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Neptune in the Houses

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 1st HOUSE - With Neptune in the 1st house of your chart, you exhibit Neptunian qualities in your approach to life and self-expression. Neptune dissolves boundaries and opens us up to the infinite in whatever house it is in. You may have difficulty in establishing a sense of self-identity, and in your approach to others, may tend to reflect what you think they want to see, rather than expressing your own individuality. You may appear mysterious and enigmatic to others and can easily slip into the role of a martyr, feeling resentful if anyone takes advantage of you. There is a danger of turning to hard drugs and alcohol to alleviate the harsh realities of life. At its most positive, Neptune in this house gives you the ability to give personal expression to collective visions and images. Your vision can be inspiring to those who are not so open to higher realities. This is a good placement if you are in one of the caring or helping professions, the diffuse boundaries of Neptune allowing you to empathise with the other person.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 2nd HOUSE - The house position of Neptune shows the area of life in which we experience confusion, uncertainty, or excessive idealism. The second house is concerned with material possessions, security, money and values. With Neptune here, you may find that there is an underlying sense of insecurity with regard to these matters. You may experience material and financial losses through confused or uncertain conditions, investments you thought were sound may turn out to be a fraud, or just unrealistic. You may have a tendency to idealise money and possessions, seeing them as the path to personal fulfilment and happiness, or be envious of those who have more than you and daydream about wealth.

On the other hand, you may feel a vague sense of guilt about what you possess, realising that there are many people far worse off than yourself. If you are spiritually inclined, you may give away all you own to those less fortunate, or at least feel that you should do, hence the sense of guilt for not living up to your own high ideals in this area. You may have doubts about your own innate gifts and abilities, but it is by recognising your own value, determining and developing your talents and gifts, and using these for the benefit of others, that you can best handle this placing.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 3rd HOUSE - Neptune in the 3rd house indicates that you are in tune with your immediate environment to such an extent that you can pick up on the "vibrations" around you. You often get the feeling that you know what is going on beneath the surface, things that are in the air but are not being spoken about or expressed, and you are usually right. At other times, however, what you feel may be the result of your own confused thinking, or unconscious assumptions, which makes it difficult to always be certain about what you are picking up.

You have high ideals and believe, perhaps, that as the individual is part of some greater whole, you should use your own mind and intellect in the service of some high ideal or spiritual goal.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 4th HOUSE - The position of Neptune in the chart shows where we are most idealistic, or where a great deal of self-sacrifice may be necessary. With Neptune in your 4th house you may be rather idealistic about your early home life, regarding that time as the "good old days" when everything in the garden was rosy. On the other hand, unusual and uncertain conditions in your home, or with your parents, may have resulted in the need for considerable self-sacrifice as a child. It may be that one or both of your parents were absent, or too involved in helping others to give you the love and attention that you needed, this placing is also often found in the charts of people whose parents had a drug or alcohol problem. In any event, you will have a deep yearning to find some kind of "spiritual home", where you can feel that you really belong. You may open up your own home to people and groups who are seeking some deeper meaning in their own life, or you may drift from one home to another with some deep-seated sense of dissatisfaction making it difficult for you to settle down in one place. Confused and uncertain conditions may arise in your present home life as a result of excessive idealism in this area.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 5th HOUSE - With Neptune in the 5th house of your chart you have a strong creative imagination and the ability to exteriorise it with dramatic flair through some form of artistic expression. Wherever Neptune is found in the chart, some form of sacrifice or confusion may be experienced. In this house you may sacrifice all for art's sake, or you may be forced to give up your creative and artistic aspirations to deal with more earthly and practical duties.

You are intensely idealistic in your romantic pursuits, willing to sacrifice all for love or being content to idealise and worship from afar. With children, also, there may be an element of sacrifice, perhaps you will feel that you have had to give up your own aspirations for the sake of your children. If this is the case there is a danger of attempting to live out your own ideals through them, rather than let them find themselves and learn by their own mistakes.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 6th HOUSE - With Neptune in the 6th house you need to find a vocation through which you can express the compassionate and caring side of your nature. You will have difficulty finding work that can accommodate the idealistic nature of Neptune, which may result in you avoiding the issue altogether. There is a tendency to evade dealing with the routines that are necessary to everyday life. Without these routines you do not have the grounding from which you can take your vocation into the world. Once this is achieved you have the potential to express your vision through your work.

