You can make use of your innate gifts of tact and diplomacy in dealing with the world and getting on in life.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - With the planet Venus in the 3rd house of your chart, you can communicate with others in an easy and non-threatening way. Your sensitivity to those around you may cause you to say what you think will please them, rather than speak your own mind. Other people sense your sensitivity and find it easy to open up to you. You probably enjoyed your educational experience, and you enjoy the social contacts made through such activities. You like to get around and meet new people, and you can normally fit easily into different situations and circumstances.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - Venus is in the 4th house of your chart, the area of life concerned with home and roots, both material and psychological. There is a need for harmony and peace in your home surroundings. You will find it difficult to live in an atmosphere of tension and strife, and will generally do anything to smooth over problems and reconcile differences, even to the point of avoiding or dismissing conflicts or problems that need to be discussed. There may be a tendency to lean too heavily on those in your home environment, whether it is a marriage partner or immediate family, and will need to develop the will to branch out on your own.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - With Venus in the 5th house of your chart, there is a natural urge for some kind of creative self-expression. You feel that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. You may be in love with love, romantic pursuits being high on your list of priorities. With this placement you love to play, recreational activities can give you a sense of harmony and sharing. As a parent, children can be a source of pleasure and fulfilment, in fact, many forms of creativity and recreation are needed to balance your personality.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - With Venus in the 6th house of your chart, you will seek a work situation that is harmonious and creative, although if there are difficult aspects to Venus in this house you may have difficulty in creating the situation you desire. You feel that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, but you may find that while you are striving for perfection in what you do, you are overtaken by competitors who are prepared to accept less than the best.

Your relationship with the physical body is important, this placing strengthens your general health, but you may find that many of your physical problems or minor illnesses result from over-indulgence or lack of self-discipline in some area of your life.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - With the planet Venus in the 7th house of your chart, you will not be happy unless you are involved in a relationship. There will be a tendency, however, to project an unrealistic image onto your partner, expecting them to live up to some ideal that no one will ever satisfy. As a result, you will be constantly disappointed when you find that the person you expected to fulfil all of your dreams is only a normal, fallible human being after all. Through such experiences, you will gradually learn that what you seek in others is something within yourself that you should be expressing and living out. When you are able to do this, you will attract people who can give you what you need, not what you think you want, and your relationships will be an expression of mutual sharing and genuine affection.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - Venus in the 8th house of your chart indicates that you will seek a deep and transforming quality in your relationships. It is through relationships and sharing with others on an emotional level that you will be confronted with your own hidden needs and fears, often after suffering some pain through misplaced affection, especially if Venus is in a stressful aspect. This is a good position for business partnerships, and you may benefit financially through a relationship. On the other hand, any difficult aspects to Venus in this house can have the opposite effect, bringing you financial difficulties as a result of your relationships. You will have a love for what is deep and esoteric, with the urge to penetrate beyond surface appearances to reveal hidden meanings and motivations.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - The house position of Venus shows where we look for harmony and beauty in our lives, and where we seek to find ourselves through relating to others. The 9th house is the house of higher education, philosophy, religion and travel, when it is connected with learning in some way. It is through any of these activities or careers that you will be able to share your own gifts, talents and understanding with others. Many of your relationships, both casual and intimate, will be with people who are involved in these activities of the mind, since you are attracted to people initially by their knowledge and depth of understanding.

In your own philosophy and understanding of life, you see a deeper meaning in the need for people to give and receive love, and the desire to share what they have with others.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - With Venus, the planet of affection and harmony in your house of reputation and public standing, you will like to be seen as a tasteful and well-groomed person with an appreciation of art and beauty. You will seek a career that allows you to express your artistic or diplomatic abilities and will prefer harmony and cooperation in your professional life rather than back-stabbing and power struggles. Whatever you want to achieve with your life will have to be done with grace and style. You need to work with people you like and can get along with and you may form many romantic attachments as a direct result of your career activities, or you may become involved with someone who can help and support you in your career goals. However, you must avoid any temptation to deliberately use such relationships as a means to further your career, as this will eventually backfire on you.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - Venus in the 11th house of your chart indicates that you seek to establish a sense of inner harmony and balance through your friends and group associations. Unless complications from other areas of the chart interfere, this placing gives you a sense of ease and charm in social gatherings. Many of your friendships and relationships will be formed as the result of being part of a group or organisation through which you can share your mutual interests. You will discover your own needs in relationships through such group activities, and will probably form your most important and fulfilling relationships with people you meet in such situations. For you, a meaningful relationship must be based on mutual respect and genuine friendship, in which the two of you help each other to grow and become more than you already are.

VENUSVenus Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - With Venus in the 12th house of your chart, you will feel a kind of diffuse spiritual love for the whole of humanity which you will find difficult to focus totally on one individual person. It is said that a new-born baby has no consciousness of being a separate individual. Itself and its environment, including other people, are experienced as an unbroken whole. This sense of unity with the whole gradually fades as the individual ego is formed from the combination of experience and inborn potential characteristics. The 12th house, the last in the cycle around the chart, indicates where we seek to regain this lost sense of wholeness, and where the whole still supports and influences us. With Venus in this house, love and human relationships are experienced as an expression of this greater whole, rather than as an ego-centred, personal emotion.

The problem is, you are probably not conscious of where these feelings are coming from, or fully understand your own needs in a relationship. This may lead to confusing conditions in your emotional life, where you tend to idealise others and believe that they have the same feelings about love that you do. As a consequence, you may suffer pain and disappointment at the hands of those for whom love is a personal emotion. Equally, they may suffer pain and disappointment at not feeling that they are "someone special" to you.

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