Illness may be difficult to diagnose, there may often be no obvious physical cause for the symptoms, in these cases you should carefully examine any possible emotional or psychosomatic origins. Your body is extremely sensitive to excesses, particularly drugs and alcohol.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 7th HOUSE - The mystical planet Neptune is in your house of relationships. With this placing you will approach relationships with a sort of romantic idealism. You seek a transcendent quality in your relationships, feeling that through your partner you can experience true spiritual love, unselfish and totally giving. You may be lucky and meet someone who expresses the high ideals and self-surrender of Neptune, but such individuals are very rare. It is more likely that you will project these qualities onto the other person, only to find through bitter experience that they are only too human after all, and are incapable of living up to your ideals. There is a strong possibility of delusion and dishonesty in your relationships, either the other person misleads you or, more likely, you mislead yourself about the nature of your relationship, preferring to live in a romantic dream rather than face reality.

On the other hand, you may knowingly be attracted to people who you feel need your help. Someone who is hooked on drink or drugs who you feel that you can "save", or even a struggling artist or musician who is not capable of dealing alone with the real world and the practical realities of everyday life. In this way you can play the role of the martyr. In surrendering your own needs to the needs of another, you can feel that you are expressing true spiritual love. But, you too are only human, and sooner or later your own needs or desires will come to the surface, putting a great deal of strain on the relationship. You need to develop self-awareness in this area of your life, do not place unrealistic expectations on others, and do not allow them to walk all over you.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 8th HOUSE - The planet Neptune can bring a deep spiritual and mystical, or vague and confusing influence to whatever area of the chart it is in. In the 8th house, this operates in the area of emotional and sexual relationships, and activities in which money and resources are shared with others, such as business. Emotional relationships may be seen as the expression of a spiritual urge, that seeks to transcend the limitations of individual existence through union with another, to experience a higher power that unites people through love. On the other hand, unexpressed or hidden feelings and emotions may cause confusion and uncertainty. You need to be completely open and honest with anyone you are emotionally involved with.

In business matters, you may feel that the primary purpose is the creation of a system that provides for all according to their needs, rather than the accumulation of profit at all costs. Your high ideals in these matters leaves you open to deception by those whose motivations are somewhat less spiritual. In all business and financial matters you will need to take care that everything is open and above board, otherwise you could find your financial resources being dissolved away.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 9th HOUSE - Neptune in the 9th house indicates a mystical or idealistic search for meaning through some kind of religion or philosophy. You may at times be tempted to project your need for a guru onto a person or group who you feel has the absolute truth, and the final answers to everything, only to find later that it was an illusion. But you will come to realise that if there is an absolute truth, it can be expressed in many ways that are valid for a particular culture, and a particular level of understanding, at a particular time.

You are an idealist in your views on social issues and education. For you, education is not for the purpose of programming a person with a particular set of values, or a particular belief system, it is a means of developing each individual's potential and awareness of the responsibilities of being part of a greater whole.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 10th HOUSE - Neptune dissolves, unfocuses or even spiritualises whatever area it is found in. In the tenth house of career and public standing the indications are that you will suffer from some confusion or uncertainty about what career or occupation you wish to pursue. There may be many changes of direction before you settle down to a particular occupation or direction. Even then, if it becomes routine, or dull or boring, the uncertainties and visions of endless possibilities will resurface. You may be strongly idealistic in working toward the achievement of your ambitions. This can bring about considerable admiration from others for your achievements, or it could lead to confusing situations with bosses or authority figures in general.

Neptune opens us up to the infinite, and a vision of greater realities wherever it is found. If you can keep your ambitions and life goals within the bounds of what is possible, it is through your achievements and the realisation of your goals that you will feel the connection to a wider or more spiritual level of reality.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 11th HOUSE - Neptune in the 11th house of your chart indicates a need to give yourself in service to humanity, by joining some form of society or group. You may seek your own salvation through such a group, expecting others to give form to your own unclear sense of direction. At its best, this placing makes you truly altruistic, feeling and needing to express your love for the whole human race; at its worst, you are unable to take responsibility for your own actions, attributing responsibility and blame to the group.

There may be some confusion and uncertainty around what you are seeking from your friends. You can attract, and be attracted by friends who seek a deeper meaning in life and an awareness of deeper levels of reality, or a spiritual dimension to existence. On the other hand, you may be attracted to friends who seek to escape from dealing with reality through drink and drugs. Most likely they will be a mixture of both.

NEPTUNENeptune Glyph IN 12th HOUSE - With Neptune in the 12th house, you are extremely sensitive to undercurrents in the psychic atmosphere around you. You may at times feel swamped by emotions and feelings over which you have little or no control, guilt over past actions or fear of the future can result in periods of confusion and self-doubt.

You are open to philosophical ideas such as reincarnation and karma, and probably feel, at times quite strongly, that we are not in control of, or even fully conscious of, all the forces acting in our lives. Your own unconscious mind can be a source of guidance in your life, if you can learn to recognise and understand its messages.

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